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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Author Message
As usual please send me your log files (jaikiozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0.0.log) and a problem file and i should be able to work out the problem.
Ok, there is an issue with some of the mb tags with converting v22. Sorry about that although I didn't really expect anybody was still using v22.
Hi, ok bug reproduced , Ill try to fix for next release.
I'll take another look at this in the future.

Focher wrote:
I also think this interface could be an improvement for usability in regards to the batch queries. It becomes less important to do large batches if you basically have a queue of 20 or 30 queries in memory and the program queries ahead of the user's involvement with selecting tracks. 

There is an outstanding enhancement that 'Manual Tags from MusicBrainz' should match the next batch in the background whilst you are reviewing the last batch, but can't see how this is affected by the screen redesign.
This problem is due to Jaikoz mapping directly to the ID3 field in the current version. In the next version everything currently in the detail tab will have its own column which should pretty much eliminate this problem.

Focher wrote:
I think Paul is reworking that if I have read some other postings correctly. This would basically let you set the ASIN field as a column and then copy and paste down to multiple records.

Correct, this problem is due to Jaikoz mapping directly to the ID3 field in the current version. In the next version everything currently in the detail tab will have its own column which should pretty much eliminate this problem.
Its a reasonable idea, but to be honest I think it would be likely to get too many false positives. The local correct can only do the basics, the real power is in the musicbrainz tagging.
good idea,added to list
I haven't noticed this, but maybe you could experiment. If you are saying the first track is already marked as track 1 and all the others have no track then if the track number is actually wrong it is going to be more difficult to get a match because the track number field is not going to match. Next time try resetting the value and blanking the track number to see if that effects results or run Manual Tag From MusicBrainz which will show all possible matches including ones where the score was too low for the Automatic match to pick it.

ErwinB wrote:
Would it be possible to build a (test)version where the colums are only sorted when you click a header? To check if this improves the speed. 

I think you are about right there are some technical issues with sorting that I am trying to resolve, but it s proving a thorny issue more compilicated then you might imagine !
So this is a replacement for the 'manual tag from MusicBrainz screen' . The top half shows three records with the current row on the lefthandside, I assume the idea is that you can see what values you selected for the previous value to help select the correct value for this record. The Bottom half of the screen shows the possible matches from MusicBrainz.

What I like about this is it provides more information about the currently selected track, I think I do need a way to show the internal ids. Maybe as an option for power users, as I dont think it would be useful to caual users.

What I don't like is it forces you to process the records sequentially, you cant quickly go to the first,last or any record inbetween, this would be a big drawback.

RE:Erwins point
I Allow you to batch upto 500 records before you have to interact with them, you would prefer that there be no upper limit. But the trouble is that the longer the list becomes the more memory is used, and this could cause problems within the application.
Hi there is a version of Java for 64bit Linux available from java.sun.com download page that should be fine:


Nicolas Daum wrote:
is it, er..., a player as well?

No it isn't, the aim of Jaikoz is to be a top class Tag Editor, if I wanted it to be a Music Player as well this could leads to design conflicts between these the two different aims. For example if your mp3 does not contain a title field iTunes uses the name of the file as the title, this is a sensible fallback position but it would be confusing if Jaikoz did this because as a tag editor I want Jaikoz to show the values actually in your metadata. Secondly I dont have the resource to do both.

Nicolas Daum wrote:

* does it manage mp3 only? I use only m4a files.

The current release only supports MP3, but the next release which will be released by the end of this month has had modifications to the interface to allow it to support multiple audio formats, and will support Ogg Vorbis .
Shortly after that should have support for MP4 and Flac.

Zuzuzzzip wrote:
I tried to use my other java libraries /usr/lib32/java where you can select for the install...

but that didn't work..
this is what i get from running jaikoz.sh
zuzuzzzip@ZuzuPC-ubuntu:/opt/jaikoz$ sudo jaikoz.sh 
 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: 


That shows jaikoz.sh is using an older version of Java, do java -version from the command line will tell you which version it is using

Zuzuzzzip wrote:

my user log says
Aug 8, 2007 11:14:21 PM: INFO: Jaikoz v1.10 using Java 1.6.0 on Linux initialized successfully 
so nothing wrong here

But that shows that when you use Jaikoz instead that it is using java 1.6 which should be ok, so probably installed ok. But did you run it as root, you need to run it as root the first time you run it.

where can i find jaikozdebug, I did a search but couldn't find it, so it's not there  

Its in the installation folder with jaikozuser0-0.log but it is only created if there is debugging information to be written so it might mot have been created.
Yes, Jaikoz gives exactly the same results as the original web posting. I thought it might be something to do with color spaces/models but I opened it in Photoshop and couldnt see anything different about the file except the new file is only 33kb whereas the original was 48kb

Focher wrote:
I do sometimes have to do this but it is really a rather cumbersome process. Usually, the need only comes up when I have Jaikoz do an autocorrect tags from MB after the acoustic id has been updated. This often causes a mixture of tracks from different album entries in the MB database.

