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Hi Paul,

I was about to write a looong and complicated feature request, like enabling custom functions for duplicate search and selection, but I saw that https://jthink.atlassian.net/projects/SONGKONG/issues/SONGKONG-1457 was already existing and answering my need.

In fact, this is what I need.
I want that SongKong keeps the file which belong to a complete album to be prefered to a "single" file even if better quality/format/whatsoever.

This would be a great relief for cleaning my collection.

Best regards,
My dreams come true with version 6.0 \o/
Hi Paul,

Thank you indeed for the "profile" feature I was eagerly awaiting!
One year after, I 'm still missing this feature

FYI, here are the main fields I set differently when matching a complete album versus a bunch of singles:

  • Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album
  • Ony allow match if all tracks in album were matched
  • All existing folders represent a single album
  • Use original release date
  • Move folder
  • Rename mask
  • Compilation Rename mask
  • Much better now!
    Sorry for my dumb request...
    Hi Paul,
    Are you expecting a specific level of tracing or should I keep the "warning" default?
    Hi Paul,

    Maybe I'm tired but I'm not able to understand what's going wrong.
    Trying to update my mp3 collection with some new CDs I ripped, I've updated SongKong to the latest release (4.11) and I've set my options and my filename masks.

    The release is correctly identified and files are moved but without respecting the mask I set.
    Could this be an issue in your last release or did I forget some setting?
    Here are the options:


    Summarizes the current SongKong configuration

    For songs already fully matched :Update Metadata and Filename only
    Rename files based on metadata:No
    Update Artwork:Yes
    Update Genres:Yes
    Update Mood and other acoustic attributes such as BPM (SongKong Pro Only):Yes
    Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album:Yes
    Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched:Yes
    Save changes to iTunes:No


    Create Acoustic fingerprints:Yes
    Search for a MusicBrainz match:Yes
    Update from Discogs:Yes
    Search for a Discogs match:Yes
    Ignore existing metadata when matching individual songs:No
    Ignore metadata derived from filename when matching individual songs:No
    All existing folders represent a single album:No
    Preferred Release Countries:FR


    Resize artwork if dimensions larger than (pixels):1000
    Ignore artwork smaller than this (pixels):200
    Save artwork embedded within song file:Replace if better quality
    Save artwork to Filesystem:No


    Genre:Replace if empty From Discogs Style, Max no of Genres 1
    Grouping:Never Replace From Discogs Style, Max no of Genres 1


    Never modify or add these fields:
    Only modify these fields if empty:BPM, Mood, Key
    Allow changes to songs existing metadata fields if Song Only match:Yes
    Romanize non-Latin script artist names wherever possible:Yes
    Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on cover:No
    Use standard Track title instead of title displayed on cover:No
    Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on cover:No
    Use Original Release Date:Yes
    Add EP, Single, Compilation, Live and Remix release types to release title:Yes
    Add Audio Format to release title:No
    When tracks contains featured artists:Add all contributing artists to the artist field
    Multi Disc Releases :Add Disc No to the release title if disc has title


    Identify Classical releases:Classical albums identified by SongKong
    Apply these options to releases identified as Classical:Yes
    Add Composers to start of Album Title :Yes
    Remove Composer from Album Artist :No
    Use only Artist Type to categorise groups as ensembles, choirs or orchestras:No
    Shorten Song Title to the Movement:No
    Copy Work to Grouping field:MP3 and AIF (iTunes)
    MusicBrainz Track Artisterformers and Ensemble/Choir/Orchestra and Conductor
    Never modify or add these fields:
    Only modify these fields if empty:

    File Naming

    Simplify non-standard characters:Yes
    Rename filename part only:No
    Limit File Path to Windows Explorer 259 Character limit:Apply to internal and locally connected NTFS/FAT32 drives only
    Enable Maximum File Path Length:No
    Move Folder:Yes
    Move Folder:E:\Musique\#1 Albums classés\#1 Validé
    Move Unmatched Folder:No
    Rename mask:AlbumArtistorArtist/Album [Year]/ (DiscNo-)Track - ArtistorAlbumArtist - Title
    Compilation rename mask:AlbumArtistorVariousArtist/Album/(DiscNo-)Track - Artist - Title


    If song moved to another folder move :Everything
    MP3 Metatag Version:Same as or v23
    Disc / Track number paddingad with up to one zero
    Save Vorbis/Flac AlbumArtist as:ALBUMARTIST
    After SongKong has finished processing songs:Always open Report in browser
    Save songs so they work best with iTunes:No

    Can't tell.

