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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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colliemom wrote:
Mar 12, 2007 6:30:08 PM: INFO: Attempting to Correct Tags from MusicBrainz on 12 files
Mar 12, 2007 6:30:17 PM: SEVERE: Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz
Mar 12, 2007 6:30:17 PM: SEVERE: Index: 19, Size: 12

What s up?


Im not sure, did you originally have 19 files open , and then close some of them so only 12 were open. I thought this problem was fixed but it appears there is still a sporadic issue here. If you could send both your log files and some more info on the chain of events, or if you can reliably reproduce the problem that would be great.

The linux 1.5 version uses a new version of the Get AcousticId program which is much more accurate, I think this would fix the original posters problem. For OSX this new version of the Get Acoustic Id program is not availble yet, but should be very soon.
Could you give me some info, the installer is provided by somebody else - if it doesnt work maybe Ill have to switch installer, I'm sure that once installed Jaikoz will work with Vista but I haven't been able to try it out yet.

A retry mechanism has been added to Jaikoz 1.5, that would make timeouts due to server being busy less likely to occur.

taggy wrote:
2. There should be a way to make the column automatically resize to be as long as the longest data entered in any cell. In most programs if you hover over the end of the column so that the mouse cursor changes to the resize cursor and then double click it, it makes the column as long as the longest data entered in any of the cells. If Jaikoz worked the same way, it would be great.

4. There should be a way to search after specific text in tags or filenames (and to show all that matches your query at the same time).

5. There should be a copy to/move to function which allows you to copy/move 1 or more files to another folder.  

In Jaikoz 1.5 released today, 2 is done,4 provides find (but not findall yet), and there is a Move to Folder function., hope that helps
In Jaikoz 1.5 released today you can easily identify duplicates based on either their Acoustic Id or their MusicBrainz Id, this can be done via either a filter so that only matching files are displayed or a highlighter that highlights duplicate fields.
This is fixed in Jaikoz 1.5 released today.
This is fixed in Jaikoz 1.5 released today.
A new version was released today, please take a look at
http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp for full details.

Anonymous wrote:
I found the problem....I followed your instructions exactly.
It was the TAB OUT part I was missing.

Thanks, actually it turns out you only need to tab out on the Mac version, Ive fixed this for this weeks release,

Anonymous wrote:

Also, any idea why after I run Jaikoz on a list of files and save the changed files, it fills the comment box with nonsense?

For example: This is what the Comments section in Itunes looks like on Eric Claptons - UnPlugged - Running On Faith I did just seconds ago.

"0000039C 000003B0 00001BF4 00001214 0002BF37 0002E65E 00007B17 000076F6 0004940E 0004940E"

It isn't Jaikoz that is writing this comment, this is what ITunes writes. ITunes uses COMM frames to store a number of non-standard properties such as 'Is Gapless album'. But from your first post I thought you were saying that Jaikoz was displaying the value incorrectly, in which case can you show me what this value should be?

Anonymous wrote:

Finally, thanks for adding Album art in the future. Can I recommed that it add it to the file itself and not just to the itunes directory. That way when I take my files from my Mac to my wifes PC I'll still have the artowrk? Also can we see the pixel size before we choose, and can the artowrk come from several sources. (sorry, I know it's a lot to ask)

It will add the artwork directly to the tag, I was going to try to automate it so you dont have to choose anything, but I would provide options so you could default to small/large image sizes ecetera.

As for sources, I need to do more research to decide what sources to use, and I dont know what to recommend anything to use in the meantime.
209 mp3s, there is no way that should require more than the average amount of memory, you should be able to comfortably load 10,000 mp3s with the defaults.

Please send me your jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log and Ill see if there is something funny going on.

Anonymous wrote:

When I goto "Rename File Settings" and adjust the Mask to only include
%A-%C it just ignores my settings. Then when I save those settings and come back later, I have to redo it.

