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Messages posted by: claas  XML
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Ok. That wasn't clear to me. Thanks.
Is there a plan/possibility to change that?
Because this means that I need to reenter my license every time I update.
A bit annoying, not?

In general I must admit that the NAS version is just great.
Much faster though I do only have a 1511+.


Hi Paul,

I started using the Synology version of Songkong Pro.
Now you announced a new release.
How do I update the docker container???


Yes of course [nearly) all fields are optional in SongKong, but I dont quite understand that sentence, please clarify exactly when you do/not want it set

Sorry for my awkward english.

Today I'm working like this:

If I rip a CD or vinyl or buy a new digital album I import it into iTunes.
iTunes sets the "Date added" field automatically.
I then copy this to "Comments" using ThisTagThatTag.

If I change any metadata of that song iTunes changes a filed called "Date changed" but never "Date added" (Date added actually is a read-only field from an iTunes API point of view).

Therefore at any time I copy the "Date added" to "Comment" I get the date when I actually added the song and not when I changed the song.

If now with Songkong you "simply" set the value for "Date changed" whenever Songkong changes something there is the risk that I loose the information when I actually added the song to my library.

Does this explain what I mean?

And that field can be indexed by MinimServer and shown in Kazoo?

And, please, make it optional.
I do not want files that I only modify but have added to the library earlier to have that value changed.


Hi Paul,

I'm copying it to the "Comments" field as I don't need it for anything else.
It's all mp4 (ALAC) if this info is necessary to know.

Best regards


as there is no "wishlist" forum for Songkong but only for Jaikoz I thought to put this into the questions section.
Is it possible to write the date and time when Songkong saved a file to a selected tag?
Currently I'm using an iTunes script (Dougscripts "ThisTagThatTag") to copy the "Date added" tag to the "Comments" tag. This comment tag is indexed by MinimServer with "Date.Month" as display "filter".
By this I can easily find new songs in my library also within e.g. Linn Kazoo.
As now I always let Songkong update my Metadata after I ripped sth. it'll be one (sometimes long lasting) step less.

Thanks for considering


I thought I'll give you some more details regarding my review.

I have this release ripped from Vinyl:

Files were named A1, A2, A3 etc.

Songkong matched a 2CD release (don't remember which one).
The only way of getting Songkong to choose the correct release was getting the Discogs release into the tags before starting Songkong (I used Kid3 for this choosing the correct release manually).

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul,

I've now seen that the number for "Completed" increases if "Songs matched to MusicBrainz song only" increases though nothing has been saved at that point ("Saved" doesn't increase).
Maybe it's not related but maybe it helps to track down this bug.
Sorry. Screenshot could not be saved. Always got a server error 500.
But completed count after everything is really finished is double what it should be, yes.

Good evening,

today I bought Songkong (Pro) after having tested it a while ago.
Now I have a first question:
The statistics shown during "Fix Songs" is running do not make sense to me.

See attached screenshot.
"Songs loaded" is less than "Completed".
What am I missing?

I'm running Songkong on OS X 10.11.6. The processed folder is on a Synology NAS mounted via WiFi (500+ MBit) as an SMB share.
Filetype is a mix of AAC, MP3 and ALAC.


Profile for claas -> Messages posted by claas [11]
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