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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Pitman6787 wrote:
The MusicBrainzID has nothing to do with it.  

The MusicBrainzId has everything to do with it , as it determines that Jaikoz did sucessfully match against MusicBrainz. Ive added the filters as explained, please give it a go - it is availble in the new release released today (Jaikoz 1.9)
Released today, as described above

paultaylor wrote:

Ive now replicated the Save Settings bug. all three are now fixed for the next release. 

Available from today in Release 1.9
Released today, this latest version of Jaikoz contains a number of new MusicBrainz features and improvements to the MusicBrainz matching algorithm. There also a number of smaller enhancements and fixes, full details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp
Yes , this is already on the todo list

Anonymous wrote:
If the language is not known the string "XXX" should be used 

Good point, but I feel at them moment that there are bound to be applications that understand 'eng' but not 'XXX' so I think Ill stick with eng for wider compatability
I did actually make this task multithreaded, however unlike MusicBrainz lookups where most of the work is done on the server, Acoustic analysis is mostly done on your local PC and is cpu bound, so multithreading is really only of benefit if you have some sort of multiple cpu system otherwise your machine is likely to perform worse.

Because of this I didn't complete this feature as I was concerned it would cause problems, but Ill take another look when I have time.

Anonymous wrote:
Has there been any progress on this issue? It's been about a month since I first posted. 

i havent forgotten but OpenSuse is not officially supported so i must admit it has not been top priority. I have been trying to use Innotek VirtualBox to get a working Suse installation, but without success.

GiacomoGo wrote:

For example, more flexible matching/finding (some wildcards or other expressions?).

This on the TODO list

GiacomoGo wrote:

I'd like to be able to automate the deletion of frames (including "Unknown" and "Not Supported") I don't want, such as the NCON & TLEN tags that I believe an old version of Music Match added to my library. I can already use Jaikoz to do this *manually*, but that's too slow.

Is the current mechanism where you can select multiple fields in column,right click and delete that slow ? however it is an interesting idea, would you like to suggest a user interface

GiacomoGo wrote:

Also, changing attributes of frames, again automatically. I think MusicMatch also tagged a lot of my cover art as "Other", so that some apps don't see it as the cover pic. I'd be great if Jaikoz could find these "Other" pics & replace just the attribute with "Cover", but of course keep the pic. 

This is a very specific problem, I'm just not sure if it is of use to enough people.

GiacomoGo wrote:

paultaylor wrote:

I guess my follow-up question is whether Jaikoz with write "white" frames to tags with missing values, or simply leave these blanks out of the tag. I guess my preference is to leave the blank values out of the tag. I have found the "delete" function, which does actually delete the frame, rather than just clearing the value. So that works for me.

I'd be curious what others think. Perhaps there's a consideration that I'm overlooking, like compatibility with tag readers embedded in players, etc., which makes blank values better than missing frames. 

The general principal of Jaikoz was always to let the user decide what they want to and provide the tools to let them do it, personally I dont like tools that automatically make changes without telling you about it. This is even more of a problem with mp3s because of the numerous different/undocumented ways they are used. However I have moved away from this position slightly, for example by default unsynchronization are removed from tags because it causes problems for iTunes. Unlike unsynchronization which has no UI mechanism I dont think there is a need to provide an an option to remove empty frames silently, but I could add a option 'Delete All Empty Frames' which would let users delete them if they wish.

GiacomoGo wrote:
I may be missing a tag subtlety, but I don't quite see the distinction that Jaikoz sometimes makes between a missing tag frame (colored green by default) and a blank frame (white by default).

Quite often, Jaikoz 1.8 displays a mix of white and green frames, but if I examine the actual tag contents, eg using something like Helium Music Manager or dbPowerAmp, I see no difference between the "white" and "green" files ... the frame doesn't appear in either tag. 