The way I typically fix it is to bring up the Album on MB and manually copy the MB Unique Id to the track as you recommend.

Again, it would be nice if there was a faster way to do this. Perhaps displaying the MB Album Id in the window when using the Manual select method from MB. In fact, it could be better to display each track independently for the user input to select which one to use. Then you would have a lot more screen space to display all the information that is both also in the tags plus the MB data that the user might want to use to select the best entry. Once the MB entry is selected, just display the next track's info.


You've lost me:are you pasting the unique track id, or the album id. I was recommending EITHER you paste the unique id or if it is just the album that is incorrect you could easily paste the 'album name' into all the incorrect tracks, and this would be used by a subsequent call to 'Tag from Musicbrainz'.

Could do a screen mockup of your idea, I can't visualise it.

margie wrote:

I just got your product, and it's WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!


margie wrote:

For example, I want to end up with a directory structure like this:
>Now That's What I Call Music 25
>01 - London Bridge - Fergie
>02 - Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado


Would you mind explaining EXACTLY what I need to set up? I keep getting the result that it splits up into many different artist directories. 

If you use 'Rename Folder From Tag' the default value in 'Rename Sub Folder Settings' is %A%Z%B which is Artist/Album. if you change this to %H%Z%B it will use the album artist column instead. For compilations the album artist should be something like Various Artists, so your compilations albums will all be put under the Various Artist folder. But of course this will only happen if you have tagged your data correctly in the first place.
Hi, Im not sure what the problem is but there are a number of possibilities.

Jaikoz requires Java 1.5.10 or later, it s only been verified with the official SUN implementation so please try that first.

It may be a permissions problem or possibly a problem with the Install Anywhere Wrapper, please try running as root and try running jaikoz.sh rather than Jaikoz. You could take a look at the jaikozdebug-0-0.log and jaikozuser0-0.log, or send them to me.

Focher wrote:
When I use the option to manually select the MusicBrainz UID for a given track, I am often surprised that I do not see the track listed even though I have specifically pre-populated the MusicBrainz Release Id field.

What your doing is actually rather unusual, if you are going to the trouble of doing a manual musicbrainz lookup in order to prefill a field for Jaikoz to use why don't you put in the Musicbrainz Unique Id rather than the release Id, and then call 'Update Tags from Existing MusicBrainz Id' to populate the other fields.

Or are you doing this in order to coerce Jaikoz into using original albums instead of compilation album, even though the record may have been ripped from a compilation album ? In which case enter the correct album name in the album field should give simialr results.

Manual match from MusicBrainz doesnt use the ids, because they may be wrong, the customer maybe doing a lookup because a previous lookup has given results that they are not happy with. So the match only uses metadata that is fully understood such as artist or album
Thanks, yes the post referred to the german properties file
At the moment the Musicbrainz match will match will take the best match, which if your starting with a compilation album or is more likley to match the compilation album. TO get round this you would need to use the 'Manual Tag from Musicbrainz' and select the original album matches, or manullay edit the album field before doing a 'Automatch from Musicbrainz'

But on the todo list I do have a task to try and match tracks to their orginal release album, so will come in a later release.
For the more technical

Im trying to implement support for ogg files in Jaikoz (these use VorbisComments). Unfortunately Vorbis Comments do not support binary data such as Cover Art. Three possible workareounds for this problem are:

1. Base64 the image and write it to the Comment File as a field such as ARTWORK field
2. Save cover art seperately in the same folder as the .ogg file
3. Multiplex the image as a seperate ogg bitstream.

Option 1 seems the best to me but for it to be useful I need to use a defacto standard or the only program that will be able to read the image will be Jaikoz. Does anybody currently use Ogg files with images in it, what software did you use to create it ?

Option 2 is easy enough to do, but very difficult to keep your artwork with your tags and before long they get seperated.

