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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the prompt response I knew the truth in my gut, but wanted to ask just in case.

With this info in mind, it looks like it's best for me to re-copy my salvaged tagged songs on top of the old, untagged ones.

Thanks again! Love Jaikoz.
Over the last few months I have been updating the tags for about 10,000 MP3 files in Jaikoz. However, I recently had a serious HD failure and was forced to recover my system from backups.

Here's what I have available to me:

1. A recent copy of the Jaikoz Program Files folder.
2. A recent copy of the My Documents\Jaikoz folder
3. An OLD copy of my MP3s... before I started tagging them with Jaikoz
4. An incomplete recovery of the recent MP3s

So here's what I'm wondering:

Are the tagging changes I saved to the MP3s I lost recorded anywhere in Jaikoz? I notice that there's some DB files in the My Documents\Jaikoz folder, for example.

If I place the old, untagged MP3s in the same location as they were when I tagged them with Jaikoz, and restore those two directories, will I be able to re-apply the saved tags?

If there's anything you can suggest, please let me know... hate to think I lost all my tagging work
Silly me. I had assumed %bestartist% showed Album Artist only. Thanks for the clarification, Paul. That variable will fit my needs.
I'm going through and tagging my library right now (only ~6000 songs), and thanks to Jaikoz it is going pretty well. As I start to finish my initial run of tagging, however, I can tell that I'm not going to want to re-do all of this work if I ever revisit editing my library again.

With that in mind, I think there are some features that Jaikoz would really benefit from, particularly better sorting/filtration features:

1. "Filter all items with/without changes". This is somewhat possible via the Status column right now, but adding this to the filter enables other sorting options to be possible while limiting the viewable songs to only those that have been changed in the recent session. If you want to go full hog with the filter, call it a "Review mode"-- review all items that have recently changed with the Auto Filter.

2. Filtering (and editing) of album art. Can I show all songs with > 1 piece of art? Can I run a search for and delete all pieces of art that are less than 100px x 100px in resolution?

3. Hierarchical views of the data model (Album, Artist, Genre, Year) with total # of songs for each tier. And of course being able to collapse/minimize subgroups would be great as well.

I can see these being important because I'm inevitably going to want to come back to my fixed-up library and apply some bulk changes. When I do so, I'm not going to want to go through everything again with the same fine-toothed comb I did the first time. I'll want to be able to get a quick view of only what's changed-- and only in the areas that are important to me.

Just some ideas for the next version, if possible!
Question on the IF function. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but the word "IF" is too short for searching the forum.

I want to tag a file with the Album Artist, if it is available, or the regular Artist if Album Artist is not. This would be the best default for me for the exceptions where I 'miss' properly tagging Album Artist.

Most applications have IF functions like this:

IF(Expression,Value if true,Value if false)

It appears in looking at the Jaikoz IF function that it only has a true result-- correct?

If so, I'm struggling to find a way to create the tag name I describe. In the off-chance that both Album Artist and Artist exist, the file would be tagged with both tags, not just one.

Am I missing some functionality or would this be a requested feature?
That is DEFINITELY the issue I'm experiencing, Paul. I checked the file it was consistently reaching on timeout and it fits the characteristics you describe:

-no artist
-no album
-track in fraction form

Removing the track from Jaikoz ("Close File") resolved the issue and I'm now querying MusicBrainz for files beyond the point where it was timing out.

Not a fix, per say, but at least a workaround until the next release


Just purchased Jaikoz today and am having the same issue as some of the above users. Musicbrainz times out with a 503 error at approximately the same # tracks after each "Autocorrect". I'm guessing it's some kind of timeout but I'm not sure if it's Jaikoz, the Musicbrainz server, or some setting on my machine.

I have whitelisted jaikoz.exe as well as javaw.exe on my firewall.

I am using Vista SP1.


Here are some notes that I get from the Console:

Oct 12, 2008 10:17:39 PM: INFO: Started Correct Tags from MusicBrainz on 6,507 files
Oct 12, 2008 10:17:59 PM: WARNING: MiniProcess 0 having problems connecting to MusicBrainz Service, may be down or just busy, retry attempt 1
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:01 PM: WARNING: MiniProcess 0 having problems connecting to MusicBrainz Service, may be down or just busy, retry attempt 2
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:03 PM: WARNING: MiniProcess 0 having problems connecting to MusicBrainz Service, may be down or just busy, retry attempt 3
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:05 PM: WARNING: MiniProcess 0 having problems connecting to MusicBrainz Service, may be down or just busy, retry attempt 4
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:07 PM: INFO: Ignored 119 tags because they already have a MusicBrainz UniqueId
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:07 PM: INFO: Unable to find a match for 18 tags
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:07 PM: INFO: Corrected 0 tags from MusicBrainz successfully
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:07 PM: INFO: Completed Correcting Tags from MusicBrainz on 138 files
Oct 12, 2008 10:18:09 PM: SEVERE: Warning Musicbrainz Server Busy:503 
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