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Messages posted by: matslun  XML
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Great to see this feature in 2.6.1.
Many thanks!!

First save and then copy sounds like the best solution, I agree.

OK - great...
Thanks for quick reply!

How does Jaikoz handle the case when two files are renamed to exactly the same filename (and stored in the same directory)? Will there be an overwrite or two files with addition to filename?

I looked around if anyone has asked for this before, but I could not find it. For me, it would be handy to have an option to "save and copy" rather than "save and move". However the option to create sub-directories should be left. This way I could be sure that I get the target-structure the way I want it before deleting files from the original structure.

I have been digging further into my problem with timeouts. When I start with a fresh and rebooted computer there is a good chance that I can make 20-100 audio checks with music IP, but then I get a timeout (300 seconds according to the log, which seems right according to the timestamps) and suddenly the rest of my scheduled lookups just get finished in seconds, with the same error message for every file (that is, without even trying to get anyting from MusicIP). When this has happened there is nothing I can do to restart MusicIP lookups again, except reboot the computer! Any ideas? Is it genpuid.exe that is messing things up here?

I have shut down my firewall, checked on two different computers (XP and Vista) and also bypassed my router just to exclude all possible error-sources in the network.
For changing the metamatch score: First reduce the setting for another parameter. Then increase for the one you want to be more important. The sum of all sliders can never be more than 100. As a guide there is also dimmed slider on the bottom left side that shows remaining (not used) score.

Good luck...

I checked a little bit more what was wrong, and indeed, the acoustic ID process must somehow have stopped half way - as my first 700 tracks have acoustic IDs but then I only get timeouts. (I wrote a question about this in the "Issues" forum... ;-)

Regarding the problem with my extra info, a workaround that seems to work good enough for me to get matches from metadata is to enter more words in the "Match-remove-list", like "remix" and "featuring"... But first on my list to fix is to get the acoustic IDs working for all my files!

I keep getting a timeout message when I do MusicIP lookups. The console says "Unable to retrieve and acoustic ID for song ... because analysis took longer than 300 seconds." I this due to load on MusicIP, network trouble or something else? Some of my files have acoustic IDs so it has obviously worked, but now all files seem to time out. Any ideas?

Have been running Jaikoz for a week now - trying to optimize all parameters before I do my first full run on the collection... (By the way, it's a really nice app!)

One interesting aspect is that I seem to get too few matches with MB when looking up albums/releases. Due to historical naming and tagging I have additional information added to a lot of my files Artists and Titles fields, within parenthesis, like "Title (Remix X)", "Artist X (featuring Artist Y)" etc. If I remove the parenthesis and rerun the remote correct, I get the match! So my question is - is there some way to ignore everything from "(" to ")" when doing the lookup? Maybe as a "fallback" search when a search with the full string fails?

Profile for matslun -> Messages posted by matslun [10]
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