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Wow din't knew that, cool for some pre releases, to add, but and the main reason I bought Jaikoz in the first place is:

i do not want to make a full time job out of this tagging converting and checking if tags are still working etc or providing dumb incomplete databases like musicbrainz which could easily get all data from digital download providers, OR for shits and giggles get an intern to manually add each release using mp3tag....(at least it gives you a list of possible candidates to choose from, (might be good for jaikos as well atm it just well in every batch I really need to pay careful attention what its changing because I have lost some release info that's impossible to recover (Unknown Artist - Untitled releases ripped from Vinyl) that are wrongly matched by Jaikoz..
Due to this and the fact it still doen't recognise more than half of my imports even when they are the digital masters from to be released or also older vinyl rips (otherwise I wouldn't mention it as discogs also needs time to add the release) it refuses to match these with the actual release... Sure its a digital master but forcing a match would be helpful in these for me very frequently occurring situations (20-30% of each batch is vinyl digital master, and around 10-30% Vinyl rip, becoming less and less as we get the masters more easy these days)

I am just a bit put off by Jaikoz that after many old requests a simple and free solution (for you) as suggested before still hasn't been implemented and Jaikoz still doesn't support the numerous digital download sites. and a huge chunk of the market.

I get especially frustrated when Jaikoz recognises the FLAC's metadata because these were tagged by the one who encoded to FLAC using mp3tag but after running it through an app like Platinum Notes (without first converting to the desires output format with an other 3rd party app all tagging and artwork is lost, nor is Jaikos able to recognise the tracks by their still the same acoustic ID /musicbrainz/discogs number....

So this part which should work also does not, even when I use folders with folder naming like:

Album Artist - Title (Year) Source [Format]
Which include:
folder.jpg artwork
track# - Artist - Title.AIFF, FLAC or sometimes MP3

(I often first need to feed this though a rename script/app because (yes its this bad) It 9 out of ten times does not populate the meta data fields if its from vinyl or not.. so I need to do a get metadata from file name to get basic tagging.

So it comes down to this:
Still no solution to not tagging over 60% of the stuff and J would think a large part of your clientele is getting it also does a bad job at the thing i bought it for matching to Discogs grabbing the meta data and artwork and more importantly saving me time and shitty little rename and data entry tasks that would make Forrest run like hell.

(I'm lucky if I convert all flac to m4a after first running flac trough Jaikoz that they retain their dada after processing trough Platinum Notes (ideal for vinyl rips when using a transparant and non aggressive setting) In general WAV as a starting point always means manual editing of some sort to to get tagging in AIF... First remove things like A1 - 01 - etc so a get metadata from filename can be done, sometimes Jaikoz also refuses to do just that haha)

This is why I just absolutely HATE this is making me lose the passion of discovering music just because i haven't listened to 7000 tracks in my collection and well that isn't even the issue its me avoiding my own friendly group because of untagged stuff piling up and me avoiding music because of the ridiculous workflow I need to adhere to, to get reasonable results, I am seriously and i'm sad to admit/write this to you as it looked like a godsent, but its just incomplete it does half the job and it might and doing it will prove it but it might be even slowing me down because of it...

Yes.. switching to the free mp3tag, which i really dislike, because and as you see and I hope you interpret it well and not just as a rude guy or a rant.. I'm speaking to you from the heart here and out of frustration, because damn it Paul this is ridiculous!

You have the best tagging features available with Jaikoz, is it really so hard to implement something like this? (user plugin option as voiced here a thread started 5 years ago: http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/6634.page)
This pisses me off I woud think the classical music part of your customer base, while it might be a passion for you pales in comparison to the huge market you are ignoring for years now and are more friustrated than happy with their purchase. Which you leave two options neither which are nice, nor what they want: A functional Jaikoz, people even voiced to pay extra for this feature when added if it were to cost you money/in fee or work, either way people need this from Jaikoz for years now and you ignore them.

