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You think that the change can be implemented in the next release?
i'm agree
Hi Paul,
I think that the data at the release level are divided into 2 main groups: those that are applicable to all tracks on the album, and those for which, in the booklet, the track is not specified and, at the same time, they would not be valid for all the tracks on the album.
An option may leave the user free to decide if this information wants them written on all tracks or not (considering what i wrote above). But it's just my opinion...
watch this:

Almost all metadata are at the release level.

Here you can see how jaikoz has updated some fields

At the top, as were the files before using jaikoz (i think i've used picard). Below the result after the match with the release.

You can clearly see the difference

I'd like jaikoz manage release-level metadata like recording metadata.
Now many metadata, if on Musicbrainz are included at the release level and not on recording, are lost.
I'd like there to be, eventually, an option (can be activated or deactivated by the user) that tells jaikoz to manage the release data like recording data (consequently on all the tracks)
i have a problem with the album match.
With Jaikoz i delete all the fields and compile only "MB recording ID" and "MB Release ID" with the correct ones of musicbrainz.
If i launch the fix, Songkong keeps the "MB recording ID" field but modifies the "MB Release ID" field by inserting another release on musicbrainz. As a consequence all the other fields are also compiled with the wrong release.
How can i ensure that Songkong correctly reads the two fields without modifying them and consequently compiles all the others correctly?
I do not know if it's already been asked, but it would be helpful to have a greater level of detail of the tag. For example, in the "engineer" tag are inserted the people who on Musicbrainz are classified as "engineer" but also the "assistants", "record engineer", "mastering" ....
All this without any distinction.
Is it a possible implementation?
Any news?
I still don't see Albunack updated for a few months.
I think this part is a bit underestimated considering that both Jaikoz and SongKong use this database.
For my part i constantly update Musicbrainz with the albums purchased, but i find myself having to wait months (in addition to requesting alignment) to get the data on Albunack ready to be used by the two software.
I would like to request more regularity and, as previously mentioned, have the last update date visible somewhere
how much Jaikoz is integrated with Roon and its tags? In particular to the "Personnel" tag?

It would be useful to see it.
Simple solution: could you add a topic / post on the forum (or blog) to be updated each time the update is performed with the alignment date?
ok, now is clear.
Is it possible to see on Albunack when the last update was made (so to be sure to use Jaikoz to compile album tags only when Albunack is updated to the latest version)?
Ok for release 1 (the battle), but not for the second (the great divide) and the third (the showdown).
In "the great divide" all the members of the group are on the "recording" level and in "the showdown" only the singers. But for both Jaikoz only compiles the "Performer" tag.
In general it is not a problem. I just have to understand how the program works because I have several thousand albums to compile and I would like to set everything correctly first.
I need some clarification on how some tags are compiled by Jaikoz taking the Musicbrainz release:

Specifically the tags "Performer", "Performer Name", "Sort Performer Name", "Instrument"

In these 3 releases of Musicbrainz, the information is set differently (in terms of "recording" or "release" level ...). How does Jaikoz interpret them?
Why, in Release 1, "Performer Name" and "Sort Performer Name" are compiled only with singer's names? And "Instrument"? Why Jaikoz only fill the fields in one release?

Release 1


Release 2


Release 3


up to now I've tried with about twenty albums (one folder for each album with all the ripped files inside) and the results are very variable. Sometimes the fields are filled in satisfactorily, for others the situation is similar toto above example: is presented even though on the discogs the release with a lot of information and on MusicBrainz the specific release (barcode search) is not present. I hope that the discogs database will be better integrated in the future.

I tried Autocorrect (MusicBrainz and Discogs) without results...
this album is just an example. I have hundreds of them that I would like to fill out as correctly and exhaustively as possible.
I see that Jaikoz is more connected to MusicBrainz than to Discogs. Personally I always preferred Discogs because, at least for the albums that I have, I always find the correct release of the album with all the correct data. I think it's a continuously updated database where, although there are errors, it is very likely that these will be identified and corrected (I receive 2/3 mails a week where it is announced that a release I have in the collection has been modified). I find it more difficult to find the same thing on Musicbrainz and, if I find it, many times I find half of the information I have on discogs (ok, sometimes it's useless information like the name of the recording studio's attendant
What I'd like is that Jaikoz worked like he does, for example, the foo_discogs foobar script that downloads as much information as possible from the database. Maybe creating specific tags like "something_Discogs" for those tags for which the item already exists.

P.s. sorry for google translation...
ok, i've tried and this is the result:

result is very poor. A lot of information is missing.

This is the best result for Jaikoz? It's possible improve (with specific discogs tag)?

Hi, I'm a newbye.
I previously used the script foo_discogs to retrieve as many fields as possible from a specific release on discogs (eg: "guitar", "mixed at", "written by", "mixed by", "Design [CD Package]", all the members of the group with their respective role ...). How can I set up Jaikoz to be able to recover all this information?
I tried to search for an album through the release number (https://www.discogs.com/it/Liquid-Tension-Experiment-Liquid-Tension-Experiment/release/3977639), but very few fields are filled in.
Can you help me?

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