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So I consistently have the problem with Jaikoz where when i hit "auto correct" it goes through all the local correct but then freezes up (i believe runs out of memory) somewhere in the remote correct process.

One super effective way i've found to get around that is to break the process into several steps. First i go through all the local correct steps then i do acoustic IDs and then MB ID's.

What I'd really love to see is one of two things.

Either a step (or option for a step) in the Auto Correct before Acoustic ID that saves all the local correct data.

The other option is an additional menu item in local correct that does automatic local correct running through all the local correct steps.

Also I LOVE how the Acoustic ID's save after each look up, because when the app freezes and quits I still have all the data up to the freeze saved. It might be nice to have the same option for the MB look up, so for someone with 10,000 + songs you don't have to hope the app saves before it freezes after getting the MB data.
I recently updated to the newest (2.6) version of Jaikoz. I was able to correctly process about 1000 of 3000 songs. All of them have been locally corrected and have Unique Acoustic IDs.

The problem is in the past day while processing musicbrainz ID's, It begins to process songs, but after the first 100 songs (which it does not find MB ID's for) it says that it cannot contact the musicbrainz server. I have no problem connecting to the internet and can't seem to figure out what, if anything has changed...

Any ideas?

So I've been running the autocorrect feature for around 30 hours striaght and it is still working like a champ.

However, thunderstorms are projected where I live in a few hours and I'd rather not have my equipment plugged in. Is there any way of restarting the process where I left off? (I'm about 2/3 of the way through Acoustic ID processing)

Will the app automatically skip songs with Acoustic ID's? If not is there a way of getting around scanning songs twice?
I think I was suggesting something slightly different.

For each task, as the task is being completed (i.e. based on real world results) give an estimate on completion.

So in the past 10 minutes you've processed x songs, with x songs left to go, you can calculate an estimate on how long is left and update that estimate over time as you progress, just like a download from the internet does, when it doesn't know your bandwidth but just gives you an averaged speed of download and an estimate for how long is left.

I would assume that this process is Gaussian (bell curved) so that over time you will get a more precise estimate as you gather more data.

I would think this would at least work for the Acoustic ID part, (as it has for me, doing the calculation myself), but I'm not sure how accurately the musicbrainz part would be, as i haven't been there yet.
I have a large (read 50k song) library. When doing Acoustic ID check or MusicBrainz metadata add, I would love to get an estimate for how much time is left.

I get about 21 songs / minute for ID check, and can do the estimation myself (40 hours or so) but it would be great to see the app give that sort of info as it's running.

Also the progress bar seems a little pointless when it goes based on task's completed, because the tasks vary in length so much.

I'd love to see a % of task completed with an estimate on how long it would take. Don't know if that's been considered previously.
Super slick.

I've been using iDupe to delete duplicates (which has been touch and go), but am psyched to be able to use Jaikoz, as it is one less step and also it seems like you really put in a great deal amount of features and sophistication in the software.

Thanks for the quick responses.
Thanks for the detailed expalanation.

On Q1, Is the delete function able to determine the duplicate's bit rate and delete the file with the lower bit rate?

What i'm actually worried about is less the deletion than having for example a best of X and then also their regular CD. I would hate for the app to rename a song in the best of as a song on the regular cd because when i view this in itunes i'd like to see the song in both places.

I assume that if the metadata (even if wrong) says something like best of the app is able to differentiate and knows they aren't the same.

Basically i'm wondering how the app differentiates between having the same Music ID and MB number. When it comes up with a music ID how does it know which MB number (when there are multiple) to choose from?

On Q2, I'll look at the OS X help files. Thanks Again.

By the way, i'm really impressed that your app isn't more well known (because it's the only app around with this capability and functionality) I've tried a lot of other apps that just correct locally, etc, but aren't all that great. This is what i've been looking for for a while. Finally a way to automatically get all the metadata available without even having the right song, artist or album name. I imagine this also helps remove all those extra blank albums when you view music in coverflow.
Hello. Looks like a good product. I am currently testing it out before I use it on my 50k song library.

1st question:

Looking back at this message http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/148.page I'm trying to get a sense of what will happen when I throw multiple songs at the library. How does the app know which album a duplicate song is from? if the metadata suggests one album over another will it choose that or overwrite it all? what if there is no metadata?

At a worst case scenario, i'd rather not lose the (maybe correct) metadata already in the songs. Also with 50k songs, i'm not really going to be able to look at individual cases...

2nd Question is wondering if the issue described here http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/504.page has been resolved. I have my support file ready to send if necessary per the discussion in that thread. Is there a file i need to edit? the total mem on my computer never got above 50% usage (I have 2gb RAM).
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