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Author Message
Ive had to lock a couple of topics because they keep getting spam postings attached to them, if anyone has a better idea please let me know.
Can you give me some specific examples of which fields you want to translate
There is quite a delay in submitting software to download.com and it actually being listed unless you pay. I am behind on submission though Ive been too busy writing the software! . It was just an example some other sites are versiontracker.com , softpedia.com and macupdate.

itools wrote:
Neglected some critical information.

Macintosh OS X 10.4.8

Jaikoz 1.7.0

I see an earlier message about oversized popup windows, and the inability of closing them. Looks lilke the same thing to me, although it was supposedly fixed in 1.6.0

I look around for any logs and send them to support.


Hi I haven't received any logs files you need to send the jaikozdebug-0-0.log and jaikozuser0-0.log to support at jthink dot net. Yes a problem with oversized dialogs was fixed, could you also do a screen grab as i havent been able to reproduce your problem.

I have not yet managed to get hold of a Suse system to try and reproduce this, it is not happening on my Fedora Linux system
Can you send me your jaikozdebug0-0.log and jaikozuser0-0.log files please with details of what time the error occurred
The logs files are now created in the users home directory( since 1.6.1) The problem occurs because the trial license is still created within the Jaikoz folder when you first start it. so you need to run as root the first time to run Jaikoz, and create the license file.

After this you should be able to run successfully as a normal user.
Yes I know, I discovered this today, something went amiss in the build - Ill probably release a new version in the next couple of days when I have a suitable oppoortunity
This should not happen, please send your jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log so I can investigate

studley wrote:

1) Would it be possible to call the id3 file acousticfingerprint.id3 instead of (in addition to) mp3filename.id3?[/color] This solves a variety of problems including renamed or reencoded files or changes in naming strategy. Theoretically, the fingerprint should be the same everytime you rip or convert a mp3 file. Additionally, the metadata could be restored to multiple copies of the same music.

This seems like a reasonable idea, but of course there is a problem if the file does not have an acousticfingerprint. So lets think about the user interface for this, I think the best thing would be to have a settings panel which allowed you to:
Specify whether to name by filename or acoustic fingerprint by default
What to do if there is no puid, I cant think of any option other thatn save as filename.

studley wrote:

2)Would it be possible to save the id3 files to a seperate directory instead of (in addition to) the directory with the files?[/color] Similar to above, this would allow for using the tag metadata regardless of filename, artist name, location, etc.

I was actually proposing to write to a seperate directory, but some users may want to write to the same folder that the file lives in. I could either add this as a choice in the settings panel, together with the location to write to, or I could have two seperate menu options:
Save Tag Info with Files
Save Tag Info to Folder
what do you think ?

You could help out MusicBrainz and may get improved performance by changing to the MusicBrainz Mirror

Go to 'Action Settings/MusicBrainz Settings/AutoMatch' and change the value of MusicBrainz Server to:


thats it

Simon wrote:
Now the problem is that the license will only let me save changes to 50 files at a time. I can't convince my boss that it's worth $20 so I'm stuck doing this over and over for 11,000 mp3s. Any way you would sell me a special license for one day? 

Hi Simon, I think $20 is a fair price to pay (especially if it is being used for commercial work !) - and I doubt very much that you would never need to use the product again after one day. You could always buy a license yourself, and then use it at work
I am just considering the best way to add an interactive tag from musicbrainz
in addition to the fully automated tag currently available, a number of people have requested such an option.

I would be interested in your ideas on how you would expect this to work, and what additional options you would like. Bear in mind that it has to work in the same way whether you are just tagging 10 tracks from the same album or 1000 tracks from different albums.
There was an error in the initial post of Jaikoz 1.7 for OSX. if you have already downloaded Jaikoz 1.7 for OSX before this message was posted (11:50 GMT), please redownload it has now been resolved.

