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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Author Message

2.Grab cover art from Amazon
4. Find And Replace facility

These features are availble in version 1.7 released today
If you like Jaikoz please consider posting an honest review on a software download site such as download.com . With Jaikoz I've tried to break new ground in tag editor software, but I need more feedback. If more people are aware of the product it will help to improve the quality of Jaikoz, and generate new ideas and new functionality.
A new version was released today, this includes an album art downloader, find and replace and some improvements to iTunes compatability.

Take a look at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp for full details.

Anonymous wrote:
I'm getting the same error with jaikoz 1.6.1
[Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.

This specific error is new , Ive never seen it could you please send your your full jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log so I can analyse this properly.
Ok in your case the problem is the '!' in the Stop! value for title, remove the ! and it will work.

This is not a problem in the new version of jaikoz.
Hi, Ive just fixed this problem, it is caused by null characters within the fields being compared with musicbranz (e.g album,artist,title). On Windows these characters are displayed as a square, on OSX they are invisible, they are generated incorrectly by some tag editors/players - with Itunes being the main culprit.

You can remove them in Jaikoz by running the AutoCorrecter or the appropriate Local Correcter (Local Correct/Correct Artists, Local Correct/Correct Album ...) and making sure the setting 'Remove Undisplayable Characters' on the AutoFormat tab is checked. It is enabled by default for all columns except the Album column (this is a bug) so you need to go to 'Action Settings/Local Correct Settings/Album Settings/Auto Format Tab' and enable it.

If this does not fix your problem, please send me the file.

In the new release I am going to handle the null terminator characters before the records are displayed, and if you modify the tag they will be removed on save. This is ecause the advantages of displaying them so that you have an accurate view of what is being stored is being outweighed by the disavanatges.

Hi, it cant quite be done with the current version , BUT it is possible with the version currently in development, this should be released by Monday so Ill tell you how you'll be able to do it , whilst I think of it.

You can't do it with the 'Tag from Filename' because this only provides an automatic mapping at the moment from Filename to tag depending upon the data it finds on a per tag basis, but you can do it with the editing functions.

Select all your artist fields , right click 'Delete'
Drag the Artist column so that it is next to the 'Filename' column
Select all fields in both columns, right click 'Prepend to Right', this will copy the value from the filename field into the corresponding artist field, row by row.
Open Find/Replace, and limit the column to 'Artist', select to find .mp3 and replace with . , and select 'Replace All'
Run 'Correct Album' to remove the .

Your'e done

A fix is available now, more details here:
A fix is now available which fixes some problems reading COMM frames and Unsynchronized frames in ID3v24, this is valid for all versions of Jaikoz from 1.5 onwards,please download:

and then install as follows:

Copy replace the existing jaudiotagger.jar file in the lib folder below the location you installed jaikoz.

Right Click on Jaikoz folder and select 'Show Package Contents'
Navigate to Contents/Resources/Java
Replace the existing jaudiotagger.jar file with the new one.
I have found a problem with the way Jaikoz reads large Comment(COMM) frames in ID3v24 in the underlying tag library, in your example this is causing it to ignore the Cover Art (APIC) frame as well, I should be able to make a fix available by the end of the day.
You are probably just looking at the edit view V2.3 is the default version to save as, but you can change the default by modifying 'Settings/Save Settings' and reopening the files. From View menu you can also 'Show View Pane' which will have them labelled as V2.4. If a partcilar image is not being shown correctly please email me and I will ascertain the problem
Hi, yes Ive been thinking about this and it would be relatively easy to add a function 'Save tag Info' that let you select a destination folder and would extract the id3 tag from the mp3 and save it to file in the form mp3filename.id3 to that folder. Then you have a backup of a file which you can archive of as you see fit. I would then have another function 'Replace Tag from File' which would let you replace the tag in a given file with one of these id3 files.

Converting the tag into a meta format before saving such as Xml would be considerably more effort, and may introduce errors. Likewise with integrating with a 'Database '.

I think this would be a very useful function for some users, but is probably of little interest to most so with that in mind I can only devote a limited amount of time on it, what do you think of my suggestion ?
thanks, all good ideas

Tallest wrote:
The one big feature I am lacking is showing missing tracks from albums. When auto correcting from musicbrainz I would like to know if any album that had matches, has tracks that didn't get a match.

