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Thanks Paul. Will try out the new version once released.
Gotcha. Then I don't know if my iTunes isn't working properly. Because my original files don't have a unified naming syntax. They're all named differently, which was one of the key reasons other than identifying the music tracks, why I looked to SongKong for a solution.

What I'm saying is: Are you sure that iTunes renames the files? My song files only show the track number and the song title. No album or artist information in the filename. And yes, both organize and manage options are switched on (if SongKong isn't running).
Hi Paul, I'm confused now. You said in your last post that I won't have a problem if I don't rename the files. Well, that's my whole purpose (other than identifying them). But I understand from your reply further above that the issue will now be fixed with the next release. In other words, SongKong will work as advertised and identify and rename songs and update iTunes accordingly (provided that the two manage & organize options are disabled).

I further understand that once the library has been processed I can reenable the manage & organize options. I reckon that future additions to the iTunes library will be fixed and renamed before they're being added to iTunes.

Just to verify, am I correct with the above?
Yup, that's what I'm doing in iTunes. On my Mac a window pops up with all the metadata tabs for Detail, Artwork, Options, Sorting. It shows the total number of tracks and artists. But I'm wondering if tracks are missing if it will show them too. Otherwise I'd have to scroll through the library and look out for the exclamation mark next to a track. Unfortunately iTunes doesn't allow for sorting in that column.
That's great news, Paul. Looking forward to the new release. So, you're going to install the missing Apple script library then? I'm wondering whether that broken OSX installer might be causing other problems too.

Yes, I was wondering as well if I should enable the manage & organize options again after SongKong has done its job. It should merely go back to managing the files then. And if I need SongKong again I always can disable the options while your app is processing the music library. Or simply create a watch folder and only add new music files once they've been properly tagged by SongKong. Gotta think about what's the best approach.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

Last question: Selecting all music files and clicking on Get Info brings up a summary of all files. Will it tell me whether files are missing? Under what tab?
Hi Paul,

I already had the 2nd run started before reading your post. Also, I wanted my music files to be renamed and follow a proper syntax... makes it easier when copying to non-Apple MP3 Players and identifying tracks. This is why I selected to rename the files. Also, reading your blog posts and the manual, I thought there shouldn't be a problem once the advanced tab options in iTunes are taken care of.

I'll give the undo function a shot now. Don't trust the app much at this point though. Please understand. And I don't want to manually verify whether all my tracks are indeed properly referenced. A simply drag and drop from the backup does the job faster and more reliable. At least for me.

I'm going to send you the support files and hope we can track down the error(s). Would love to see and experience SongKong as advertised.
Thanks for your reply, Paul, and sorry for posting twice. I didn't realize you're probably moderating posts before they show up in the forum.

Anyway, here's what I did now. I moved a backup version of my library to iTunes and deleted the rubbish version that resulted from SongKong. I then pointed iTunes to the new (i.e. original) library and everything was back to normal.

Now, I ran SongKong again following your advice with BOTH options under advanced tab in iTunes disabled (organize & manage). I also used the wizard in SongKong to prepare your app for iTunes. Double-checked that BOTH "Save to iTunes" and "Rename Files based on Metadata" (I use "Yes, if matched to release or song") are activated. I then went to the naming tab and selected all the iTunes specific formats (as I thought this might cause a problem).

Thing is, after 4h of working on my library, that SongKong produced the same crap. Approximately 80% of songs are reported as missing. My guess is that the ones that work weren't renamed because they didn't match a release or song. The majority though seems to be lost by iTunes.

The question now is WHY? Because SongKong should notify iTunes of the changes and iTunes should act on them accordingly.
Just registered SongKong and let it loose on my 6,000 song library. The library was both managed and organized by iTunes so far and I duly UNCHECKED both options under the advanced menu as instructed.

Once SongKong had done its job - excellent from what I can tell on the first impression - iTunes shows an exclamation mark next to 80%-90% of all my songs and reports them as missing.

I remember reading about other users having the same issue... but those didn't uncheck the two options in iTunes. I did! My library is now completely messed up. Where did I go wrong?
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