Hi, this issue has come up a couple of times but try as I might I cannot reproduce it, and therefore fix it. Could you provide me with some more information:
As I understand it you select:
'Action Settings/File and Folder Correct Settings/Rename File Settings'
You then enter %A -%C into the entry box and tab out
It becomes %A-%C.mp3
You then click on the 'OK' button.
If you then go back to this menu is it still %A-%C.mp3 or has it gone back to what it was previously ?
If you then close Jaikoz, do you answer yes to 'Save Settings' (you need to)
When you restart Jaikoz, what is the value in the menu now ?

Can you also send your jaikozuser0-0.log and jaikozdebug0-0.log to support @ jthink dot net.

Anonymous wrote:

Great program by the way....

I've used MPFreaker and Filetunes. MPFreaker found 1/2 of what Jaikoz found, Fixtunes didn't work at all.

If only it would find Album Artwork also, After I use Jaikox to fix the Tags I'm having to use FetchArt or Corripio to find album art. 

Thanks, I am releasing a new version of Jaikoz on March 10th which wont include album art downloading, but then it is the first thing I will be doing for the next release.

Anonymous wrote:
Currently only the most basic tags can be used to format file names or can be picked up from file names. There are other tags that I would like to have used such as the grouping. TIT1,2,3. 

Ive added this to the todo list.

Anonymous wrote:

There is also a problem with the comment field. When the MP3 was generated by iTunes the comment field is often nonsense. Winamp agrees with iTunes, but both Jaikoz and Windows XP show nonsense in the comment field. So it is 2 for 2 as to whether it is correct. 

Ok, noted could you give me an example of the difference
That is interesting I havent used JRockit myself, is it giving performance improvements over the standard SUN JVM.

Tallest wrote:
But by some reason the ".exe" file doesn't seem to like it (same .lax.file). Does the .exe file use other params? Some non-standard perhaps?

The exe file is created by InstallAnywhere Now!, I have no idea how that works, only the exe actually uses the lax file it is not used by the batch file - is this any help.

Have you got a stacktrace you get send ?

thanks for bringing this to my attention
Uninstaling liquidlnf-xx.rpm fixed the problem for gschmimmel
OK, I dont have access to Open Suse, but I have found two possible leads:

It is failing on treying to load a custom Look and feel called Liquid. This is not required by Jaikoz so I think it must be installed by default, according to thsi page

you can remove it by editing the swing.properties files on your system if you have one in your java installation folder, so please try this.

Secondly there appears to be a Suse related bug

which maybe causing this problem. the easiest way to test this out is to edit jaikoz.sh so that instead of saying
java -Xms64m -Xmx512m -jar lib/jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

it says
java -Dawt.toolkit=sun.awt.motif.MToolkit -Xms64m -Xmx512m -jar lib/jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

You will also need to remove the dos eoln charcters in this shell script for it to work, I unfortunately I added them by mistake in the last release

please let me know how you get on .
Not at the moment, but hoping to add finding duplicates (by acoustic id) in the next release, is this what you mean by duplicate ?
The problem is you load 20 files, then replace with 26 files but something thinks you have 46 (20 + 26) files rather than 26 files loaded, but I have been unable to replicate it with version 1.4.1 here so far. When you open you second folder are you doing it with 'Open Folder' or 'Add Folder', if you are using 'Add Older' I would suggest using 'Open Folder', that way you would need to d 'Close Files either.

I think this problem has been fixed in the release Im currently working on because there have been a number of changes in the background do with the way the tables work and synchronise but this release wont be available until at least next week.
Folder opening is slow when the folder contains many folders, is that your situation, this a Java issue.

I think the issue is improved with Java 1.6, the latest version of Jaikoz seems to work ok with 1.6 although I havent thoroughly tested it thoroughly. Please give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Do these tracks have an Acoustic Id , the 0-100% setting only applies when you have only metadata so would be ignored for these tracks. The theory is that the acoustic id is much more likely to be accurate than any metadata. I havent seen any cases where it has been completely wrong, although I have seen cases where it matches wrong album or is the wrong version of the song.

