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IS 5.11/Dry the latest for QNAP?

Still struggling ;( - would you mind showing/telling me where to do this? I have tried to manage from the main screen by editing fields, but I assume I need to do this is in Preferences?

Thanks for the reply and one more question. Deleting/removing the Sub Column worked but now when I Save, all the songs are placed in the correct Album name in the root of my Music directory. I would like to take this one step further, i.e. I would like the compilation/multiple artists placed in /Music/Various Artists/Album Name instead of /Music/Album Name.

I am sure this is an easy answer but can't seem to figure it out. I have loaded, corrected, and matched a batch of songs.

If I save and copy/move Jaikoz wants to put in an artist folder/album - I would like to just copy/move the files to a specific folder that I created i.e /Music/Ambient/...

I am trying to delete duplicates via a SMB share and unable. However, I can delete from Windows 10 explorer just fine and I have checked both the share and file level permissions which are fine.

What am I missing here?

Think I have it figured out - under Local Correct I changed from Move Duplicate to Delete Duplicate and under Save selected Move Files Mark For Deletion.....Now I have the Red X and when I do a Save and Copy all is good.

One more question, when moving files marked for deletion is there anyway to keep the directory structure in tact instead of dumping the files in the specified deletion directory?

No red x, just a floppy under status. I will look at the preferences and see what I could be missing.
At high-level when I "Save" all is correct in the original directory - "Save and Copy" to a specified directory all files are copied including the duplicates. I never get prompted to delete on "Save and Copy" after I select Action - Delete Duplicates."

I agree, I think I am missing a step/logic somewhere.

Same issue, when I save after making the changes (ctrl 1, rename folders/files, and delete duplicates) the changes are reflected in the original directory that I selected - all correct and no duplicates. If I select Save and Copy after the changes are made and Saved - Save and Copy copies all the files (including duplicates) to the target directory.

Scratching my head.

Here are the steps that I am taking:
Load up songs/file
Ctrl 1 (Action - AutoCorrect)
Ctrl 9 (Action - File and Folder Correct - Correct Sub Folders From Metadata)
Floppy appears under "Status" Coloumn, whats does that indicate?
Ctrl 0 (Action - Delete Duplicates)
Here is where things go south, if I click Save all works as expected, the folders, files, and duplicates are corrected under the initial folder/directory.
When I select Save and Copy instead of Save, the application copies the entire folder, files, and DUPLICATES to the copy destination when I expect the application to behave as above when selecting Save. I woul expect the application to copy the folder to the corect destination selected with out the duplicates, but it does not.
So my qustion, when using the Save and Copy as opposed to just Save is there another step that I am missing?

Ultimately once the changes are made and saved I would like to make a copy to specified directory other than the original, but for some reason when ever I attempt to do that, all files are copied including the duplicates. Again, if I just do a save to the original directory the duplicates are gone.
When I load up my files and select "Auto Correct, file and Folder Correct, and Delete Duplicates" and select "Save" all seems to work fine. As soon as I select Save and Move/Copy the duplicates are still there - seems I am missing something between Save and Save and Copy/Move. To me they are the same but from application perspective they are not I can't seem to determine what I am missing.

Purchased the Pro version and can't figure out how to rename once the correct matching is complete. For example - I have the following folder name 003 # 1966 - The Beatles - Revolver and once the matching is complete to save and move to The Beatles/Revolver/music files...

Is the above possible?


Profile for guyp2k -> Messages posted by guyp2k [12]
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