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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Author Message
Hi, I cant reproduce this the problem, the records get updated when i try, can you try again, can you think of anything else that could contribute to this.
Hi, reproduced and fixed for next release.
Thanks, I think Ive fixed both of these problems Im going to try and issue a patch this week

Nigeltag wrote:
How can I launch Windows Media Player (WMP) from within Jaikoz so I can play an individual file?

I've configured the "External Application settings" to point to WMP (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe) but it makes WMP launch and complain that it can't play the file & this settings dialogue box won't let me include any parameters like /Play in it - it just removes the entire line if you do that.


Jaikoz isnt a media player, but you can link to a media player for purpose of song identification. By default Jaikoz will try and use the default media player for your file, alternatively you can set the path to the application you want to use which is what youve done.

it should work, if I set it to
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
it works, is your Windows Media Player actually able to play the file standalone.

airhon99 wrote:
Ok, there is a trick to improve metadata tollerance?

I have a really dirty library. 

Increase the value of 'Actions Settings/MusicBrainz Settings/Match/Track Duration' to 9 will give a few more matches, eithout giveing many false matches.

Reducing the value of 'Actions Settings/MusicBrainz Settings/AutoMatch/Minimum Rating Required for Metamatch Only' will get you more matches, but the lower you make it the more false matches you'll get.

You could also use Manual Match (which shows all possible matches whatever their rating) to manually match the ones that did not match with the autocorrecter. You can filter your records to only show ones without a MusicBrainzid and you can set 'Actions Settings/MusicBrainz Settings/Manual Match/No of records before show dialog' to upto 200, to process two hundred records at a time.
Jaikoz uses two methods two match tracks, lookup by the Acoustic Id, and lookup my metadata.

In this particular case the Acoustic id is not currently in the MusicBrainz database (to check select only the third record and then select View Online/View Puid at musicbrainz youll see no results), remember Acoustic Ids are NOT created by MusicBRainz they are created by MusicIP.

From your screenshot I cant see the Title field, but I can see the Artist field is jose padilla, whereas on MusicBrainz it is Sabres of Paradise so I expect your metadata is not correct enough to find a match.
From leonardo:This does not work: same problem



---- supposed to be track 3
Screenshot below
Ive double checked this using Jaikoz downloaded from the website and I still cant get this error to occur, is anyone else getting this ?
Could you send me the screenshot to support@jthink.net so I can see this please then I can give you an answer
By default yes it does (the same as all data updateable from MusicBrainz). You need to change the 'MusicBrainz Settings/Format' tab so that Artwork uses 'Populate only if Empty' option.
Ok, send me a screenshot of how the files look in Musicbrainz before and after running Correct from Musicbrainz and I will take a closer look. You could also try running Manual Correct from Musicbrainz this would show if a possible match was found for your odd tracks but with a simailrity less than that set so it would not be selected when using Auto Correct from Musicbrainz.
Hi leo

Im sorry I cant quite follow what your saying, could you try again with an example please.
Hi it hasnt made it yet. I considered a dev blog but the drawbacks are that it probably wouldnt be very interesting and would take up time I could spend more productively.

Once things have settled down with Jaikoz I am going to add the remaining bugs and enhancements into a publicably assessible Issue Tracker site, this will allow you to see what is in the pipeline.
Ok, I'll add it to the todo list
Ok, both errors replicated and shouldnt happen. I'll investigate further.
Maybe Im missing something, I tried it out at it appears to work as expected, could you please retry with another file ?
Would it not be easier to not use the Rename Subfolder/Filename options and just manually rename files as required ?
Well I think the toolbars should work the same as the main menu items , and the main menu items genrally work on all (filtered) tracks rather than all selected tracks. I could easily change it to work on only the selected tracks, but then how would customers easily apply action to all files , I think it a question of what you re used to (which may vary between operating systems), Im open to suggestions.

itools wrote:
My understanding is that a recent iTunes update changed their method of saving artwork, to external files and folder, as opposed to saving it in the mp3 itself.

iTunes have added a Get Album Artwork feature that downloads the artwork from itunes, and stores it in an encryted from with the iTunes folder. AFAIK it is not possibly to decrypt or use this artwork in any way.

However iTunes still reads artwork that is embedded in mp3 files, and files that you add yourself to iTunes by dragging images from your computer will be embedded in the mp3 file. The various ipods available will show the image artwork embedded wthin the mp3s.

OK, I may add some options to the Correct Tags from Filename option. There is another slightly more compilcate way you could achive what you want though using Jaikoz 1.12:
1. Select all your title fields , and select delete from the popup menu to empty the title fields.
2. Reorder your columns so that the title column is immediately to the right of the filename colun.
3. Select the fields in the Filename and title columns that you want to populate, then select 'Prepend Right' from the popup menu. For each pair this will copy the value from the filename field into the coreesponding title field.
4. Then start Find and Replace, select the Title Column from the Columns combobox, enter .mp3 in the Find box and select Replace All (you can leave the replace field blank in the replace field in Jaikoz 1.12)

This should do what you want.

ErwinB wrote:
I'm not exactly a java expert. Is there a possibility to change java versions without reinstalling Jaikoz?
Sofar I always choose 1.5 during the installation. 

When using Windows or Linux, the list of versions of jaikoz you are presented with is based upon what versions of java are already installed on your computer. Just go to www.java.com to get the latest version, than reinstall Jaikoz and pick this version from the list. If you dont want to reinstall jaikoz you just need to edit the java path in the jaikoz.lax file , or change the Path varaible if using jaikoz.bat
That is an interesting idea, I would also like to add some kind of plugin facility to allow additional tasks to be performed. However I cant see me doing either of these things in the near future.
Anybody who has tried to contact this website without success in the last 24 hours, my apologies. The Hosting server has been down due to a problem with the underlying service provider and was out of my control. They are looking at ways to improve the resilience and hopefully it wont happen again.
I haven't made it clear but Jaikoz works fine with Java 1.6. With this in mind I would recommend all Windows and Linux users ensure they upgrade Java to the latest version Java 1.6 update 2. For Windows Vista customers this is particulary important as there are Windows Vista fixes that are ONLY available in Java 1.6. Mac customers should continue to use the latest support version on OSX 10.4 which is Java 5.0 Release 4, although if you want you can use the Developers Preview release of Java 6.
Done in Jaikoz 1.12 released today.
Save Changes has been added to the Autocorrecter in Jaikoz 1.12 which goes some way in giving you what you want.
Undo Selection, Display of Release id and Correct Window Size all implemented in Jaikoz 1.12 released today.
Jason, your request has been implemented in Jaikoz 1.12 release today.
The problem with deleting many fields in one go is fixed in Jaikoz 1.12 release today.
Shawn I did private message you but got no reply, maybe Jaikoz 1.12 will fix the problem ?
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