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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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newname wrote:

1. Is the acoustic analysis the same in both programs? If so, why is the analysis in Jaikoz much quicker than MusicIP? Is MusicIP more accurate since it's slower?

MusicIP will add records to the MusicIP if they dont currently exist whereas
Jaikoz only trys to match records that already exist in the database. Creating a new id is much much slower than matching an existing id and there is no possibility of it immediately matching a record in MusicBrainz because it has only just been created which is why Jaikoz does not do this, I will add it as an extra task/option at some point. I dont know if this accounts for all the differences, MusicMixer may do some other analysis that isnt required for identification purposes.

newname wrote:

2. What exactly is "MusicMagic Data" and "MusicMagic Fingerprint"?

These are only saved to your file if you are using Music Mixer Premium and select 'Archive Analysis' . They are the data that is generated from the
file and sent to MusicIP, in order for MusicIP to find a track and return a MusicIP Puid -Im not sure of the difference between the two. I dont know why Music IP Mixer doesnt store the Music IP Puid as well, but I am looking into it.

newname wrote:

3. Why won't Jaikoz just accept the analysis tags from MusicIP?

Jaikoz needs to get a Puid in order to lookup the track in Musicbrainz but unfortunately this is not stored by Music Ip Mixer.

newname wrote:

4 (and last). For all the songs that Jaikoz/MusicBrainz doesn't recognize the songs (PUIDs, tags, etc) and doesn't supply a "Unique File ID", will submitting the info to the server (MusicBrainz/PUID pair) over time get these songs on the database?

Do you mean submitting them from Jaikoz, no tracks can only be submitted to musicbrainz as a uniqueid/puid pair. But records added to MusicIP do overtime get added to MusicBrainz

Anonymous wrote:
As someone with thousands of tracks / files, I definitely suffer every time I open Jaikoz and want to read my whole library (which is actually stored in iTunes and uses the iTunes folder structure). It probably does not help that I store the library on a NAS.

Have you considered changing the way Jaikoz reads the files and tags? Perhaps breaking it up into smaller "pieces" - read 100 files at a time, return the information to the user, and then read the next 100 etc.

Also, I think it would be better to let the user start working with the application even while Jaikoz continues to read the files. This would let the user kick off doing acoustic id analysis or any other similar function. 

I am thinking of adding a FileTree window down the left hand side of Jaikoz which would make it much easier to add multiple files/folders as required. I am also looking at multithreading file i/o to sped up the file loading.

I dont think I want to allow you to start working on files whilst they are still being loaded. Firstly because the cpu will already be busy, trying to do two things at once will make it take evenlonger for the files to be loaded. Secondly there are a number of tasks that have to be performed once the files are loaded it would be dangerous to allow the user to start making modifications until these tasks have been run.
Hi, there are quite a few (857), however many are quite similar. I could automatically translate it myself, but would like somebody to proof-read /check it more releasing it officially. You can see the what is to be translated by looking at jaikoz.properties in a text editor, would you like me to provide a Russian translation ?
This new release overhauls the Autocorrecter and fixes a number of jaikoz issues.
More details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/build1029.jsp

Nocturnal wrote:
Like the topic title says, I'd like it if the bit rate, length (of the audio, like mm:ss) and file size are available as columns in Jaikoz's table. This would make it a lot easier to decide which one of duplicate files you'd like to keep. 

Bit Rate and Filesize are available but not in the Edit tab, only in the Mpeg tab which is visible when you select 'View/Show View Pane' . In the initial versions of Jaikoz the View Pane was shown by default, now it isn't so I accept it not as easy to see these fields as if they were shown on the Edit tab, however they are not editable so not that keen about putting them on the edit tab. I am going to add a detail tab in the console area that would show detail of the currently selected record, and this would include the details of the Bit rate, length and file size column.

Nocturnal wrote:

It could be even more easy if there was another action that handles duplicates automatically. Its settings could look like this:
"If the musicIP ID/musicbrainz ID is the same, keep the one with the largest/smallest bitrate/filesize/duration.
If the criterium above is equal, keep the one with the largest/smallest bitrate/filesize/duration.
If the criterium above is equal, keep the one with the largest/smallest bitrate/filesize/duration.
If the criterium above is equal, ask me which one to keep/ignore this duplicate/call the Java police." 

Thats sounds like a workable algorithm.

Focher wrote:
My (iTunes) music library / directory is on a NAS device that is accessed through SMB/CIFS. It seems that Jaikoz either does not like having to ready the file list from a network share or it doesn't like the number of directories and files in the library (over 12k files in about 2k directories).

Hi, I think there is an issue with Java doing a File count over network drives, I will investigate further.

However be aware, that performance of any application is going to be slower when applied to files on a network, and this going to be more noticeable as you load more files. Jaikoz is an MP3 Tagger not a MP3 Manager/Player and as such its intended mode of use would be something like:

Load some files that needs correction
Fix them in Jaikoz
Play them in iTunes (no need to load them into jaikoz again).

