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paultaylor wrote:

The other thing you could possibly do is use the ALBUMARTISTS field instead of the ALBUMARTIST field because this store the album artists separately. So then for each of these albums you would have a value Steve Aoki allowing you to see all his albums, then Linkin Park would show both their own albums and other albums they are featured on such as the Steve Aoki one. 

This would be ideal, but sadly I don't think any of the media players that I mainly use (Plex or Airsonic (Subsonic)) are able to use the information that way to organize and display it properly. Most Media Player applications only utilize a subset of all the tags that are populated by SongKong... It's not really a fault of the SongKong application but a problem with limitations on the end player which then causes me to compensate for that...

Just wondering if there are any recommendations for media players that support all the tags?

I have so many different platforms and places to play the content that I want a consistent experience which is why I use Plex and Airsonic...
I really like having everything with proper metadata for artist and album with artwork. And the problem in the current setup is that it produces so many mixed artists that it's impossible to match up with last.fm or other databases to pull the information properly. And it also causes lots of extra artists with single albums in them.

So right now I manually resolve it by editing the ALBUMARTIST and ALBUMARTISTSORT tag.

There are few artists that will work with last.fm as a dual artist setup. For example: Jay-Z and Linkin Park is one of them (https://www.last.fm/music/Jay-Z+and+Linkin+Park)

But most of them don't, which then it looks like garbage in Plex and other tools that try to pull artist information.

Maybe if there was a way for SongKong to match the albumartist information with Last.fm, that would likely resolve the issue. But I realize that is much more complicated then adjusting the albumartist and albumartistsort tags with the main artist. Because you already have the option to do that for the main artist tag in the program, just needs to be modified for the other tags.
I have uploaded two pictures comparing how it changes the file structure and how its presented in Plex as an example.
I would prefer the second option

"Only use main artist in the (album) artist field and discard other artists"

Because apps like Plex and Airsonic (Subsonic) will display all the main artist detail during playback but sort albums based on albumartist and albumartistsort. I like having the detail of all the artists during playback, I just don't like that it breaks up the library into lots of extra artists because they arn't grouped together under the main artist.

I could build a few visual differences in Plex as an example if you'd like.
Thanks for the response "paultaylor", but that's not quite what I'm looking for. I hope this explains it better:

So in the application you have a format option that says

"Only use main artist in the artist field and discard other artists"

I'm looking for the opposite of that as in:

"Only use main artist in the albumartist & albumartistsort field and discard other artists"

So basically it would look like this:

ARTIST= JAY-Z & Linkin Park


ARTIST= Steve Aoki feat. Linkin Park

This would allow the songs/albums to be grouped by the main/root artist which is how I prefer it in applications like Plex.

Does that explain what I'm looking for better? I am somewhat able to solve this using MP3Tag, but I'd rather not have to take the extra steps...
I haven't been using this program long, but so far I really like it. One of my gripes that I cannot seem to tackle is multiple artists or featured artists in the ALBUMARTIST & ALBUMARTISTSORT tag.

Basically what I would like is to keep the multiple/featured artists in the main artist tag because Plex and other apps can easily read those but will group them based on the albumartist/albumartistsort tag information.

The problem is with the current setup is that it adds that information to the ALBUMARTISTS/ABLUMARTISTSORT tags which then creates tons of extra main Artists that may only contain a single album or song.

So currently what I have to do is go back and manually change those tags to the root artist to get the desired effect. Which adds a lot of extra work on my part

It doesn't look like this program has the capability to handle what I'm looking for, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Does anyone have any guidance? Or maybe this could be a feature request...

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