Anonymous wrote:
I downloaded the new version and started following your instructions. One thing has changed though. Instead of replacing the "Artist" field, I'd like to replace, what iTunes calls, the "Album Artist" field. I'm pretty sure this field is called "" by Jaikoz. So my first question is, given my change of plans, is there anything different I need to know?

The right-click "Prepend to Right" command is greyed-out for me. Could it be because I'm using the MacOSX version?

Thanks a lot for your help. 

No difference, but prepend to right is only enabled when you have both columns selected, have you only selected fields in one column ?
This was fixed in Jaikoz 1.6.1
Done, release 1.7
This fix has been incorporated into the new release (1.7)
Fixed in Jaikoz 1.7, released today

Anonymous wrote:
I'm running OS X and I would really like to be able to Drag and Drop folders into Jaikoz to be loaded.

Drag 'n' drop is difficult to do well in Java at the moment. I was considering
using a browser tree open all the time, what do you think of this idea
Find & Replace on a Column Basis is now available in version 1.7

2.Grab cover art from Amazon
4. Find And Replace facility

These features are availble in version 1.7 released today
If you like Jaikoz please consider posting an honest review on a software download site such as download.com . With Jaikoz I've tried to break new ground in tag editor software, but I need more feedback. If more people are aware of the product it will help to improve the quality of Jaikoz, and generate new ideas and new functionality.
A new version was released today, this includes an album art downloader, find and replace and some improvements to iTunes compatability.

Take a look at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp for full details.

Anonymous wrote:
I'm getting the same error with jaikoz 1.6.1
[Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.

This specific error is new , Ive never seen it could you please send your your full jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log so I can analyse this properly.
Ok in your case the problem is the '!' in the Stop! value for title, remove the ! and it will work.

This is not a problem in the new version of jaikoz.
Hi, Ive just fixed this problem, it is caused by null characters within the fields being compared with musicbranz (e.g album,artist,title). On Windows these characters are displayed as a square, on OSX they are invisible, they are generated incorrectly by some tag editors/players - with Itunes being the main culprit.

You can remove them in Jaikoz by running the AutoCorrecter or the appropriate Local Correcter (Local Correct/Correct Artists, Local Correct/Correct Album ...) and making sure the setting 'Remove Undisplayable Characters' on the AutoFormat tab is checked. It is enabled by default for all columns except the Album column (this is a bug) so you need to go to 'Action Settings/Local Correct Settings/Album Settings/Auto Format Tab' and enable it.

If this does not fix your problem, please send me the file.

In the new release I am going to handle the null terminator characters before the records are displayed, and if you modify the tag they will be removed on save. This is ecause the advantages of displaying them so that you have an accurate view of what is being stored is being outweighed by the disavanatges.

Hi, it cant quite be done with the current version , BUT it is possible with the version currently in development, this should be released by Monday so Ill tell you how you'll be able to do it , whilst I think of it.

You can't do it with the 'Tag from Filename' because this only provides an automatic mapping at the moment from Filename to tag depending upon the data it finds on a per tag basis, but you can do it with the editing functions.

Select all your artist fields , right click 'Delete'
Drag the Artist column so that it is next to the 'Filename' column
Select all fields in both columns, right click 'Prepend to Right', this will copy the value from the filename field into the corresponding artist field, row by row.
Open Find/Replace, and limit the column to 'Artist', select to find .mp3 and replace with . , and select 'Replace All'
Run 'Correct Album' to remove the .

Your'e done

A fix is available now, more details here:
A fix is now available which fixes some problems reading COMM frames and Unsynchronized frames in ID3v24, this is valid for all versions of Jaikoz from 1.5 onwards,please download:

and then install as follows:

Copy replace the existing jaudiotagger.jar file in the lib folder below the location you installed jaikoz.

Right Click on Jaikoz folder and select 'Show Package Contents'
Navigate to Contents/Resources/Java
Replace the existing jaudiotagger.jar file with the new one.
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