For this reason there is no cache of files because it is not expected the customer will be loading every file they have into Jaikoz every time. I have not imposed an upper limit on how many tracks can be loaded but I think 27,000 is too many, many other tagging applications limit you to one album at a time! When you start iTunes it is reading from its own cache and this leads to many problems for users whereby they make modifications in one application and it doesnt get updated in iTunes, I didnt want to go down the same road with jaikoz.

Anonymous wrote:
Calc is the same as Excel 

Gosh I use Calc myself but Ive always just thought of it as Open Office Spreadsheet, I didnt realise that was its name.

I intend to add another Report similar to the Find Missing Tracks report, but instead this would generate a report of all your loaded tracks , and would show as html and csv format (which could be loaded into Calc), I might add other formats as required.
What is calc ?

Do want an html report of all your tags ?

Anonymous wrote:
I am not able to get album art for my music files. Is the program still only searching amazon asia? Is there a plan to add google searches also? 

Yes currently it uses ASIN, so you need to run Tag From MusicBrainz first, I might merge this into Tag From MusicBrainz. I intend to broaden where images are found but it may be difficult to update automatically from Google because it would be difficult to guarantee that the image was actually an album cover rather than just an image which had something to do ith the album/artist.

itools wrote:
I'm having a lot of problems with Jaikoz on my Macintosh, and am wondering if maybe Java is to blame. My understanding is that Apple has poor support for Java.

Maybe I would be better off with Jaikoz on Linux or Windows, assuming they have a more robust Java implementation.

What's the best OS and Java implementation to run Jaikoz at the moment ?



Functionality wise Jaikoz works the same for all three platforms. However when the Java User Interface for developed, I think it was developed with Windows and Linux in mind, as a result it is a little easier to make a Java application look native on Windows/Linux than on OSX. Java for Windows and Linux is written by SUN, whereas the OSX version is ported from the Linux version by Apple, because Apple have a closed bug database its support for the Apple version is quite not as good.

Jaikoz is not bug free (although I try hard to make it so) so without knowing what problems you are having it is difficult for me to know if a different implementation will solve your problem.
This bug is now fixed in Jaikoz 1.9.3 released today.
Ive tracked down the problem, it occurs for record with a Language field (TLAN frame). This is fixed in Jaikoz 1.9.3 released today.
There is a problem with the MusicBrainz search Facility, the Jaikoz manual and automatic searches will only matched tracks based on their Puid until this has been resolved. Please be patient I am expecting this to be resolved in the next 24 hours without the need for a patch to Jaikoz.

cablenaute wrote:
Hi, Unable to save record 0 with filename (...) because of the following error: org.jaudiotagger.tag.datatype.StringFixedLength. 

Hi i havent encountered this problem but it will be easy to fix if you send me the relevent information. Please send me you jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log files (these can be found in your Home/Library/Logs folder, and one of these problem mp3 files (send to support@jthink.net)

If you would like to add a review here are some quick links to some review pages:



There was still a problem outstanding with the previous release with regards to MusicBRainz functionality, please update immediately.

More details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp
There was still a problem outstanding with the previous release with regards to MusicBRainz functionality, please update immediately.

More details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp
What does freedb(2) provide that Musicbrainz doesnt ?
Actually a couple ofg issues came up with MusicBrainz, so your fix is included in the latest release (1.9.1) - please upgrade.
This latest version of Jaikoz contains some important fixes for the MusicBrainz functionality, please update immediately.

More details at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp
Hi, there is a problem with the latest version of Jaikoz causing problems with MusicBrainz, please make the following adjustments until I can get a fixed version of Jaikoz out.

In Action Settings/MusicBrainz Settings there are two options

'Number of Simultaneous matches peformed' setting this MUST be set to 1

'Track Duration must be within this no of seconds' this MUST be set to between 1 and 5, a setting of 3 produces a range of 6 seconds which should be accurate enough for most uses.

The fixed version should be available today or tomorrow and will include
some other fixes as well.

Jaikoz is fully internationalized - this means all the console messages, button labels, column titles and menus are held stored in a file seperate from the main program, and there can be different files for each language, these files are called property files

Jaikoz comes with an English and a Spanish property file, I do not have the expertise to accurately convert Jaikoz into other languages but it can be easily done if you have language skills without any programming skills.

So I propose the following, if you are a native speaker of another language and would like Jaikoz to be converted to another language send an email to the usual address with details

I will create an automatic translation (using google translate) to your language plus provide a program that allows you to compare the english and new language versions. Then you need to verify/correct the translation and send the corrected file back to me. I will then make this available in the next release of Jaikoz and credit you with the translation.

I expect to provide more details of this once we have a few translations under way.

If anyone has any other ideas/comments feel free to post them

The latest version of Jaikoz 1.9 has a Find Missing Tracks feature this was added ahead of schedule due to a customer offering to pay for the functionality. If theres something you really want added now you might be interested in the new customization feature that lets you request new functionality at a low price.

