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Hi Paul & Matslun, thank you for your answers.

The metamatch score setting wasn't obvious. Cheers for pointing it out.

I'm not sure what the Category field is meant for, but as I said, I am using it to list songs without lyrics, as otherwise it's not possible to see them all at a glance (to see what needs attention).

You are correct, it's not possible to directly edit it in iTunes, but it can be accessed by means of an AppleScript. http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=entercategorytext

Maybe I could use another field, but Category seems to be pretty much unused. I don't buy movies (yet) and my podcasts just say "music" (which is pretty pointless).
Thanks for the quick reply.

I assume it's not possible to copy ONLY information in brackets? I note that someone has posted a very similar request just before me http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/587.page , so perhaps that is something for a future version?

I tried to increase the metamatch scores but they appear to be locked. When I release the mouse button, the sliders all go back to their original value. How do I unlock them?

Another request - the iTunes Category field does not appear to be supported. I am currently using this field to indicate whether or not songs have lyrics (along with some AppleScripts). Could the next version support this field?

Thanks in advance once again.
Hi Paul and congratulations on your excellent software and thorough documentation. The only fault with it is the learning curve!

I have 3 questions as a new user. I use iTunes on OS X. I have run Autocorrect on my whole library, but not yet saved it.

1) I have quite a lot of songs from live releases which I have previously tagged manually with, for example (live at A Venue, A City, dd mm yyyy) in brackets after the title. This is so that I can see it on my iPod. The exact content of the brackets varies, and may include different information. Occasionally there are 2 sets of brackets. Some of this information has come from album titles, but often it is from reading the sleeve notes, or from websites, etc. I would like to preserve this while still using the MusicBrainz info, so I can't choose "populate this field if empty" because then it will ignore it.
If that's not possible, could the contents of the brackets be saved in an unused field, or appended to Comments? Then I can copy it back manually (or automatically?)

2) I have also noticed that MusicBrainz is replacing the correct (compilation) album info by what appears to be the original album. I know I could choose "populate this field if empty" but then it would not correct any that were actually wrong. Is it possible to append the original album title to the compilation one or alternatively to save it in another field? (such as Sort Album, or appended to Comments?)

3) I have a lot of remixes and generally a lyrics search misses most of them, whereas it finds a lot of album versions. Is it, or could it be, possible to copy the lyrics field to all songs which have the same artist & title - except the titles would have "(xxxx Remix)" for example.
If not, I am planning to try and write an AppleScript to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Also, could you enable (by default) the marking of changed fields in blue across different views? Mine was not enabled, and it took a while to work out why I couldn't see any changes.
Profile for robert -> Messages posted by robert [3]
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