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Great! Thanks!
Awesome! Thank you.
Would it be possible to allow user marking/labeling by color and allow for custom filtering that way?

For example, as I'm going through I come across an album that's not cooperating like I think it should I don't want to spend the time fixing it right now but I'd like to remember to come back to it.

Or, similarly I have a personal "mix-tape" type album. I don't want the auto-correct to change certain metadata but I don't want to take the time right now to go into the settings and ignore those metadata fields and then have to re-enable them to continue back with what I was doing.

I could then highlight all those tracks, set them all to a red highlight and then later on filter all by "red" tracks so that I can take on those tracks/albums that would have interrupted my flow earlier.
Hi Paul, not sure if this is possible but could you incorporate an option to leave corrected tracks in place (in Jaikoz) until saved?

As an example, I've filtered my songs to only show the "Alternative" genre. I select a group of songs to correct, it corrects all but one but changes the genre to "Rock". All of those songs have now "disappeared" from my list because of the filter and I have to hunt them down to get the MusicBrainz ID in order to force match the last song.

Is it possible to tell Jaikoz to ignore the filter for corrected songs until they are saved? Does this make sense?
Ah... I see what I was doing wrong. I had navigated to the "Master" rather than a specific release. >.<

Carry on, nothing to see here. >.>
Trying to force match (Action>Match to Specified Discogs Album) an identified musicbrainz album to a discogs release but keep getting the error in the subject. Can't determine why.

Artist: Beach Boys
Album: In Concert
MB: 51b37e62-3c84-4d3e-8d1e-d08b4a7a97e0
Discogs: 78288

Any chance you can enlighten me?
I tested this function out on a track I didn't particularly care about, but I'm glad I did.

I had the folder open when I ran this action and once it ran the file disappeared. I thought maybe it moved to a different folder but checking Jaikoz showed that it should have been in the same folder, just with a new name.

Original Filename was "Swoosh.mp3" and it was renamed to "Stuart Kirby - Dubstep - 03 - Everything.mp3"

When I did a file search for "Everything" I found it (maybe... unless it was a duplicate) in a new location:

"F:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Compilations\Dubstep\03 Everything.mp3"

despite Jaikoz showing the file should have been located in the original folder:

"F:\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Giant\Drumstick - Single\Stuart Kirby - Dubstep - 03 - Everything.mp3"

So, what I'm not comprehending is;
  • Why does the filename not match what Jaikoz said it was/would be?
  • Why did it move the file to a different folder if only the filename was changed? Is iTunes at fault?
  • When I manual correct from MusicBrainz I'll frequently choose to "Match Songs to Selected Release" from the right click context menu.

    However, more than half the time all the tracks which match that release will switch to the selected release except the track that I highlighted as the "parent" track. It will remain with the original metadata radial selection.

    It's not a huge deal, except when I don't notice it and hit "ok" then have to go back in and correct it. Even then it's not a big deal, just a bit annoying.
    Awesome! That worked. Easy enough to just highlight the offending tracks and "Update Metadata" and they all corrected to the proper album titles.

    Thanks again for the swift response.
    I see, thanks for explaining that. I'll give that a shot when I return home tonight.
    Okay, so here's a weird one.

    I have a song ("Love Stinks" by The J. Geils Band) that Jaikoz is reporting in the summary tab as being 11:59 long.

    When I play it in VLC and when I view it in Windows Explorer (Details tab of "Properties") it shows only 3:26 song length.

    The only issue is that when I go to force match it to a MusicBrainz album it tells me there's a big problem with the songs not matching.

    Obviously I can just force it through anyway (and I will) but just thought I'd bring this weird anomaly to your attention.
    I've got several albums from the Final Fantasy video games. Many of them, when I correct them, have the album name corrected to "Uematsu: [album name]" rather than just [album name].

    Nobuo Uematsu is the Artist for them, but when I'm selecting the albums during a Manual Correct, none of the albums show this "Uematsu" in the Album title.

    Even tracking back to the MusicBrainz page (just one example) for the albums it doesn't show that in the album title.

    This is happening for many albums, but I'm not sure why it's happening or how. Are you able to enlighten me?
    Just curious if there's any more news on a Jaikoz X release date.
    Perfect, this worked like a charm. Thanks.
    So, does Jaikoz do any file reorganization at all in/of itself? i.e. when the Track/File/Album names are updated does Jaikoz leave the file in the "Unknown" folder but with correct metadata?

    Then, afterwards, when I tell iTunes to Get Info iTunes will move the files to the correct folder associations?

    Just trying to understand the process.
    Great! Sorry I didn't see it before.
    I'm not sure either, unfortunately. I tried checking the folder/file permissions in Windows but they weren't set to anything restrictive like being read-only or admin only access.

    It just seems like, at least in this case, Jaikoz is failing to overwrite current metadata if it matches *a* ReleaseID which the track could match to (such as the list that's presented to you for selection when you choose to manually update from MusicBrainz).

    In this case, I believe that all the metadata was relevant to that Album, just not to the specific release that I was selecting... if that makes sense. >.<

    e.g. The Album was released in Japan in 1997, China in 2003 etc. and each had a different album art but that track did match up with that release year/album art on at least one album... I'm probably making this clear as mud at this point.

    paultaylor wrote:
    how are they being moved ?

