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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Author Message
Interesting idea, but how many fields does this apply to ?
The lyrics field already has its own tab, the comments field has a field on the info tab which is into as large as the lyrics tab but is not too bad, are there any more ?

ErwinB wrote:
What I mean is: Are the complete tags rewritten from scratch or are just the changed field written?

The reason I ask is because at the same time I'm editing with Jaikoz I also let musicip run to generated the "other" signatures and by doing so, if I understand correctly, add them to the online database.

Now I wonder is it wise to do so? Won't they bite each other?
i.e. musicip adds it's signatures, Jaikoz when I press save maybe erases them. (or the other way around)  

Jaikoz won't delete field fields added by another application, but you shouldnt work on the same file with two applications at the same time, thats asking for trouble.
Really !, can you send me a screenshot

ErwinB wrote:
You can view the bitrate in the table view. Just go to settings->table view and select the fields you want to see!

Actually you can't see the bitrate in the edit pane but you can see it in the view pane, as you can see in the screenshot below

to me this seems easier than looking at the detail pane, although that will work in the next release when I merge the selection of row header and main table data.

punar wrote:
Oh, one more thing...

After MusicBrainz has run through my files I find that it has tagged files like this:
Artist Tag: Jennifer Lopez
Title Tag: All I Have (feat. LL Cool J)

This song like many others features a guest artist, in this case LL Cool J. For some reason, I have no idea why, MusicBrainz puts these featured artists in the Title Tag.
Would it be possible to do a cleanup after MusicBrainz so that the featured artists are moved to the Artist Tag, like this:
Artist Tag: Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J
Title Tag: All I Have

I think it would be better addressing this issue to MusicBrainz and find out why they do it this way, they may be only doing this in some cases, because it would be difficult for Jaikoz to parse this accurately

punar wrote:
until then I like the version info just to be kept with the songtitle:
Filename = Safri Duo - Trance Energy (Airscape Remix)
Artist Tag = Safri Duo
Title Tag = Trance Energy (Airscape Remix)

The remix bit was a red herring this is a bug (which Ive now fixed) the title should be populated before the album field in this case.

punar wrote:
I did, see attached image, but I think it was a bit difficult. At the beginning I didn't know where to write what so I had to try and see.

Ive looked at the screenshot, youve done it correctly, where do you want to go with this request it seems straightforward enough to me but then I wrote it so I would say that.

I think it should be the same color. It means the local analyzer has found a character that is not approved. So purple can be used both for capitalization and spaces. I think purple can be used to mark all changes that the local analyzer wants to do to single characters.

What about if you manually edit the field what happens to the colouring then, the colouring indicates the status of a field without reference to how it got that way. So the whitespace colouring shows there is whitespace without reference to the correcter, the change colouring indicates the field is different in some way to its value on disk ....

When I click the "Open new Folder"-button, Jaikoz will open a new folder without saving changes to the currently opened files.

This bug has crept in, it used to warn you about this.

Could you make Jaikoz save positioning and sizing of tag columns  

You can do this by using Menu/Settings/Table Settings, the order and visibility of columns in this option are saved between invocations of Jaikoz. You can select 'From Display' to update the list from the current display, and modifications made will effect the current screen. However selecting extra columns using the column control in the corner of the screen will not be saved automatically, I will be improving this in the future

punar wrote:

When I click Details in the error box I get the following text:
java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/jthink/jaikoz/Start (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)	

When you run jaikoz.bat it uses the version of Java that is first on your path, type java -version at a command prompt for details. When you run Jaikoz.exe it uses the version of java you selected during the installation, I expect you selected Java 1.4 instead of Java 1.5 during the installation. (Unfortunately the installer program does not allow me to only show valid versions of Java , I will be replacing the installer with a different installer in the future.) Please try reinstalling Jaikoz and ensuring you select java 1.5 or later during the installation and see if that fixes the problem.

ErwinB wrote:
Great program!! Finally a tagging program that does almost everything I want it to do.
Couldn't have said it any better

Thanks , perhaps you would might like to add a review when youve time, it isn't a very well known tagger at the moment.

