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I just ran a batch through Song Kong. I knew who the artist and albums were, and thought this would be a good test to fix any missing data.

SongKong duplicated the song files and now I can't tell which is the "fixed version".

When poking around the actual files, I see the same music files with a '1' at the end...but again, is this the "fixed" version?

How can I prevent this?

My trial expired, so I can't double check. But what you're saying makes sense. Will test after I buy and let you know.

Woah! I am very sorry I missed this.

What I meant was-

When you select a file for Jaikoz to work on, it reorders that folder in the selection menu and pulls it up to the top.

I was looking for advice on how to stay organized when going through a large library folder by folder, artist by artist.
Hey all

I have a pretty large music collection currently being managed by itunes. When you add a folder to Jaikoz, it reorders the folder to the top of the list regardless of if you save changes or not.
Does anyone have any tips for working through thousands of folders and staying organized?
It can be a simple and some sort of tally with paper and pencil, anything. There's also a very good chance I'm missing something and just not looking at this problem the right way. I'm open to any suggestions.

I have a cache of music that, as I listen through it, add to my iTunes library. I will definitely be using the 'match, then add' feature for these.

Right now, my biggest concern is my current library.

out of scope, yes.
i have no desire to mess with those databases!

so if musicbrainz and discogs can ID songs from looking at the file, what's the point of acoustic ID? especially when songs sound alike and ID errors can happen?

i really do appreciate your time.
is there a flat buy option? or can i donate an extra amount
Thanks very much the reply.

Retrieve Acoustic ID isn't in the autocorrector by default.

After local spelling fixes, etc., wouldn't that be the most important identifier?

Also, when autocorrect is finished and there's been an obvious mismatch, I can go about fixing the songs on my own, sure, but how can I submit proper info?

That's what the Submit Correct Metadata is for, no?
Hey Paul

I hope all is well.

I had to take along break from my organizing for a bunch of big projects.

Back to it!

I've had some time to reread our chat and play around a bit with SongKong.

There's a one or two pieces I'm still not understanding.

If I set SongKong to work on my current itunes library, when it makes corrections, does it create a whole new file (song)? Or it edits the existing file and that's that?

I used a small folder of songs from the same artist as a test, and found that SongKong mislabeled one.
I'm guessing Jaikoz is the better choice for a situation like this- I can just fix that one error and move on. Yes?

Also, with Jaikoz, do I have to click all three buttons (Retrieve acoustic id, autocorrect metadata from musicbrainz, and autocorrect metadeta from discogs) to ensure the most accurate info?

I'm guessing the submit button is for artists wanting to put their music on the database.

What are the update metadata buttons for?

**I'm so sorry for all the questions- I've read through all your guide material and just don't understand some things.

For the music I haven't pulled into my library yet, I think you made a great suggestion- have SongKong go through it, make any changes, and then set it to automatically import to itunes.
Thank you.

I tried the demo and simply pointed SongKong to my iTunes folder. It wouldn't let me get anymore specific than that. It ran on my entire library.

Once SongKong edits metadata, it adds the songs to the iTunes media library automatically?

paultaylor wrote:
You don't have to choose between iTunes and SongKong metadata, the issue is with filenames, you need to choose between iTunes renaming.managing files or not. If you are happy with eveeything being under iTunes control then just ensure:

1. You don't have SongKong configured to rename files
2. When fixing songs already under iTunes control point SongKong towards iTunes media folder.
3. For songs not yet put into iTunes you can point SongKong to the original location, but if identified then they should be automatically copied to iTunes media folder.

Probably best to try it out. 

I've read the blog post

and I'm still a little confused.

I'll explain my situation-
I keep my downloaded music in a large, separate folder until I'm ready to listen to it, at which point I play it in iTunes and iTunes makes a copy in its media folder. Once that music is in the library folder, I delete the downloaded version. Nice and tidy.

I understand that you essentially must choose between iTunes metadata and SongKong's/Jaikoz's, but I'd like my music all in one location and I'm fine with it being iTunes' media folder.

What's the solution so I don't run into any problems? Do I need to manually add my downloaded music to the media folder when I first listen to it?
Should I bite the bullet and add all my downloaded music (there's a lot) in one go, let iTunes index it, and then let SongKong take over?

I have lots of multiple versions of songs, but duplicates (in different locations) drive me nuts.

I appreciate an insight.
the trial! i forgot about the trial. thank you.
I've read the "differences" article a half dozen times over the last few months carefully trying to decide which program would be best for me.

I have one question that wasn't covered, in regards to duplicates and tagging. I have lots of different versions of songs. Live versions, versions from different albums, b sides, etc. How does Jaikoz and SongKong handle this? Are different versions tagged accurately?

Would appreciate any clarification on this.

To avoid clutter, I've only posted this on the Jaikoz board. If someone thinks I should re post on the SongKong board as well, please let me know.
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