A method of displaying missing tracks based on the records you have loaded is on the TODO list. I dont think it would be part of the tag from MusicBrainz Task itself as it would detract from the mian function of this task but would be a seperate function that you could when you want and against what you what, e.e you may just want to check one album.

cpicton wrote:

How does Jaikoz handle compilation albums?

Can Jaikoz detect albums by various artists, and handle accordingly?

Not at the moment, The trouble is how do you decide what is a compilation album, different people do this different ways. Jaikoz could certainly do this quite easily but I would like some ideas on how people would like this to work.

cpicton wrote:

How can I only save/move files which have been successfully matched at musicbrainz (either through PUID, or standard metadata)

Sort by the Unique Id Field, so records with a Unique Id Value are at the top. (Unique Id is not only used by MusicBrainz but it is quite unlikely that you have it used by anything else, scan through the values just to check, all MusicBrainz values have a value like bb8ed7-c549-4abe-883b-09ec1428b540)
Select the records in the record header as long as they have a unique Id field
Right Click and select 'Save and Move'
Select the folder you would like to move the selected files to.

All these files will be saved, moved to your destination folder and removed from the MusicBrainz view.
I tested this out myself and it works correctly (with the .), if I run it again the dot disappears because the dot is included in the default punctuation remover. (it is not removed the first time because the punctuation remover is run before the word replacer). May be this is the problem you are encountering ?
In the replacement list I had the word "and" replaced to "&". However when Jaikoz does this, it replaces "and" with "\&".

This is fixed in Jaikoz 1.6.1, available now
This release (1.6.1) is now available for download
A new version was released today, that improves stability, please upgrade to the latest version.

Take a look at http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp for full details.
I have found a problem which can occur in rare circumstances.

If you 'open some files', then 'close files' then 'add files/add folder' and then immediately save changes to some files without closing any first, there is a possibility that data could be written to the wrong file, I am working on a fix that should be released today.

This problem can only occur if you have done the above combination of open/close/add/save, even then it is unlikely to occur. It will not happen in any other circumstance, no files are actually deleted if this happens.

cpicton wrote:

OK - that makes sense. I have checked and some do not contain PUIDs.

As my first run through the files, I want to only move those with valid PUIDs. Can I set up a filter for this?

No filter is available for this,yet.

Actually what your saying is you are much more confident about the records with Puids than those without. You could start again and this time set 'MusicBrainz Settings/Minimum Rating Required if MetaMatchOnly' to be 100, so for records without a Puid it will only do a MusicBrainz match if it gets a good meta data match.

cpicton wrote:
I am trying to match quite a few files based on musicip puid.

I am guessing the following columns
TRM = Unique File Id
PUID = User Defined Text Info

I have told it to retrieve PUIDs, and autocorrect from musicbrainz

On the output, I have a few duplicates on Unique File Id, but very few duplicates for User Defined Text Info, but the updated tags appear to be based on the TRM (which have duplicates), and not the PUID (which has fewer duplicates)

Is there a way to autocorrect tags from PUID, as opposed to TRM? 

Hi, TRMs are not used at all anymore. PUID is the MusicIP value within the User Defined Text Info (it also holds other values). Unique File id is the MusicBrainzId

Are the duplicates valid, is it identifying duplicate tracks in your collection?

Puids are created when you run retrieve acoustic ids whereas UniqueFileIds are created when you tag from MusicBrainz. I am wondering if you have less duplicates on the User Defined Text Info because some do not contain a puid, double click on the count to check, or look at your jaikozuser.log for information on how many acoustic ids were created. If you dont have an acoustic id then tag from musicbrainz is based purely on the metadata.

Anonymous wrote:

I still can't reproduce the prior bad behavior, but clicking "Finish" while Jaikoz is still loading leaves the app in a weird state. For example, if I Close Files and then try to immediately reload the same folder with 176 tracks after interrupting the first folder load, it refuses, saying some of the same files are already loaded -- even though I did "Close files" between loads, and the bottom status bar reported "0 files loaded" after I Closed Files.