Despite the unique name it isn't very descriptive. As far as I am concert, you could call it Jaikoz "THE" MP3-Tagger!

Ok, but it won't only tag Mp3s soon, so maybe 'Jaikoz Audio Tagger' or 'Jaikoz Tag Editor'.

* I dont display the View Panel by default because although I find it extremely useful it does take up screen space and is not strictly necessary for using Jaikoz. Adding as 'Original tag view panel' as a title to the collection of tabs would use up more space but might makes things clearer, Im unsure. Make it 'Org. tag view' or something, but I also had to look at the (extensive!) manual to see what it does.

What I was trying to say was that the View Panel contains all four tabs, so I would need to add an additional title field that would take up valuable screen height (not screen width).

Maybe it is already possible, I haven't played around with it enough yet but I would like to see more word replacement "sets" So you can have a different word replacement for different fields. For example I would like to remove any leading "The "'s from the artist name (The Shadows -> Shadows) But I don't want to do this in the title field, but I would like to remove some other thing. Now you can just enable or disable a single replacement rule.

Yes it is possible, from the Word Replacer Settings you can create new Word Replacers such as an Artist Word Replacer or Album Word Replacer, each containing a seperate set of words. From Artist Settings you can then specify the required Word Replacer. The same applies to Word Seperators, Word Removers and Punctaution Removers.

A big request I think would be the possibility to work with regular expressions, so you can for example just remove/rename whatever words that are on the beginning/middle/end etc.

Regular Expressions are pencilled in for both Find/Replace and the Word Replacers.

My personal rant is that the year field is set to the year of the album release instead of the year the song came out
From Musicbrainz the release information is only available for the release (album), if you adjusted the album to the original album you would get the year information you wanted. I am going to add an option to choose original albums if possible when looking up from Musicbrainz.

Is there a place we can look at that 'to-do' list?? 

Good idea, although I don't want to have to maintain an html and a spreadsheet version of the list, Ill add showing the todolist to the todolist !!

The spreadsheet layout is great, but it is somewhat of a pain editing those multi-valued fields. Would it be possible to make an option so that you can double click a multi-value column and you get a new spreadsheet window that has all values of this field in separate columns? Hope you get what I mean.  

At the moment when you double click on the cell counter you can edit all values but they are displayed in rows rather than columns, but it doesnt give you the spreadsheet like copy and paste stuff. The multi values fields are there because mapped to ID3 in the new version of jaikoz the default edit tab will have separate columns for these multiple fields , so you will only have to use the popups if you want to edit additioanl attributes of multiple-attributes fields. See screenshot for preview:

punar wrote:
Great program!! Finally a tagging program that does almost everything I want it to do.


punar wrote:

Just a few minor things I can think of:

Windows Installation
* It would be nice if the application installed as default to the %programfiles% folder
* On the startmenu there could be to shortcuts, one to the Jaikoz.exe file and one to the Jaikoz.bat file (the Jaikoz.exe file didn't work for me so I almost uninstalled the program when I for some reason got the idea to look in it's program folder where I luckily found the bat-file).
* The startmenu folder could be named Jaikoz Mp3-Tagger instead of just Jaikoz. When I am done this round tagging all my files I probably won't do this again until next year or so, and I'll be looking through my startmenu for an Mp3-tagger, and I won't find any because I don't remember the name.
* When starting the program, the view-panel doesn't come up as default. And I think it should be called "Original tag view panel" or something so I didn't need to read the manual to see what it was.

*Yes I could add Jaikoz.bat but Im suprised Jaikoz.exe does not work for you, it works for me. Does it work if you run it directly from the installtion folder ?

*Personally I dont like to put applications in the%programfiles% folder, because on an English installation it equates to Program Files and the space between Program and Files always causes me problems. You can always change the location during the installation if you wish.

* I could call it Jaikoz Mp3-Tagger, i cant make up my mind what do others think?

