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Every time I use the program, it must be connected to the internet, or it fails and tells me it is not registered.

Although om 2018 that it *usually* not a problem, sometimes connections drop. And more than once I find myself in the following extremely annoying scenario:

1) I open Songkong
2) I spend 5-10 minutes configuring a project the way I want it.
3) I tell it to run
4) It tells me I cna't since I a not registered
5) I look to see that my connection must have dropped
6) I reconnect
7) Songkong doesn't care. Once I failed, I failed.
I try to close Songlong, losing my configuration I spent time on.
9) Even that take a minute or so of clicking on X to get the damn thing to close.
10) I restart and have to go through this again.

Can we PLEASE not have Songkong check EACH AND EVERY TIME I RUN IT if it is registered?
Thank you so much. This worked well for me.

Now, I have another problem, but this is not a SongKong issue. It's that the year directories selected are sometimes wrong. Yes, wrong. Wrong in two ways:

1) A song will be recognized (and if I do a "properties" in Windows 10 on a title I see a year) as a certain year, but in reality, the year is different. For example, the Chicago song "Does anyone really know what time it is" shows up in a directory for 1969, and its "properties" are 1969, but in reality, it was a top song in late 1970. Not your fault. The album was released in 1969, but the song was only released as a single, and therefore popular on the radio, in 1970. I don't think there's much that can be done about this.

2) More interestingly, I am seeing songs by Elvis as showing up in 1990, and I've even seen where the "properties" tab in Windows shows one (wrong) year, and the directory the song is placed in is another (wrong) year.

I don't know that anything can be done about this, except for manual drudgery.
I am looking to take my entire collection and using SongKong fix, get rid of dups, and then finally end up with all songs characterized like this:

[Songname][Artist][original release year]

and have each song go into a separate subdirectory that is the year

So I would have subdirectories that would look like this:


and in each subdirectory would be all songs that were released that year.

Is this doable? If so, how?

If not, how close can I get before having to do manual work?

I've read some stuff I found on the internet generally, but I still don't really know the difference between the two programs.

I get that SongKong is designed to be easier to use, more automatic, but with the same dup checking. I have Similarity and I have used Picard. But I still have a huge mess of tens of thousands of mp3 and aac songs, all jumbled, some probably in bad shape (Similarity tells me), and some good.

I am trying to make sense of the mess, and really what I am trying to do is create folders for each year, e.g. 1970, 1971, and then just dump songs for that year into the respective year's folder. I don't care what album something is on, and I definitely don't want dups, or partial songs, or karaoke, or yet another of the infinite versions of John Denver's Country Roads. I also don't want to spend a lot of time, although I guess once much of the slop is sorted out, I can compare in "Analyze" in Similarity which of two ones I would prefer, based on AAC being better, on high bit rate being better, etc.

But I can't do it for every song.

I also want accuracy, but I don't care, as I said, which track, as long as the song is correctly labeled.

Which of these, Jaikoz or SongKong, woudl be better for me?

Profile for sit745 -> Messages posted by sit745 [4]
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