    I couldn't really say "how" but it's usually for a track that's has missing or incorrect organizational metadata that iTunes would use to sort music. For instance the Album title.

    If a track is listed with Album "Unknown" then in the file structure it's placed in a folder called "Unknown". Once you assign it the proper album name Jaikoz/iTunes (not sure which) moves the file to a new folder with the proper name.

    If I try to make additional changes to the same track, I get an error that Jaikoz can't find the file and it remains with the "save disk" icon in the status column.

    Until I close and re-open Jaikoz and reload the file path to my music and Jaikoz sees the new location association.

    I can try and re-create this when I get home tonight to get some better information if need be.
    Every time I try to attach a file I get the following error:


    Hopefully this link works instead:

    I think the problem was that despite asking Jaikoz to correct the metadata it was either not overwriting the existing metadata or it was importing incorrect/non-matching data despite being a single ID.

    The album in question is a single album over 4 discs. I first did an automatic correction but it retained much of the old (incorrect) metadata.
  • All the tracks were given the genre of "Ffvii" with the exception of one track, given the genre "Video Game".
  • All the years, which should be a single release year, are different dates ranging from 1997-2004. I count 5 distinct dates, despite the correct release date being 2005-05-10.
  • The artwork column contains 4 different album arts, possibly correlating to different geographical releases of the same album, but I didn't verify that.

    Despite asking Jaikoz to match via separate methods as listed in my previous post, both automatic and manual, as well as asking Jaikoz to update the metadata, the metadata did not change... that is until I cleared/emptied the "Genre", "Year", and "Artwork" columns completely and then asked Jaikoz to "Update Metadata from existing MusicBrainz ID or Release ID".
    Once I did that all the artwork was a single artwork, all the various dates updated to the single correct date and all the genres updated to be "Ffvii".
  • Hey Paul,

    I figured out a workaround, but it was a bit frustrating to find it and adds another step to metadata correction.

    Basically, after matching the songs in MusicBrainz (or Discogs) I then have to "Empty Column" the columns with the conflicting metadata (in this case "Genre", "Year" and "Artwork") and then "Update Metadata from Existing MusicBrainz/Discogs ID". It'll then fill with the appropriate (matching) metadata.

    Regardless, I've sent you an email with the exact text above and the picture that should have attached to the previous post.
    Multiple times I've realized that I've missed changing a piece of metadata after I've already saved changes. When I go to make additional changes to that track or tracks it now can't find the file to make any changes to it.

    Is it possible for Jaikoz to update the file location automatically within Jaikoz, since it should know where it moved it anyway, to allow for additional changes to be made to the same file(s)?
    Ability to sort Album as Primary sort and (for example) Track No. as Secondary sort.

    Especially useful for multi-disc albums (or just general sorting)
    Particularly being able to filter by "Status" so that I can sort by Genre/Album/Artist while only seeing those tracks that have the little disc icon in the status column.

    Reason: I had a whole bunch of tracks that had file names, but had no metadata, so in Jaikoz they were completely empty of Title, Artist, Album etc. I searched for AcoustID's and then did an AutoCorrect from MusicBrainz which populated much of the information, but now I want to go through those tracks manually but can't find any common filter to show only those tracks.
    I don't know how pervasive this is, but when I tried searching for the Album "O.M.G.!" I got no results. Thought it a quirk, that maybe Jaikoz didn't search all fields (including Album), and searched by the artist of said album instead.

    Later, tried searching for AC/DC and again got not results, despite knowing that I have AC/DC in full view.

    The only thing tying the two is the use of symbols, so it's just a guess but I'm betting it's a safe one.
    Hi Paul,

    I'm having an issue with a group of songs which I have specified to match to a specific album.

    Despite saying "be this album" it's coming back with different artwork, different genres and different release years.

    Thus far I've tried:
  • "Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz" and right-click "Match all"
  • "Action>Match to Album>Match Songs to One MusicBrainz Album"
  • "Action>Match to Album>Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album"
  • "Action>Match to Album>Match Songs to One Discogs Album"
  • "Action>Match to Album>Match Songs to Specified Discogs Album"

    But nothing seems to alter the input metadata.

    As you can maybe see from the screenshot attached, it's brought back 4 different album arts (yet if I right-click and view album at MusicBrainz it shows a different one), years ranging from 1997-2004 and a genre of "Video Game" despite all the rest being "Ffvii"

    I'm just not sure what's going on here and if I'm doing something wrong. Still trying to learn the software, so it's entirely possible I'm screwing something up.
  • Hi Paul,

    Apologies if I'm glancing over something obvious, but aside from tracks in Jaikoz appearing to have complete information, is there any way to tell if a track has actually been cleaned up by Jaikoz?

    Another program I used to use (which shall remain nameless because it was horrible at Tune(ing)Up my tracks) would insert a comment in the comment field saying "Cleaned By ***"

    Does Jaikoz do anything like that so I can sort/filter tracks that I've already cleaned vs. those I still need to do?
    When Manual Correcting music tracks from MusicBrainz is there a way to filter certain results?

    e.g. I only want to see the releases that came out in the US or I only want to see the albums that have 17 tracks, etc.

    If not, could at least get a column sort option by clicking on the column, which would alternate it between ascending/descending (alphabetical/numerical)?
    Thank you!
    Great! Thanks!
    Amazing! Thanks for the quick response Paul. Really loving my purchase.
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