* I dont display the View Panel by default because although I find it extremely useful it does take up screen space and is not strictly necessary for using Jaikoz. Adding as 'Original tag view panel' as a title to the collection of tabs would use up more space but might makes things clearer, Im unsure.

punar wrote:

Capitalize first character after "Mc" in artistnames, eg:
McFadden, McNeal, etc
Capitalize first character after "'" (that's a ') it it's in the beginning of a word, eg:
D'Sound, N'Sync, 'Til Tuesday (also works with French: J'Ai, L'Erreur, D'Amour etc)
Continue not to capitalize the character after a "'" if it's not in the beginning, eg:
Winifred's, I'm, Don't, Destiny's, We've, You'll
Capitalize after "'n'":
Thugs'n'Harmony, Hit'n'Hide, Rob'n'Raz

Ive added these rules to the todo list

punar wrote:

Filename => Tags
All my filenames are of this format:
Artist - Songtitle (Version)
Safri Duo - Trance Energy (Airscape Remix)
Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buuren Remix
I listen to quite a few songs that haven't been released on any albums so albumtitle and songnumber are irrelevant to many of my songs so I want this information only in tags.
Many of my songs also appear in different remixed versions (this is most common among trance, techno, house music). I therefore also need the version info in the filename to separate the different songs of the same songtitle from the same artist.
Many people seem to have the same idea because this way of naming files appears to be quite common.
The problem is that with my format it seems Jaikoz thinks songnames are album names and therefore incorrectly tags the albumtitle field of my mp3's.

It is on the list to provide some kind of manual tag from filename mapping for filenames that Jaikoz can't decipher automtically, where do you want the version info to go ?

punar wrote:

Word Replacing for artists:
It would be nice with a little simplification of this feature.
Perhaps set up so that you can have multiple words replaced to single other words. That way you can easily replace all instances of "ft", "ft.", "feat", "feat.", "featuring" to "Ft" or "Feat" and all instances of "&", "Y", "E", "And" to "&".
I tried to set up the above with the current version (1.10) and it wasn't easy

I dont quite understand , cant you just add mappings to the word replacer of the form feat -> featuring, Ft->featuring ...

punar wrote:

Local Tagging:
When autotagging locally unnecessary spaces are marked as purple both in the view panel and the Edit panel. But they aren't removed. I think the spaces should be marked as purple in the view panel, and removed and the whole cell marked in blue in the edit panel.

Removing spaces at start and end is on the todo list

punar wrote:

It would also be nice if all characters that have been capitalized or decapitalized are also marked in purple in the view panel. It would make it easier to see what has been changed.

Well, I would want to use a different colour as it means a different thing, I think you are asking for any characters within the field that have been changed to be marked, or do you only want this for capitalization, this request needs a bit more thinking about. I don't think it should be on my default as it could make the display too confusing/messy but it might be a useful optional feature.

punar wrote:

These are just a few minor things I have noticed. Very very minor. Your program is still the best autotagger in existence by far of any I have tried (I have tried lots of tagging applications and a few supposedly autotagging applications but Jaikoz is the only one that works!)  


Thanks again

ErwinB wrote:

I would like to see an option to automatically remove those spaces.
And while at it remove any empty fields.

These are on the todo list

ErwinB wrote:

I also seem to have quite some tracks with duplicate genres. Maybe it would be possible to dedupe multi value fields?

Good idea, I'll add to the list

please send me your log files (jaikozdebug0-0.log and jaikozuser0-0.log) and details of the file version as loaded and when saved so I can track this down. It sounds like an error with the jaudiotagger tagging library, if it is I will be able to provide you with a fix without the need to wait for the next version of Jaikoz.

dadio917 wrote:
Hi - two questions:
1) i purchased jaikoz and have v1.4. Can i upgrade to latest version with my license? Do i have to find my key or will it update automatically

Yes unlike some other products jaikoz gives you a free upgrade for life. If you have the older version of Jaikoz still installed you just need to search for your license.jai file and keep this aside for when you install the new version. After you have installed the new version select File/install Full License menu item to install a ful license.

dadio917 wrote:

2) i've just gotten some mp4a files. Is this supported and if not is the support coming?