There is a difference, with green fields the Frame does not exist, with a white field the frame does exist but has an empty value. If you looked at the file with a hex editor you would see that actually the frames only exist in one of the two files. Jaikoz makes this distinction in order to make it more transparent what is actually stored in the tag which can help with identifying problems with reading tags, it also makes it clearer to identify modifications that have been made, but on reflection it is probably not that important for the majority of users.
Hi, I will not be around from Saturday 5th of May to Friday 11th of May so if you have any burning questions please post them quickly or expect a delay in replying because Ill have intermittent Internet access at best.
This is how I see it working:

The user selects 'Manual Correct Tags from MusicBrainz'.
For each (selected)record
If record has puid we retrieve all tracks for that puid
If record has a title we do a metamatch and retrieve upto ten matches.
If we have processed ten records
Show Dialog for each record we list a table underneath showing
the artist/album/title/track no/score/puid for each potential match and
a button to allow this record to be used.

The user reviews the possible matches, selects matches as
required then dismisses the dialog.

These records are updated.

reset count.

Im not sure about how many records should be batched up, Ive chosen ten but I will make it user selectable. I could wait until the matching has completed but this would mean retaining all possible matches in memory which could cause resource problems, and I think it would make things difficult to manage.

This is a completely manual process in that no records will be updated unless the user selects them whereas the existing method is completely automated in that it will either match/not match based on the MusicBrainz Settings. Im not sure if users also want a semi-automated method that automatically matches records if they meet the score threshold but otherwise shows dialogs with possible options, in which case would you expect the dialog come up every so often as matching progresses or just once at the end.

and here a mockup of the dialog as I see it

Ive also taken Pitmans suggestion to put non -matching records aside, and
am going to implement as a number of filters similar to the duplicates filters, the filter will be:
Show records without Puid
Show records with Puid
Show records without MusicBrainzId
Show records with MusicBrainzId
Hi, I have found the problem with the file you sent me.

Some fields that must existed in the original file have been encoded with a TextEncoding of UTF-8, the problems fields are Title, Artist and Album. UTF-8 is only supported for tags in ID3v24 although I think some applications also use it with ID3v23. Jaikoz NEVER uses UTF-8 , when new fields are created they are encoded as either IS08859 which is supported by all tag versions or if there are special characters in the field that cannot be represented in IS08859 they are written as UTF16 (two byte per character) which is also supported in all tag versions.

So I tested the file in Windows Media Player 10 it actually fails reading the first field which is the title field and gives up, the value Windows Media Player shows as the title is not actually the title as read from the tag but the filename with the (.mp3) bit removed.

If instead I delete the three fields from the tag and save it, then WMP10 reads it ok and shows the image,or if I convert it to ID3v24 in Jaikoz then windows media player reads it ok, and shows the image.

I don't know if this will solve the problem with your mp3player because I havent got one to test but it might do, if it is just the album art that is missing have you tried disabling the 'Do not Unsynchronize Tags' option in Save Settings yet.

So in summary the problem is caused by another application incorrectly (and unnecessarily) using the wrong encoding for ID3V23 but there is more Jaikoz could do to fix this. At the moment when saving a file Jaikoz will check all fields can be encoded in using the text encoding specified for that field, and if not it will change the text encoding to UT16. But what it DOESNT DO is check if existing fields require to use a UTF text encoding nor if they are using an allowable one for ID3v23/ID3v22

You can download a temporary fix from


this will reset the text encoding of all fields when writing to ISO8859, check the data and then change to UTF16 if necessary. This will fix your problem but is not perfect it means any fields encoded as UTF8 will no longer be ,even in a V24Tag, and you will not be able to preserve any existing UTF16 encoding unless the data requires it, so I will be working on a better solution for the next proper release.

cpicton wrote:

I cleared out jaikoz_en.properties, and the problem has gone away

Thats good, it seems there was some kind of installation problem, but not sure how, Im not sure what operating system you are on but I havent been able to reproduce it.

GiacomoGo wrote:

For example, the Table settings don't allow me to uncheck fields that the table currently displays. I've read the help, which instructs to Select, then Double-click the Visible field. Sometimes this works, mostly it doesn't.

First time in, Read Folder of Folder Settings doesn't allow "Cancel" when folder path is empty.

Save Setting, I get a Jaikoz error "javax.swing.JPanel" when switching between "Always" and "When exists" and/or id3 versions.

Ive now replicated the Save Settings bug. all three are now fixed for the next release.

cpicton wrote:

What would be causing the problem for 2.3 tags?

Hi, the problem is that the ID3v2 Comment field in the file is invalid it has a language code of ' ', when it should be a three letter code that matches an ISO Language code such 'eng' for 'English' or 'fra' for French.
Jaikoz manages to read the field nonetheless but when it comes to writing the field it has a problem because the tagging library expects there to be valid code.