I think things are wrong with the load, close, "Finish" routines. A simple test like I've tried to report above leaves the app in an invalid state. That could have resulted in this mishandling of file contents and file names.
I hope that helps. 

Thanks, I will review the Finish code maybe something is not being initilized properly, although I cant see the error so far.

There does seem to be bug with Close Files whereby files that are closed are not removed from the list of open folders used by 'Add Files' and 'Add Folders', I think this must be the problem you encountered. You wouldnt have hit the problem if you had reopened the files using the 'Open Folder' button, Ill get this fixed though this in itself wouldnt cause the invalid state.

I note you've added a review to download.com, maybe you would consider toning it down a little - it seems rather harsh.
Ive checked the code but have not been able to find a cause of this problem

From the log this is what seems to have happened:

Loaded 176 files, made some modification and then elected to save changes, four files were saved without any errors issued. Then some more changes made including changes to the files that had just been saved, and save was performed again. When saving Jaikoz reopens the corresponding file on the filesystem and then save its with the new changes, but it was unable to find the files that had previously been saved, however it did save 8 more files that had been modified. Then another attempt was made to save changes and this time it was unable to find any of the 12 files that had been saved.

Files are not being deleted randomly, but it appears that in this case the files are disappearing despite the fact that Jaikoz make no attempt to delete any files, Delete is only called in one circumstance when the user has marked a file for deletion but there is no evidence of this from the logs.

Well, in fact, it had deleted half dozen random files, and then renamed others to the names of the deleted files. Then it reported being unable to load the files it renamed (it could no longer find the original-named files).

I dont quite understand this line, you seem to be saying the files do not exist, but have been replaced by others files with the same name:how do you know that isnt the original file.

I am making some changes so that additional information is added to the log files and console but I am at a complete loss to how this has happened. I can simulate the error by saving the files in Jaikoz, then externally using File Explorer on another application removing the files from the folder then if I tried to save the changes again the error you describe would occur. Now Im sure you didnt fo this interactively, but can you think of any application that might be automtically doing something to files once they have been updated ?

ozone wrote:
There is already a find option, but how about a replace option too?

I agree, I had hoped to add a Replace and a Find All in the last release but had a couple of issues, should be in next release.

ozone wrote:

Also, have you ever tried Magic File Renamer? The reason I bring it up is I was curious if you were considering building that type of functionality into Jaikoz? 
Thanks for heads up, Ive never heard of it and it looks like it is no longer being developed. I expect Jaikoz will have most of this functionality - I am certainly looking at allowing users to use powerful regular expressions for various tasks.

ozone wrote:
The result will be "Tom Cloud Ft\. Tiff Lacey"

oops i didnt notice the '.', same problem as '&' and already fixed ready for next releease.

ozone wrote:

By the way, on another note, some ascii characters don't show up properly in the Tags; rather, they show up as squares. Do you know what I'm talking about? Maybe you already know about it and are working on it, but if not I can screenie it.

Squares are actually shown when the character is a unicode character that cannot be displayed such as Bell (\u0007) or Null (\u0000). If these values reside in Columns with Local Correcters such as Artist or Album they will be removed as long as you have 'Remove Undisplayable Characters' ticked in your AutoFormat settings for that column. If they are in another column, for now you would have to delete them manully.

If you think you have a case where there are actually values that should be displayed please send me more details.

Thanks, popups are only meant to show the first 30 errors to stop this ort of thing happening, but something must have slipped through here.

Could send me your jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log so I can track this down.

ozone wrote:
In the replacement list I had the word "and" replaced to "&". However when Jaikoz does this, it replaces "and" with "\&".

Thanks, Ive replicated this problem it occurs because '&' is a special character in Javas' pattern matching language and has sometimes has to be 'escaped' with a '\' , but in this case it should not have been. Ill fix this.

ozone wrote:
This also happens for example when I told it to replace "feat" with "ft."
It ends up replacing "feat" with "ft\."
Why is it doing this? 

But I havent been able to replicate this case, could you double check and provide the full text being modified, and the full contents of your word replacer, you can send screenshots instead if that is easier.

Good idea , Ive added it to the list.
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