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I have a bunch of compilation cd's with various artist. Months ago I had burned all of my cd and loaded them into Itunes. When I did this is split up a lot of those cd's into individual tracks. So I then ran Jaikoz to try and get everything reorganized. It's been a while so I can not recall exactly what happened, but basically I have over 100 single tracks all starting with 01 because either itunes or Jaikoz and split up all of my compilation cd's. I have tried running auto correct hoping that Jaikoz would be able to put back together my compilation cd's, but I have had no luck. So does anyone know how I can get all of the single tracks back together with the appropriate tracks for each compilation? I am using Jaikoz 3.3.4 on a mac.
I am using version 2.8.0 and after I run auto correct I never get the discogs release url. I always have to manually put that in. Is there some setting in the preferences that I need to change?
So I have the Music IP for most of my unknown tracks. When I select view PUID on musicbrainz I get "This PUID was not found". I am not sure how I can manually look up a track when I don't have the track name or even the artist, I only have the album name, track# and duration. Here is the MusicIP id for one of the tracks: c8e2dbb2-1214-b98f-3894-b8083ae4172f. Is there anyway to get the actual track name and artist at this point?

Thanks. Yes, all files where ripped with Max. I have a lot of files that are having this issue. I don't know how many because Jaikoz only shows me the first 30. So what is the easiest way for me to be able figure out all of the files that Jaikoz says are corrupt? How do I delete the cover art from all of these files?

I just upgraded to 2.7 today. I have several folders that contained .flac files. I wanted to play these back with itunes so I used Max 0.8.1 to convert those files to Apple lossless, .m4a. When I open the folder in Jaikoz I get this message "The following files are not recognized as audio files, they may be corrupt". Come to think of it, I also had this problem with the prior release of Jaikoz, so I am not sure it's a 2.7 issue only. These files will play back fine in itunes. Any ideas?
Under I tunes Autoupdate, should you have it go the same place that the ITunes music folder location? Mine is not where the defaults should be. I have all of my music on and external drive, should I have Itunes link to that folder?
I am still having no luck with the unknown tracks and now that I ran J on my whole Music folder, I have quite a few tracks that have no artist or album. And auto correct did not fix that. As far as the tracks having a Music IP id, some do and some don't, but none of the unknown tracks, albums or artist Has MusicBrainz Id. On some of these I have waited for 24 hours to see if I could get a MusicBrainz id, but still no luck
I converted my aiff files to Apple Lossless with itunes. When I load one of those tracks in Jaikoz the bit rate says 128 kbps. But when I get info in itunes it says 890 kbps. If this just a glitch in Jaikoz?
I am converting all of the aiff files to Apple Lossless. Then I will run Jaikoz on the "music" folder. Will Jaikoz automatically put all of the appropriate tracks into the appropriate albums or are there some specific settings I need to adjust? Which action do I run to then save all of the appropriate folders on my hard drive as well as saving any new track names? Do I run correct subfolders first then run correct file names?
It looks like some files have MusicIP id's, but others do not. I am not sure where the acoustic id is? As far as the track name not saving, it appears the saved worked ok but the track names did not change in itunes or in the folders. I now realize the reason that nothing changed in the actual folders is because I need to select that action. I will send you a support file of one of the folders that I have unknown tracks for.
I just purchased Jaikoz yesterday and I have already posted some questions in the Issues forum, but I am still very confused by all that's happened since I tried adding my music files to itunes 8. I am having alot of issues and I thought Jaikoz would be able to help me fix those problems but I guess I am still not sure I understand exactly how it works. When I adding all of my files to itunes it moved around alot of my tracks, created new folders and even deleted alot of my folders that had the artists name, then album name and then the tracks. It then put all of those tracks into an "unknown album" folder. So now I have 4,000 songs in one folder and none of them have the artist name. Also, I have alot of folders that now only have one song. I think it took all of my compilation albums and separated them into just the artist folder. On top of all of this, some of my flac files where transferred over but the majority where not. Some I was able to just double click on the track and Fluke would then do what is does and they would load. But alot of them will not load at all. What happens is that Max opens a file conversion window, then I can convert them to something else and they play fine. The problem is that I am not sure there is an easy way to batch convert multiple folders with multiple tracks?

So now I am trying to straighten out this whole mess. I was hoping Jaikoz could help me straighten this all out but I am not exactly sure the best way of going about fixing all of this? I started trying to go into each folder and then run auto correct. This would fix the names in the edit window of Jaikoz but not change the actual files on my hard drive. I have tried reading the manual, but I still am not sure which action to run. Then there is the issue of all of my compilations tracks moved to artist folder, not the album folder. Then there is the problem that all of my aiff tracks no longer have an artist or album associated with them. So can some one please tell me the best way to start sorting all of this out?
That's a real bummer since around half of my files are aiff. So do you know of anyway to fix the issue I am having? I have thousands of tracks with no idea of who the artist is.

I sent you the file and info.
Thanks. I was able to right click on the unknown track and then ran manual correct tabs from Musicbrainz and that still did not fix the problem, it only comes up with the info I already have, track #, time, album, and title "11 11 Unknown Track". I did try and run retrieve acoustic id before I ran the other action. If I run "list missing tracks" I can figure out what the track name is. So in the edit window I changed the unknown track to the appropriate name, but when I save that track still does not show up?

Thanks again for your help,
I am using 2.6.1 on a mac pro and I am having some issues. I have all of my music on a second drive in a folder, "Music". I ripped all of my cd's with Max 8.1., which puts tracks into the a folder with the artist name. Most of the files are aiff, mpeg4 or flac. Yesterday I added all of the contents, subfolders, to itunes 8. I did not have it make copies instead I pointed itunes to the Music folder on the second hard drive. Prior to doing this there where some albums that had unknown tracks, but all of the folders, albums, had the artist names. After adding my files to itunes I ended up with a folder labeled "Unknown Album", which has 3,949 tracks, but no artists names. Also, itunes put this "Unknown Album" folder inside a folder labeled "unknown artist". In this folder there are 5 other folders, besides the "Unknown Album", but all of those folders have the artist name. So I thought that I could open this "Unknown Album" folder in Jaikoz and get the artist names for all of those tracks. When I try and open that folder I get an window that pops up and says "the following audio files are not recognized as audio.." There are only 4 files listed in that window and after I click ok the edit window only has 18 tracks. After running auto correct I can see that none of these songs are even in the "Unknown Album" folder. If I select any other folder it works like it is suppose to. Any ideas
I just started to use Jaikoz on my mac pro. After I open a folder and then select auto correct and this fixes most of the problems, but I still have a few unknown tracks. I tried auto correct tags from Musicbrainz, and not luck. Then I tried manual correct tags from Musicbrainz, but I am not sure what to do to fix the problem. If I have a folder open in Jaikoz, and there are 3 unknown track, how can I select just those tracks to try and run the actions on? I guess the bottom line is what is the best way to fix this?
I just started to use Jaikoz on a mac pro running OS10.5.5. I had some major issues when I added all of my music, from a second hard drive, to itunes 8. I ended up with alot of unknown tracks and unknown albums. So this is why I am using Jaikoz. So I opened folder then ran auto correct. This fixed most of the issues, but when I try and save and copy or save and move I get "you do not have permission to write to the write folder selected". I checked to make sure that I had read and write privileges this selected drive, and I do. So I tried 3 other hard drives and I got the same message each time. Any ideas?
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