This is a problem for any V2 version (2.2,2.3,2.4) but you can get round it by editing the Comment field and selecting a valid language or by deleting the Comment field.( in this particular field the description is just a series of space characters anyway), then the file will save ok from then on.

I have devised a fix, on saving the file Jaikoz will now set the language code to 'eng' on saving. I realise the use of 'eng' is fairly arbitary but as well as solving your particular problem this will improve the comptaiblity of your tags making them more likely to work correctly in other applications.
if anyone can think of a reason why it would be better to just maintain the existing but incorrect ' ' value please let me know.

The fix will appear in the next release.

cpicton wrote:

Apr 23, 2007 10:18:12 PM: WARNING: Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for %1 because this track cannot be analysed

Chris, in previous versions of Jaikoz there were two different replace text tokens used in the language properties file {0} and %1, this has now been rationalised in Jaikoz 1.8 so that there is only one ({0}), but you seem to be picking up old ones. I cant remember what operating system you ar eusing but everything seems in order.

Could you check that your jaikoz.properties file contains no %1's and that your jaikoz_en.properties file exists but is empty.

If neither of these statements is true there may be an installation problem, please uninstall, delete the installation folder, and reinstall to see if the problem persists and let me know.

Anonymous wrote:
This problem seems to occur on full albums and randomly as some work fine.
Two I can recall off hand that were messed up are, Beck - Mellow Gold and Beastie Boys - Ill Communication. Anyways if you load them in Windows Media Player it doesn't read the tags at all and can't play the file, my Sansa e260 can play the file but artist and album show as Unknown, Media Monkey recognizes everything as does VLC media player.

If there is anything I can do to help you look at this please let me know. 

Well there are very few applications that support every single intricacy of the ID3 specification, and it may suprise you to know that some of the best known applications such as iTunes and Windows Media Player are some of the worst offenders, an incomplete list can be found at http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues

When Jaikoz write tags it tries to write them without using less known ID3 options , so that they will work on as many applications as possible with a bias towards iTunes because this is probably the most commonly used application.

Common problems are that some application only support v23 and not v24. If you have characters that require full Unicode support that can cause problems for some applications that only understand IS08859 or Unicode8, also some applications dont understand unsyncronization and some expect it, sometimes images cause a problem, try just removing the image. You could try unsetting the 'Save Settings/iTunes Compatability/Do not unsynchronize tags' option within Jaikoz this may get things working.

You can send me your problem files if they are still causing a problem and I can check or the most likely causes.

Anonymous wrote:
Also it would be great if one could highlight a certain number of fields and then perform the find and replace on this selection. at the moment that does not seem to work. 

Yes, thats still to do.

Pitman6787 wrote:
I think there should be an option to have the songs that don't have PUID's and that didn't change based on match to MusicBrainz --- basically, the songs that didn't find a match to MusicBranz --- to be set aside, so that one could manually look them up to MusicBrainz.

Could this done in the form of a filter, i.e Only Show Songs Without MusicBrainzId, or is this not what you mean ?

Pitman6787 wrote:

And I would want the manual metadata look up done by album, to speed up the process. 

Please explain this further, I think the problem would be that it makes sense to the user to process records in the order they are listed in jaikoz, but they could be sorted in any way they, not neccesarily by album order

Pitman6787 wrote:
But I would want there to be check boxes besides each one as to indicate which ones you would want translated 

But how is the translation done ?

cpicton wrote:
For testing like this, I find vmware extremely useful. You can install any OS/Distro you need to, to test compatibility.

The server version is free to download and use (www.vmware.com)

thanks for the tip

GiacomoGo wrote:

For example, the Table settings don't allow me to uncheck fields that the table currently displays. I've read the help, which instructs to Select, then Double-click the Visible field. Sometimes this works, mostly it doesn't.

Originally I prevented the deselection of the first fields (artist,album,status) of the table because of a particular problem, I think now probably only Status should not be deselectable, and this should be clearer in the user Interface.

GiacomoGo wrote:

First time in, Read Folder of Folder Settings doesn't allow "Cancel" when folder path is empty.

