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Messages posted by: jonfromoz  XML
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Sorry, a bit confusing!

This is whats happening.........

Itunes is reporting these files (and ~300 others!) as "Part of a compilation" (see second shot above)
When I load them into Jaikoz, it shows then as not being part of a compilation (see first shot)
If I change the "Is compilation" in Jaikoz to true, its not reflected (highlighted) in the view pane like it would if I changed the Title or Artist etc
If I change the "Is Compilation" to true, and then it save it, it updates the view pane only after I save it.
If I then close those files and reload them, it shows the "Is Compilation" of the files I just changed as False, not True as I just set them.
Itunes still shows them as True (expected, I just set that)
If I then go back to Jaikoz and set them all to True again, save, set to False and save again, I tunes still shows them as True.
If I delete the file from the Itunes library and re add it, only then does Itunes show false!

But this is going to be a pain to do manually!!! Probably easier to delete all files and rebuild it totally.

It could well be that Itunes is marking and preferencing that field in the file in its own database, makes sense from my experiments above.
Choosing the "get info" does not remove the flag, the only way is to remove it from the library and re add it.

Maybe Jaikoz is not reading the "Is compilation" flag from the file, and as its not changed by Jaikoz (it already thinks and shows its false) when saved. This is why I have to then set to true and then set back to false to change it. Perhaps............
Getting an error when I try to attch files, so I will put them on my website and post URL

No, not the info pane at the bottom.
Ive added the 'is compilation' column to the view panes, and ticked each of the tick boxes in that column with mouse. I have also tried ticking one and copy/paste into each using keyboard.

What I am trying to do is remove the compilation from the tag.

Ive got some screen shots. Ill upload them............
That feature is off on mine, actually I have even disabled the Store.

I can live with it having the artwork in its own folder, just seems strange that it creates new files when they already exist.
Happening here as well....

I also notice that when you change the value (tick/untick) in the "Is Compilation" column, it doesnt change the value in the preview pane, showing changes that will be made.
And where would the "switch' be?

Searched every menu in Itunes (8.0.2) and cant see it!
Is it normal for Itunes to create and populate the artwork folder even tho the artwork is embedded in the music file?
I rebuilt my Itunes library last night and noticed that Itunes has created over 100mb of artwork files.

At the moment I am letting Jaikoz find the artwork via automatic fix, then I check it. 90% of the time it is of poor quality, so I then go to Amazon, or Wikipedia and manually retrieve better if available. If none there, then 'Google is my friend'.
I guess anything that can make it easier (less searching) would make it better.

Jaikoz could allow the user to decide but then that means the user has to be there to make the choice so you can't fix lots of files automatically. 

Artwork column can hold multiple images, so perhaps we could make the choice as we review the changes.
Where does Jaikoz get its Artwork from?
Most of the artwork that is being retrieved is low res, but if you "View Online" at other places (Wikipedia, Amazon) from within Jaikoz the images are up around 500x500.
Is it possible for Jaikoz to retrieve images from more than one place and have the user decide which one to use?

And whilst on the subject of previews, how about having an extra row for each record.
One would show what is in the original tag, and one would show what the new tag would be after the save.

paultaylor wrote:
I do want to add drag and drop support for images. 

Any news on this?
I just noticed (on my windows version) that the option to "Install Full License" is still showing in the File Menu even tho I have already installed it.
I think I have found my problem.........

I run a proxy server to connect to the internet - long story, but it PAYS me about $200.00 a year.

When I disable this, things seem to go a little quicker. Just did a quick check and results were 50 tracks in just under 4 minutes.

Going to do a big batch now and time that..........


pschonmann wrote:

I was sniffing my traffic, but response from musicip server is not on 10001 on my machine, but on 2048+ port and port is increasing +1 ( now im not sure with increasing, but port 10001 on my pc is closed / netstat -an 

So you are saying its not on port 10001?

Now Im getting really confused!
No luck.

I have tried forwarding port 10001 to my main PC and then my main MAC with no better result. I even tried putting them in the DMZ (one at a time of course) and still no better.

Guees I shall just set it running on 500 or so tracks and come back in a few hours time to see how its going.

Thanks for the replies,
I dont get any message about port 10001 not being able to be accessed, so I assume (one shouldnt I suppose!!) that I can access it.
The only firewall running is on my Windows boxes, and it is the XP firewall. The Macs dont run one that I know of.
I think I will need to do some tweaking in my router, so could you confirm somethings.......

Jaikoz makes a request on port 10001 outbound and listens for a reply on the same port? If no reply (time out), it re requests on port 80?
On an older router I had, I had to set port forwarding for some applications to run as they were port specific also. Since replacing that router, I havent had to set these up, they just work. I am assuming I would have to set up port 10001 as I used to.

Yeah, I tried a few of those, but dont they just check if incoming ports on my network are blocked from view from the net?

The way I understand it is that we need to be able to enable OUTGOING port 10001
Is there a way I can verify that port 10001 is open, or will the software tell me?

It 'seems' to be taking a long time to get acoustic ID's altho I am not sure how long it "should" take. At present, it takes about 30-35 minutes to Autocorrect about 100 mp3's. Is this about the right time?

Regards Jon
Found it! Option in preferences, Must be set as off for new install on OSX

When I run Autocorrect on my desktop PC, I can see what changes it wants to make to the files as they are highlighted.

On my Apple Powerbook, I don't see these highlights.

Any ideas?

PC - Win XP SP3
Apple - G4 Powerbook OSX 10.4.11
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