Option 3 is similar to Option 1 but much more difficult to implement and even more unlikely to be read by anything else, so Im pretty much discounting this option.

Yes I understand your request, but do you understand you can also effect a move my just editing the values in Base Folder and SubFolder. For example if your files are loaded from C:\Music and you want to save to D:\Music just modify the basefolder value

jkemp wrote:

I don't understand this Specify the number of folders above stuff. Is it how many folders above as if they are stacked? Is it above like the folder I'm reading is a Subfolder and I want to move them higher in the directory structure? I have two directories, one for tagging and another for tags have been completed. Why can't we just select the "Read Folder" and the destination folder?

Jaikoz used to let you specify a default read folder and a default write folder. Once the user had loaded the files and made a change the files would automatically be written to the write folder. However this confused some users who thought there files had been deleted so it was dropped.

The 'Number of Folders' stuff is ONLY relevant when using the Rename Sub Folders from tags option. It defines the which part of the folder path is put into the Base Folder column, and which part is put into the SubFolder column. Only the sub folder column is updated by the 'Rename SubFolders from tags' option, so unless you use this it is irrelevant.

jkemp wrote:

I used save and move and it only created the file, not the artist, album, file Subfolders like I hoped.

Never thought of that, well I could get it to create the subfolder path from
the selected folder as an option. (Save and Move is a fairly recent option that i dont normally use)

In the meantime I think what you want to do is set the base folder to the root of your completed directory, and then copy and paste this value to the other rows, then Save them

jkemp wrote:

Can you give an example of what would be entered in this box if I had a folders similar to what the OP gave? Is it a 0, 1 or 5? My folders are the same level under the root drive.

Well say you had the following structure:

and you selected the blur folder
........... Folder................ Level.... ... BaseFolder.......................... SubFolder
C:\music\rockpop\blur .... 0.... C:\music\rockpop\blur .........................leisure
C:\music\rockpop\blur .... 1.... C:\music\rockpop\ ...............................blur\leisure
C:\music\rockpop\blur .... 2.... C:\music\........................................... rockpop\blur\leisure

So level should be 1 if you want to maintain the rockpop bit or 2 if you didnt

if you selected C:\music\ then you would want the level to be zero

The trouble is there is no way for Jaikoz to know which folders are part of the music metadata (such as blur) and which are not (such as Music) so for you to get the perfect split you have to tell it, but it doesnt really matter too much , and if you get it wrong you can use the 'Shift base to Sub Folder' and 'Shift SubFolder to Base Folder' functions

Ok, this is a known issue, the first time jaikoz runs it creates a license file (license.jai) in its install folder, so needs permission to do so. This is due to be moved into the users home folder instead.

ErwinB wrote:
Is there a way to change the order of items in multi value fields?

No unfortunately not , good idea added to list

ErwinB wrote:

On the other side: Is there a player that handles multiple comments???  

I dont know, but you think there would be.
I see the problem now - Im suprised this hasnt come up before. You have changed the ID3v1 Save Settings from the default 'Save As' to 'v1.1'. But when you save the records any record which do not have a track number just have a null character written to them, no errors occur when saving so the display assumes the files were written correctly and updates the display accordingly without reading the tag data again because this would introduce an unacceptable delay. When reading the tags the only way one can distinguish between an ID3v1.0 and ID3v1.1 tag is that a v11tag has a null terminator and then a track number, so if there is no track number and there is no comment it will be read as a v1.0 tag. More information at http://www.id3.org/ID3v1.

Im not sure about the best way to get round this maybe I should drop the distinction between v1.0 and v1.1 ?
Hi, thanks for the doc. The problem is still that you expect the highlighting to vary depending on the task done rather than the result (i.e do it for local tagging but not musicbrainz tagging) which isnt the way things work at the moment, but I will add I to the list for condideration when Ive more time.
OK, Ive added it the list (as a low priority item), I see it could be useful.

I cant see any way to change your timerone.

parabolist wrote:

Had a problem where I imported an album, and made some changes to the tags, saved them, everything looked ok, but when I opened them back up in the tagger I found that the original data was there. Tried a few times, and even tried saving with just V1 tags, but it did not work. In the end I had to save the mp3's as v1 in itunes, and then import them back in and then they were ok.

I assume the tags were corrupt. Is there anything that can be done within the software to fix corrupt tags...?

Thanks in advance. 

Its very hard to work out the problem without the log files and examples of the problem files, could you at least send me the log files (jaikoz-user0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log) so I have a scan.

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