I'm avoiding my friends just because it will mean I without any effort or searching, that i did but would be insane now when i still havent heard over 7000 tracks much unreleased or unknown/ rare stuff (many would do unthinkable things to get their hands on...That would mean an easy 800 tracks a month, which is more tagging which is less than ideal, when it even removes some tagging if not tagging/converting all the WAV's and FLAC and have 50GB piling up, just from a month and do not mind because digging for tracks only adds to pile and the less than ideal workflow. THIS when you are into the music i like and get the stuff i get is the sick part, I do not want more while most would rent out their mom for a small selection of the stuff I am avoiding...

Because I am done with tagging and haven't listened to half of the unreleased stuff I have from from Ricardo Villalobos etc. (I think I sleep less and have more music than him..
I do listen to edits made from that pile by artists I know from our little group but avoiding them takes out half the fun.

Wetransfer links expire so this kind of lets me check in once every two weeks or so, but keeping up with the unhealthy amount of music is for one just impossible I would like to see a classical music lover discover more than 5 new artists every week and while already only selecting what would be played get 1500+ new tracks a month (easy, but with less sleep than non music people) or just say ahh fuck it... which is an even less nice attitude but more practical..

So please Paul.

People need your help, I might be a lost cause already, but please fix this, this currently creates immoral dilemmas...

The sheer amount of music, and me not being able to get everything and at a point not wanting everything, nor needing anything... sort of logically concludes, that you do not have a good idea of the sheer volume of great music Jaikos atm does not support.

(It literally even if jaikoz already would support it and in one batch without error would do everything perfectly, still can not be done by one person alone)
Thank you Paul!
That solved it.
Is it just me or has the last update broken Correct metadata from filename?
If it isn't the update, what can I do to fix this?

My incoming folders are filled to the brim and I now have over 600+ tracks that used to be wav and only have Artist - Title.aiff I used to use Correct metadata from filename on these which worked great.

I can't possibly do this manually, it's driving me crazy. Please help!
Same here almost half of my music is not on Discogs but on Beatport, I even went as far as to install MP3tag...

How's this going, is this still on your list Paul?
Both, emptying the field and running update did not re-enter the values, and if I recall correctly I did trash the preferences and other assiociated files mentioned to delete somewhere on the forum to do a clean install before doing a fresh install of Jaikoz. But I can try deleting the preferences file again, where is it located again in os x?

I tried that and again today, (hoping a reboot would fix it) but no go, it doesn't fill them...
It was crazy, (this all started started after trying to change the rename mask code so track no. would be added before artist) the second field Grouping started getting the same value added as Genre too but with comma first without the space if something came before it), like:
Genre: Minimal then Grouping: ,Minimal, House, Techno which was infuriating as you can understand the obsessive need for order a music library should have like no other.. javascript:emoticon(':twisted:');

After I tried fixing that something must have gone terribly wrong somewhere.. as I'm sure I deleted the Jaikoz folder, db and caches on first uninstall..

What to do Paul?
Mmm.. Strange isn't it?

Any advice on how to do a complete uninstall reinstall on OS X? As I have done this already and it clearly didn't work so there still must have been something left..
Thanks Paul, do you have any idea how I can get the genre field to be filled again when updating metadata from discogs? This would be great.
I have added a link to support files https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1lpqopl9kzjcl7/JaikozSupport.zip?dl=0
and can send screenshots of my settings or anything else to verify my settings,

Thanks again.
Somehow when using the Autocorrect metadata from Discogs feature, it no longer enters values for Style in Genre (I do not want Electronic, this is also no longer deleted) Nor does it enter additional Styles in the Grouping column.

Also sometimes it enters the folder the tracks are in as Album Name.

And after resetting settings it decided to add track numbers in the file name when performing correct filename from metadata, while I clearly only specified Track - Title in settings??

Hello fellow metataggers,

For some reason when I use autocorrect metadata from Discogs server, sometimes for album Jaikoz fills the foldername it is located..

Also I had this working perfectly a while ago:
For genre I wanted discogs to fill in the first, from Style not Electronic as all my music is, then fill the remaining styles in Grouping, it started putting in comma first like ,House, Techno
now it doesn't fill any for of genre or style anymore.


Can I export settings or a log file perhaps? I have tried much maybe too much;)
Profile for znarb -> Messages posted by znarb [11]
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