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found away around the problem by also installing Mp3tag which is free.
So where I had some folders transferred from tapes or LP's which had no tags, I was able to tell Mp3Tag which album the songs were from in Discogs, then create the tags, then run them through Songkong to clean up the file names.

a bit longer , but brings the collection to perfection.

It would be great to see this feature in a future release, where you can add the album manually, when Song Kong does not guess it right, so as to avoid using two softwares, otherwise Song Kong has still done wonders to 80% of the collection.
thanks Paul, support File created 7.10pm UK time.
Hi Paul,
Strange one hit me last night, as I have a known collection of one shot 80's that a previous software messed up and I guess your one is now struggling to fix due to the previous trials I did with other software.

I have 80s Compilation\80s One Shot\One shot '80 Vol 2 so "one shot 80 Vol 2 is correct, but Song Kong gets all the songs right but cannot get the album correct.

I guess if I reinstalled Picard, that would let me make a manual choice of what album it could be, but was wondering if Song Kong could do that before I try doing that with Picard. AS Song Kong is perfect as it is fully automated, but where manual intervention is needed, I could not see in the options what I could do?

Not a big problem, just thought to ask.

Support file sent at 7.21am UK time.

I see, so I need to do rename mask as Artist/title which will avoid the numbering, was just confused as it was doing it to some and not to others in the same folder, but I see why now, as some songs were from a compilation from your database and some are picked us as an album.

I did not want them numbered as anyway there is a column for track number and it makes it look cleaner, so will try and tweak that tonight when I get home.

Yes to answer your questions, some folders may be of the artist only, like Alphaville, where I just dump all songs in there, whereas where I have David Bowie and the entire discography, will be broken down by Artist folder then Album.

thanks again for your help, it is a powerful tool you have so its great to learn so quickly to use it with your help!

Hi Paul,

Done tons of folders last night, one thing I did notice is that in the same folder, it will rename most of the files correctly, as in just the title of the song, but on many others, will will name them someone like:

01 - Absolute Beginners

instead of naming it:

Absolute Beginners

Basically the number at the start of the file name gets added to "some" of the songs. So the Title listed is correct, but the Filename hets a number added to it as per example attached.

Do you know if there is a setting I can tweak for that so it only does the alphabet naming convention?

Support file sent 7.13am UK time on Alphaville folder

Paul, that is amazing, that worked and it does everything I need and more!!!!

Your software is a GEM, a hidden secret, I had tried all the free ones, but nothing comes as close as Songkong!!!

And great support, thanks for all your help.
Thanks for the Answers Paul and how fast, it is one of the reasons I got Songkong, as I heard how great you supported your users!

I have sent you the support file, I will PM you the account that I use for songkong.

I did what you said and now it does work without breaking the folder structure, however the reason I chose "rename" is that I have a lot of legacy music that was ripped of my record collection etc.... that has the "filename" of the songs as Track 1; Track 2, Track 3 etc....

When I did the first use of your program and chose rename, it fixed a lot of those, though some songes become nameless and that other problem of breaking the folder structure.

Is there a way to:

Have the files renamed.
Stay in the same folder structure.
In the event of not finding the data, leave as it?

thanks again!
Just bought the Pro, as after a lot of research, seems it is the best product out there, only had a couple of issues on my first run:

I have a lot of "custom" folders where I do my own compilations and one folder got completely deleted and spawned 30 odd new folders, lots with a single song in them and also a few folders with numbers and the name of the file totally delted in them, so that I had no idea what song it was anymore.

Can you help me figure out what setting I need to keep to maintain the custom folder and also how to avoid a name being deleted when it does not know the song?

Choose Songkong as it was for someone that wanted to not get to geeky on it , so sorry if these are obvious questions.

Profile for sabvr -> Messages posted by sabvr [8]
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