More details here:

Thanks for the review, Im not sure if there is anything wrong with their rating system because there are three ratings, from the two reviews plus another one that is not visible.
There is an issue with frames that are valid in v24 but not v23 such as TDRL, Ive fixed the problem but not in a position to an officila release at them moment, I may be able to provide you with an interim release if you like.

GiacomoGo wrote:
I've checked the offline help file & can't find specifics about writing out "Not Supported" and "Unknown" frames. It seems Jaikoz handles them differently.

Mostly, I'm wondering:
1) Are these columns dependent on tag version? Eg, is TDRL "Unknown" in an id3v2.3 tag, but supported for an id3v2.4 tag?

2) Are "Not Supported" and "Unknown" frames both written when saving the tag? Does this depend on tag version?


Yes thats right because TDRL is unknown for a v23 tag, they are dependent upon the current tag version of the file not the version it is being written to. When writing unknown and unsupported frames it should just be written as read, however if on writing the tag version has been changed to a version where the frame is known upon a subsequent open on the file the frame will no longer be listed in the unknown column its value will be in the correct column (e.g Release Time).

Jaikoz Help says the app should recognize all official ID3 frames. TDRL *is* a valid frame, although only in an id3v2.4 tag ... not an v2.3 tag.

I ask because it seems that Jaikoz *always* writes out "Not Supported" tags, but *doesn't* write out "Unknown" frames.

It should do, if you change the tag version that will affects the contents of the unknown column as explained above, otherwise maybe you have hit a specific problem - please send me a test file.

I've also noticed this problem:
If I open a track that has an id3v2.3 tag which is augmented with some v2.4 frames like "TDRL" or sort order frames like "TSOA" & "TSOT", then Jaikoz considers these v2.4 frames "Unknown" and does not write them out if I change some other frame. (Helium Music Manager writes such mixed tags as "compatible" v2.4 tags ... compatible with v2.3.)

However, if I try to update the tag version to v2.4 using Jaikoz, and then save, Jaikoz still seems to throw out these "Unknown" v2.4 frames, rather than trying to fit them into the updated v2.4 tag.

Ive looked into this, and I think there maybe a problem when a tag contains frames that are unknown for this version (e.g TDRL) rather than completely unknown (FREW), I'' get back to you on this.

GiacomoGo wrote:

As far as the consistency, I just saw rows getting out of synch between the View & Edit panes, but not always in the same way. I've tried to reproduce this. One thing I noticed is that if I have "Length" sorted, then close all files, then open a new folder ... again only the "Edit" pane is sorted still by Length. Again the View pane is out of synch.

I also took a series of screen shots that I'll email rather than paste in here. 

Hi, if you both view displaying (view and edit) and have a column sorted and then open some files then only the view which has a sort selected will be sorted. This is the same problem as discussed earlier, that the sync sorting is only syncing when the user clicks to sort, not when the data is already sorted and then modified.

The length field is actually sorted consistently although it might not look like it. When two fields are the same (i.e blank) then they are sorted by record number so that records with the lower record will come first in the list. That is why record 31 is added to the end of the list, record 6 is added to the start, and record 9 to the middle.

Anonymous wrote:
I read the online help subject on memory management. Are there options (perhaps beside those) you recommend for processing a very large collection?

I'm planning on using Jaikoz on a collection of around 40 000 files (around 130GB) soon. I have 1GB of RAM and another 1GB as swap. I have both Windows and Linux installed. Do you think it'll run faster on one than the other? 

The key thing is to be sensible and load and process the files in batches, I would recommend no more 5000 at a time.

Everything is loaded into memory so eventually as you add more files, things will start to slow down. There is no point loading too many files as it becomes unmanageable, remember Jaikoz is intended to correct your tags before using them in a playersuch as Itunes so once you've corrected your tags theres no need to load them again.

GiacomoGo wrote:
I think part of my confusion comes from the fact that when I delete (CTL+D) a field, eg "Length", and then Save Changes, Jaikoz updates the files, but then leaves the Length field white (meaning *blank*, rather than *missing*).

Ok, this is a bug thanks for bringing it to my attention

GiacomoGo wrote:

But this re-sort is not working properly -- it does not consistently sort the non-missing back to the top, plus it does not stay synchronized with the View Pane. 

Ok, the main problem is if you have a column sorted and then edit fields in that same column, that view will be automatically resorted, but the corresponding view pane if displayed will not be resorted, you have to physically click on the edit column header to sort it for them to be resynchronized. This is a known problem it ONLY occurs when editing values in the sorted column.

I am undecided on how I want to fix it, because the automatic resorting of the column that you are editing can be annoying because if you make an edit to a field it may immediately disappear from view as the column is resorted. So I cant decide whether to remove this functionality or just fix the synchronization of the sorting, what do you think ?

As for the length column not being sorted consistently, Im not sure what you mean by this, can you give an example of expected versus actual behaviour please.
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