If this is not the case I would be interested to see cases where the metadata is returning 100% but is in fact wrong, please could send me some examples.

There is no switch at present, but this option in the form of a manual/semi-automated musicbrainz lookup will be added in the near future.
It is working for me, but MusicBrainz does have periods of downtime probably best to ask MusicBrainz directly
This is now fixed, Jaikoz is actually saving the tag correctly. The problem lies with when Jaikoz is reading the file in, the underlying tagger library is assuming that any v2 tag would be at least 100 bytes long, but if the file had no tags to start with and you only added a very small amount of information as you have the tag can actually be smaller than 100

I've fixed this unnecessary restriction, if you would like this fix before the next official release you can it from:

Installation Instructions:
Replace your existing jaudiotagger.jar file with the one attached

If using Windows/Linux just
Close Jaikoz
Replace jaudiotagger.jar in your lib subfolder with the one attached

If using OSX:
Close Jaikoz
Within the Finder
Right Click on Jaikoz and select 'Show Package Contents'
Navigate to 'Contents/Resources/java'
Replace the existing jaudiotagger.jar with the one attached.
Ok, what value are you trying to change the mask(s) to
I dont know why this is happening without more information

Can you send to support at jthink dot net
Your jaikozuser-0-0.log and jaikozdebug-0-0.log files which reside in your Home/Library/Logs folder.
One of the problem files
Instructions on what changes you made.

This will be the quickest way to resolve the problem
Hi, ok you are the second person to have this problem, but when I test it it works correctly.

I need some more information:
Can you describe how/where you installed Jaikoz, did you do anything different ?
Can you persist other settings such as Correct Artist Settings ?
Can you send me your jaikozuser-0-0.log and jaikozdebug-0-0.log files which reside in your Home/Library/Logs folder.

Anonymous wrote:
I'm fairly new to Macs and don't want to mess with putting an older version of Java on it.

FYI you dont need to install an older version of Java, it will work as is.
It certainly isnt crystal clear, but I think from forum posting and the wording of the WebServices Licensing agreement it is ok , as long as there is a link back to Amazon (e.g Buy Album from Amazon) when you use Amazon Data.

See section 7 in the url below:

Is it an Intel mac, I assume it it. Unfortunately in the current release of Jaikoz the acoustic id matching does not work correctly for Intel macs and is disabled, (it does work for Power PC Macs) - this is clearly stated at the top of the details for the new release (http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp) but apologies if you didnt see this.

This really is a temporary measure due to circumstances out of my control, I have been waiting for some software to be released for Intel macs since early December by MusicIP. I always like to provide identical functionality on all platforms but the delay was getting too long and I needed to do a release for the other platforms, I am confident this problem will be fixed within the next two weeks. In the meantime your license will work with Jaikoz 1.3.1 ( (http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/download/start.jsp, selected the Mac OSX 10.3 link) and that does acoustic matching using the older method which is not as accurate but still works well

Anonymous wrote:

Alternately, let me ask you a question: The song "Rain in the Summertime" by the Alarm appears in the MB database at least 12 times. How does Jaikoz decide which of those to tag the file with if there's no acoustic fingerprint? (Presumably song length, track number, etc.) I have no problem with it taking a "best guess," but it would be nice if the user had easy access through Jaikoz to the other 11 options, if they're not happy with that guess.  

I quite agree, It would nice to be able to choose one of the other options that is why I am going to add manual option that allows you to match your files, but popup when there are multiple options - probably not after every record but maybe in batches of 10. But I wasnt going to put it into the default option because some people like to do an initial match of all their files in one , they maybe matching 10,000 songs so tend to leave Jaikoz running unattended. If popups occurred during the matching that would infuriate the user, and an option that allowed users to review multiple matches after running the task would not be very useful because of the time elapsed between the doing the original match and reviewing it.
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