It is not supported yet but it definitently will be
Hi I cant replicate this problem. Could you show me the screenshots of how its looks in Jaikoz and iTunes, together with what version of ID3 the file is saved to. Even better would be if you could email me the problem file and Ill take a further look.

Yes, but it is doesn't work quite right. The records selected in the row header can be deleted by pressing Option-F9, but the action will only occur if the focus is in the main table. This wil be rationlised when there is a single selection for row header and main table data.

Focher wrote:
If I select only the record number from the record number column in the table display, the detail pane does not update with that track's data. I must select one of the fields in another column.

Currently the you can make one selection in the row header , and another in them main table independently. This is powerful but a little confusing and hence I'm aiming to have only a single selection in the next version, i.e selecting rows in the row header will also select the corresponding rows in the main body of the table, and then this problem will go away.

Most customers dont seem to use the row header selection at the moment and I think it would be confusing if the detail panel chnaged as you flipped from the selecting the row header records as opposed to the main table selection.

Focher wrote:

It would be good to have that default behavior change because it is easier when finding duplicate tracks with different bit rates. 

Not too sure of your procedure here, might be worth giving me some more detail before I go forward with the change explained above.
Bit rate is shown on the Detail/Summary Tab and on the View/MPEG Tab. it is not editable so is not shown on the edit tab.
There is no roadmap page, but I do post ideas and proposals onto the wishlist forum occasionally, and may do so for this.
Yes, I wanted to do it for the last release but ran out of time. It will be done it but there are other higher priority tasks to do first.
No Im afraid not, but you can selectively select records to correct rather than running over all records. I think you may have to manually correct the problem tracks.
If you have - or _ in your filenames but not used as a seperator you need to modify your Tags From Filename Word Seperator.

Go to Settings/Word Seperator
Select Tags From Filename Word Seperator
Remove - from the list
Add any other seperators you use to the list

Now rerun Tag from Filename, this should give better results
Work on support for other formats has been started, but I must tell you that wma is not the top priority format to support.
Brackets are used by ID3 to identify genres, use a character other than brackets and it will work as expected. For example you could use curly braces
such as House{Classic Vocal}

jamesarm97 wrote:
I found the problem. I thought it was odd that my RX data (wifi) was high but the TX data was low. It was moving my files from my mounted volume /Volumes/Music to the root of /Volumes.

What setting do I change to keep this from happening? There is a folder setting that was set to '1' for the level. Should this be 0? 

When you load your files, you want to modify the ' Specify number of folders above this selection to Set the Base Folder To' in the Folder Dialog. This determines the split between base and subfolder so that when you do a Correct SubFolder from Tags only the part in the subfolder will change. Alternatively if the files are already loaded you can use 'Action/File And Folder Correct/Shift Base Folder to SubFolder' and 'Action/File And Folder Correct/Shift SubFolder to Base Folder' to shift selected mp3s between the base folder/subfolder.
Yes I think this has been agreed in


will probably be in next release
Detail panel now available in Jaikoz 1.10

paultaylor wrote:

ozone wrote:
(I first want to point out an obvious bug; If I select Default Word Separator for the "Split the Filename Using..." in the correct tags from filename setting, it doesn't save this selection when I click "ok". When I re-open the correct tags from filename settings window, it just defaults back to "tags from filename word separator"...)

Fixed in Jaikoz 1.10
In Jaikoz 1.10 there is a MusicBrainz UniqueId Field in the MusicBrainz tab whereby you can enter the uniqueId without worrying about entering the description
I believe this is now fixed in Jaikoz 1.10 please let me know

org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException: Cannot parse '\??': '*' or '?' not allowed as first character in WildcardQuery

Fixed in Jaikoz 1.10
In Jaikoz 1.10 (released today) these issues are addressed.

Jaikoz now support Is Compilation and Album Artist Fields. Both are populated by MusicBrainz lookups, MusicBrainz sets the Is Compilation flag if the musicbrainz release type='compilation'.

The Album Artist can be used in the subfolder and file renaming masks. Usually the album artist would have the same value as the artist, but for Compilations album artist is likely to be Various Artist. So all Compilatons can be kept together using this methd.
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