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Please pardon me if this has already been dealt with or if it's an existing feature.

I want to find all songs that have "Ali Farka Toure" in the Artist field, and then replace whatever is in the Genre field with "African".

I can sort by Artist and sort of get this, but really:

I would like to be able to search on one field and do the replace on a different field.

Thank you for your reply.

Isn't this the same as the For songs already Matched to MusicBrainz option on the first tab that can be sent to Rematch, Update Metata and filename Only and Ignore  

You are correct. My mistake.

So to be clear there are separate masks for the filename but you mean you actually want to set the Track Artist field differently based on whether compilation or not ?  

Once again you are correct; ignore my comment. I was not drawing the distinction between setting the tag and renaming the file.
Here is my 4ยข worth, given with trepidation.

I have suggestions for some options:

Basic > Rename files based on metadata when matched
My suggestion would be to add an additional checkbox: Rename files based on metadata when not matched.
I could get what I want by checking both of these boxes.

Add an additional check box: Don't try to re-match songs that have already been matched.
(If you keep track of which songs have been matched.)

Classical > MusicBrainz Track Artist...
In my opinion, this very handy tool should appear twice, once for compilations and once for non-compilations, because in a non-compilation I don't need to see for each track who the orchestra etc. is.

If a person uses the workflow where SongKong matches and tags the songs, then they review and correct what SongKong did, and then they run SongKong again to rename and move the files, I think they would:
1. Adjust the "Never modify" and "Only modify if empty" values to their liking
2. Clear "Rename files based on metadata when matched" and my proposed "Rename files based on metadata when not matched"
3 Run SongKong
4. Review and adjust the tags
5. Repeat step 2 with the opposite option
7. Run SongKong again

It seems to me there's a bit of thrashing in this workflow that could be avoided by having some radio buttons on the Basic screen where the Start button is:

- Match only (don't rename or move, but update tags based on match, obeying the "Only modify these tags if empty" and "Never modify these tags" settings and the "Update Genres" and "Update Mood" settings)
-Rename files (depending on how the "Rename files based on metadata options are set) and move files (if "Move Folder" and/or "Move Unmatched Folder" are checked); leave tags alone,
-Match, rename, and move files

or even more simply there could be two checkboxes that apply to the Start button:

- Match songs and update tags, obeying preferences
- Rename and move files, obeying preferences

The interaction with the preferences could be tricky to analyze and to debug, though. In my opinion, this could be helped by gathering the relevant options into one place, easier said than done.
It seems to be the case that if an album doesn't find a match in Musicbrainz or Discog, that album is dumped, as is, into Unmatched Songs, without being processed through the filename masks. At least that's how I think it works; please tell me if I've got this wrong.

I have albums with two characteristics:
1. There's plenty of tag data that the filename masks could use
2. There's no match on the album from Musicbrainz or Discog.

These albums appear to go straight into Unmatched Songs without having their file names changed. I think I could do a lot with them by having the filename masks look at the tags that already exist in the files and placing and naming the files accordingly.

Is there an option that says "if this album doesn't have a Musicbrainz or Discog match, process it through the maks anyway"? Or am I overlooking something?

Answers, both correct:

1. Yes, the leftover folders are completely empty, including invisible files. This has happened on numerous tests.

2. After receiving your reply, I tried it again with a different group of albums, just to make sure, and this time, the empty folders were deleted as expected.

Maybe the previous tests weren't running to completion and now I've debugged my masks completelly, except that I didn't change anything in the masks between the previous test and this one, just the albums in the test folder; or

Maybe it's the repairman effect, where, when you take your car in to the mechanic, it runs perfectly. I do software support, and I've seen this happen many times. The secret name for this mysterious effect is operator error. I'll let you know if it happens again or I figure it out. Thanks for your help, sending invisible rays, etc.
Thanks for both the flexible and useful code and for the quick and friendly support.

One thing I have SongKong do is organize albums under the composer's or album artist's "sortname" tag if there is one - that is, lastname, firstname.

This works well, but then there are empty folders left over under the firstname, lastname form.

I can see from forum remarks that Jailkoz has an option to delete empty folders. Is there such an option in SongKong?

Pro version 1065, Mac OS X 10.11
Could you give a brief example of the use of isclassical?

I would like my rename mask to branch on the value of isclassical, if that's possible.

(I've tried various forms of if(isclassical){..}, if(isclassical == TRUE){...}, ifnotempty(isclassical), if(genre=='Classical'), using a function to return values or pass in variables, but I don't have the hang of it. For that matter, I'd like to be able to branch on genre values of Jazz || Big Band etc. (build 1065 on OS X 10.11.6)
Hi, thanks for responding.

To carry on with the same example, I would want to have all Bach, J.S. albums together, and then within that, I would want to have all Bach albums by Glenn Gould together.

If you mean you can subtract the Composer value from the AlbumArtist field, to perhaps get a more usable Album Artist value, great. If I can have ?Gould, Glenn? as Album Artist and ?Bach, J. S.? (or some standard form) as Composer, then it seems that by renaming or sorting I can do anything.

A quick look at a few recordings shows Musicbrainz doing things that you?re well aware of but I?m just starting to peer into and I may not be doing it right at all; please pardon my hubris and my thinking out loud:

Track Artist: For a solo album, performer; for an orchestral recording, can be orchestra-conductor-soloist or conductor-orchestra or soloists-orchestra or conductor

Composer: Varying versions of the composer?s name. Sometimes not included at all. Sometimes the composer?s name appears only in the album title.

Album Artist: For solo albums, the performer or the composer. For orchestral, the composer. Sometimes left out so that the composer?s name appears only in the album title.

It seems like for solo albums, if all tracks have the same Artist, taking the composer out of Album Artist and putting the Artist into Album Artist would usually work. If the composer isn?t in Album Artist, leave it alone, maybe it?s the performer.

For orchestral recordings, if all tracks have the same Artist, removing the composer from Album Artist and putting the contents of Artist into Album Artist would still be helpful. And putting the performers into the artist field instead of the composer, as you say, is good.

Thank you for an isclassical variable. This raises the question of how elaborate the rename masks can be - could I branch on the value of isclassical and then do completely different things for classical and nonclassical recordings?
Could we have a separate Rename Mask for music that SongKong identifies as classical? Or an isclassical switch for the rename masks?

Although I don't think Musicbrainz is consistent - it looks like the "Release Artist" can be "Johann Sebastian Bach; Glenn Gould" or "Glenn Gould" or "Bach" or "Bach; Glenn Gould". Release Group Artist can be "Johann Sebastian Bach" or "Bach; Glenn Gould". Now I'm confused.
Profile for billfish -> Messages posted by billfish [10]
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