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Yes but it took me several run throughs to realize the limit also included the path to the itunes music folder. And one never knows there are files over the limit until itunes puts up an error and then usually crashes! And then its hard to figure out where it left off.

In terms of the preset naming masks, are any of the presets particularly shorter than others? Once a song is in an artist/album subfolder, just a simple name is all that's needed.
win10 user

I go through the songkong cleaning process and use the "[itunes]" rename mask. But when I try to import the folder of cleaned songs into itunes it invariably crashes after complaining some song names are too long.

What's the simplest mask for songs? And what's the best setting for maximum file length?

Is the max length itunes can handle the itunes folder path + the songs?

For me the base music dir is C:\Users\bill\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\

So the max length I should use would be 256-46?


That's what I originally used. To be sure I tried again and still had problems. I also turned off Symantec AV.

Can I manually install the JVM? I'm assuming something's still hanging around from my uninstalling song kong the first time.
This only happens at install time. I can't install songkong. I had a prior version working but uninstalled it first.

at install time.
Windows 64 biy

I uninstalled older version of Songkong but now the newer version won't install.

Error says could not create the java virtual machine.
I have songkong 5.5 (pro) and just went to update. Latest update is 5.13?!
I do have it set to rematch figuring I wanted to just let it do the deepest clean.

I'll send the files after this next attempt to run. Its running as a preview mode only just to create the data.

The problem is that when it crashed the last 2 times, it corrupted the DB and had to recreate that. So I take it that runs the rematch on everything anyway?

I don't want to skip files that have meta data. The problem is a lot of the meta data seems wrong. Something even tagged my iphone voice memos as different releases and renamed them. So I figured I'd do a full cleanup.


I've been trying to rerun but it always errors out with this or other memory errors I wasn't able to capture at the time. It gets about 80% through my files.

I moved songkong and my itunes files to a diff PC that's basically bare bones and build from scratch in win 10. It has 16GB of ram and plenty of disk space, and almost nothing else installed so I'm not sure why songkong errors on this machine and not on my primary machine, which is loaded down with tons of garbage software.

Is there a way to run a cleanup in in two steps or anything else that makes it more efficient so it doesn't error out?

Hi Paul, I ran the scan and got an error msg that said

"Songkong is short of memory, task has to be cancelled to prevent further problems GC overhead limit exceeded"

Looks like then it ran just part way, judging by the # of files in the reports dir.

I guess I'll reboot and retry it.
OK, I ran this and uploaded the support files. Thx!!
I have about 36,000 songs that have been messed up over the years from all sorts of efforts to reorg and retag using tools like tuneup and media monkey. I've used picard and started to get into song kong but had problems last I tried a year or so ago due to an old pc. Plus, you have a lot of options!

What options or strategy do you recommend for an end to end cleanup with songkong pro? I have a lot of compilations, napster era mp3's, my own music and one-offs, amazon and itunes purchases, plus a lot just ripped by itunes off cd's. And I still want to continue to use itunes.

(I have backups).

Thx, just sent you the supprt files.

First, when I try to use the songkong itunes integration checkbox, it doesn't work. Says it can't connect to itunes. So I had to press cancel and work with songkong disconnected.

I successfully cleaned about 35,000 files and then deduped them. But at some point when starting itunes it basically doubled the # of files. Prob becuase I didn't read your directions correctly! ANyway, there are still the right # of files in the music directory. It's just they're listed multiple times in itunes.

I've tried removing and then adding the library to itunes, which goes through some lengthy scanning process, but it still has 70000 songs. Is there another way to rescan it or do I just bite the bullet and rebuild the itunes library from scratch and loose all my play counts and such.

Profile for wolfer -> Messages posted by wolfer [14]
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