    I'm not sure of that but I think that, during previous installation, I tried twice (FR, then EN) before deciding to change the target folder.
    Anyway, it's too late for another test as 325 is now installed, however I'm OK for doing some test if needed.
    Hi Paul,

    The workaround went fine (no surprise, I did it previously) however I wanted to report the error, as the bug was obviously not completely fixed.

    PS : I'm still working slowly but surely on an updated FR translation!
    I've got an error when trying to upgrade my current version of Songkong with the latest release

    I had the same issue previously and the workaround was to install to a new subfolder, so now I hav
    C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong
    C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong324

    Of course I could override the error and chose a 3rd directory for this new install, however I would like to know what you advise to do (also I'm afraid of losing my settings).
    No idea?
    I've just ripped an double album with CDex.
    Album is "The best of Fad Gadget" and I was able to the release at MB here:

    However, when I run SongKong on the folder, the result is as follows:

    Selected Folder :F:\Musique\À trier\#3 albums ou singles à trier\Fad Gadget
    Base Folder:F:\Musique\À trier\#3 albums ou singles à trier
    30 songs loaded into SongKong
    30 songs checked
    0 (0%) songs matched to MusicBrainz release
    30 (100%) songs matched to MusicBrainz song only
    0 (0%) songs matched to Discogs
    0 (0%) songs matched with Artwork
    30 songs have had information modified and have been saved

    My guess is that something (tags? folder names?...) prevents from the accurate match but I can't find what.

    How can I get additional data (traces?) that could help understanding why the match was not made?

    I progress slowly but surely
    At one time, I will need to discuss with you about the context of some wordings in order to propose an accurate translation. I will let you know!
    Hi Paul,

    It's hard for me to have an idea how "generic" could be a need of mine; you have probably many feedbacks of various users, I don't.

    Remember the discussion we had about the "year" tag and the option "use original release date" I need to use for my albums. So I want have this option enabled for singles but not full albums. Obviously, the options "Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album" and "Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched" cannot be used for Singles.

    So I need various set of options not only for the target directories but also for tuning the behaviour of SongKong.

    (By the way, I'm considering a Soundtrack release differently, depending if it's a compilation of singles by various artist or a coherent work from a single compositor ? e.g. Ennio Morricone, Peter Gabriel? ? but of course, this require manual decision!)
    Sorry to hear that you paid for this patchy translation (probably partially made automatically with Google Translate or kind of).

    After installing Languish, picking up one sample:

    EN: Acoustic fingerprints are essential for accurate song matching, only disable this option in special cases such as if you only want parse amginfo.xml and do not intend to do MusicBrainz or Discogs matching.

    FR: empreinte acoustique sont essentiels pour exacts chanson correspondant, seulement désactiver cette option dans des cas particuliers tels que si vous voulez seulement analyser amginfo.xml et n'a pas l'intention de le faire MusicBrainz ou Discogs correspondant.

    Google Translate: empreintes digitales acoustiques sont essentiels pour précises chanson correspondante, seulement désactiver cette option dans des cas particuliers tels que si vous voulez seulement analyser amginfo.xml et ne pas l'intention de le faire MusicBrainz ou Discogs correspondant.

    Real French (one possible suggestion): Les empreintes acoustiques sont indispensables pour une identification précise des morceaux. Ne désactiver cette option que dans des cas particuliers (si, par exemple, vous voulez uniquement analyser amginfo.xml sans rechercher de correspondance sur MusicBrainz ou Discogs).

    However, some translation are clearly human-made.
    E.g. Cat No / N° de cat. : this is perfectly accurate.

    Seeing that I'm now elevate to the range of ?Ethusiast? user.
    Is it an on-purpose misspelling? (might be a pun I don't understand)
    Sorting my music library, I'm dealing with various needs for sorting/renaming/moving my files.
    For example, I'm not naming and putting away my files in the same way when I deal with full releases, singles, classical music, etc.

    It would then be helpful to be able to save full configurations (including directories, masks and every other options) with being able to reload them depending on the kind of task you want to achieve.
    OK, now I got the point and will try this way!