Ok, this used to required and there used to be a Wizard to force you to specify a folder, but not required now, it is a bug, but hardly a showstopper.

Save Setting, I get a Jaikoz error "javax.swing.JPanel" when switching between "Always" and "When exists" and/or id3 versions.

This is worrying, I cant replicate this please send me your logs

Basically, every setting dialog I've opened, has failed in succession in some way.

Exaggerating a little maybe.

It's tough to take advantage of the otherwise great features when simply configuring the app according to the Offline Help cools enthusiasm.

I'd like to see Settings tidied up and Tabbed, so I can quickly review & configure all settings without constantly returning to the app and opening a new dialog. Plus a button to access Help from such a Tabbed dialog would be great for access the extensive details documented in the offline help. 

Yes I planned some time ago to have all the Action Settings available as one super tab, but it hasn't been top priority and I couldnt decide on the UI, if you would like to sketch out an example design that would help.
Help links are another thing on the TODO list.

Anonymous wrote:
And is there a way to mark the duplicates for delete or does that have to be one by one? 

Well you can select a number of files and mark them for deletion but with duplicates you want to delete all the duplicates, you want to be left with one file per duplicate song but how could Jaikoz choose which one you want to save and which one you want to keep ?

Anonymous wrote:
Hiya, just registered my copy, great product.

How do I get it so that "corrected" files are saved to a different directory? 

Well, what do you mean by 'Corrected', remember that Jaikoz is a tag editor that can be used in many ways its not just a MusicBrainz tagger, so 'Corrected' means different things to different people.

There are two things you can do, the BaseFolder and SubFolders foields are editable so you are free to edit these , causing these files when saved to be moved to the new folder. There is also a 'Save and Move..' option on the row header popup menu just:
select the row numbers of the files you want to save,
Right click to bring up menu
Select 'Save and move'
Select a folder to move these files to.

Anonymous wrote:
How Do I only search for Album Art and only udpate album art? 

Ok at the moment the album art is done on the asin (amazon id) although this may change. So you could the following:

Edit the MusicBrainz Settings AutoFormat tab to only populate the Amazon Id,
(this is the bottom option)
Run Tag from MusicBrainz
Run Get Artwork from Internet
Delete the Amazon Id field from the UserDefinedText fields if you really want to
Save your files

Anonymous wrote:
I had this same problem last night.

The first one I came upon was eMOTIVe by A perfect Circle.
Three songs: Passive, People are People and When the Levee Breaks came up as 3 different songs by Anthrax. I don't recall exactly which ones as I am at work now.

Also I think one of my Beck albums tracks came up as a German Drinking song.

At the moment there are a couple of issues with MusicBrainz returning 100% matches when they dont really match. I am trying to work round this but what I dont want to do is to start rejecting correct matches because the tag data is slightly different. What you can do with the latest release is only mtach based on puid, if no puid match is done it wont match by metadata even if it finds 100% matches.

Anonymous wrote:

A feature like Picards to pick the actual song would be great or at least having a check to see if the current Artist/Album/Track name in the Tag is similar before replacing it would be nice.

Do you mean, select from possible matches I am working on adding a manual/semi-automatic musicbrainz lookup at the moment. Feel free to add ideas at this post http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/75.page

Anonymous wrote:

Another suggestion I have is that if a track has a MbID to have the option to go ahead and update the metadata to that ID. So say the Auto-Match gets it wrong and I look the proper ID up in MB database and place that in the MbID field, when you do the Auto-Match just have it download the Data for that ID.

Yes that would be a good feature, Ill try and get that in soon.

Anonymous wrote:

Anyways chances are I will purchase a copy of the program tonight, I really like the spreadsheet interface and the ease with which all the data including art can be updated. Keep up the good work. 

Thanks thats good news

cpicton wrote:
It looks like some text replacement is not being done correctly...

I am getting lots of %1 where I should be getting actual number or filenames:


 %1 Files to have acoustis Ids retrieved
 %1 Files processed so far


Is this happening in the progress dialog ? I havent been able to replicate this problem myself, it all appears to be working fine.
Released today, this latest version of Jaikoz now contains a Browser (similar to the Browser in iTunes) to make it easier to filter your loaded audio, and performs tasks on subsets of your data. There also a number of smaller enhancements and fixes, full details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp
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