    (However, wouldn't it make sense to distinguish track-release-year and album-release-year in the properties?)
    I think what is just missing is translated image buttons.
    (Quick and dirty fix: copy EN images to FR directory)
    (Very Quick and not that dirty fix: disable other languages!)

    By the way, the FR translation of SongKong is awful and frequently confusing. Therefore I switched back to English to avoid mismanipulation of the software.
    I would be glad to help here (even if I'm not sure to get time for that). Could you share with me the EN and FR resource files?
    How should I do, then, when I'm processing a full album (for example, for a CD freshly ripped), to have all tracks in the same folder AND if I want to have the year of the album in the folder name.

    Albums\Natacha Atlas\Ayeshteni [2001]\tracks...

    Because, I've just got the following result with this CD:
    Discogs Release Id: 1802895
    MusicBrainz Release: MB Release Id: 960c6c09-5de9-41bc-8ffc-d2169a0545df

    Albums\Natacha Atlas\Ayeshteni [2001]\01 - Natacha Atlas - Shubra.mp3
    Albums\Natacha Atlas\Ayeshteni [2001]\03 - Natacha Atlas - Ashwa.mp3
    ... (all tracks but
    Albums\Natacha Atlas\Ayeshteni [2002]\02 - Natacha Atlas - Le Goût du pain.mp3

    (All tracks tagged 2001 except one tagged 2002)

    Same issue in 2016 (with the option "Use Original Release Date" enabled).
    Is it supposed to be fixed?

    paultaylor wrote:

    But you should try matching on Musicbrainz Ids, this allows versions of the same song but with slightly different audio encodings to be treated as a match. 

    I did that with quite good results

    paultaylor wrote:

    But for the most accurate results you might want to listen and select yourself, and this can be done with Jaikoz. 

    Will try. Now waiting for my license...

    Another thing: when activating the forum interface in French, many buttons miss, therefore it's barely usable...
    I will spend some time discovering Jaikoz because the ?delete duplicate? can definitely not be done on "tag" only by SongKong.

    E.g. I found 3 files for "Paint it black" by "The Rolling Stones".

    Suprisingly, they are all different. (Well, different acoustic ID, so that is not so surprising!)

    One is the classical tune I'm used to hear. OK.
    One is a live recording by the Stones. OK but the only difference I saw in tags is the name of the album (no "remix" tag that could indicate "live").
    One is ... a cover! But track "Artist" is still tagged "The Rolling Stones".

    So, my conclusion is that the central databases are not fully reliable and my ears are definitely needed!
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for these answer. I will have a deeper look on this option for duplicate.

    Considering Jaikoz, as it is a "brother" software of SongKong, have you considered a "bundle" offer for the customers who have already buy one of the two?
    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your swift answer.
    I've just had a look at your JIRA ticket, open in 2014... How likely is it to see it in a close new release?

    Regarding the second point, indeed, I can't see a way to easily make it selectable (in fact, I knew that when I wrote it ? shame on me!).

    So, possibly, an alternative between the "preview" mode and the automated mode would be a manual mode where, for each detected duplicate files, the list of files will appear on a window where the user select which file(s) must be kept and which file(s) must be deleted/moved.
    This window should show enough elements (name, size, date, tags, acousticId...) and possibly a button for playing the files, so that the user selects them with full knowledge.

    Finally, I would appreciate a way to remove duplicate when AcousticID differ, but not the main tags (at least Artist / Title / remix? ? or this list could be an option as well). Probably the selection should be manual here as well. What do you think?
    Hi !
    I'm a registred user of SonkKong and quite happy with the way it works.
    I'm currently working at reorganizing my collection of mp3, having full albums sorted in a dedicated directory, and singles sorted (in a different manner) in a second dedicated directory.

    So far, so good.

    However, there is a lot of mp3 that are not sorted, renamed and moved due to the fact that they are "Matched to MusicBrainz song only".

    Is there any way to configure SongKong so that it takes this information for sufficient and allow the renaming of this "single" in my singles collection?

    (Also, I have a quite different question but it should goes on a dedicated topic: when removing duplicate, is there a way to say "keep the file from this directory" rather than the file from "that directory"? I would like to suppress the singles that are already present in the "full album" directory)
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