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if i may, i'll share an example of my confusion right now. i have the song "bad romance" by "lady gaga." those are the only two tags filled in for meta-data.

if i check wiki, the very first sentence is: ""Bad Romance" is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga. It was released as the lead single from her second major release The Fame Monster (2009)."

however, when i query MB for a manual match, i am attaching the screen shot of my choices. i mean how can the MAIN ALBUM not be listed? i have all of the settings that you and i have listed previously on this thread.

i feel i have to be missing something obvious, but i don't know what. the only thing i can think of is that the album version is 4:54, and Jaikoz just doesn't want to match a song that is 30 seconds shorter. i could understand that, but i wish i could override it (and I've seen similar issues despite no time mismatch). i noticed that Jaikoz/MB stores a release country and release type - i'd love to choose "US album" for every one of my mp3s. back in the day, wasn't it possible to create your own weighing algorithm in Jaikoz? i'd weigh those two heavily.

thanks again paul,

ps, i can't seem to attach an image. i get a server error.
thanks for the quick answer paul.

i think this is an opportunity for jaikoz to really shine. if people want to go album-by-album and select complete releases, there are many apps for that (and that's all those apps can do).

what i (and many others i presume) are looking for is a folder of 5000 unorganized mp3s (not necessarily complete albums) that can be magically tagged by smart software. enter jaikoz.
i have a collection of a few thousand 80s and 90s mp3s that i gathered from misc sources back in the day. when i run them through jaikoz, many of them come back as singles or obscure compilations. i'm not a super audiophile, and i don't really care if the 3:23 version of a song is from a hungarian single release. i want to know what MAIN album the song is from.

is there someway to avoid assigning songs as singles? is that a setting i have overlooked? one way to make this work in an algorithm is to avoid any release where the total track number is 5 or fewer, for example. another way is to avoid any release where the album name = song name (obviously there will be a few exceptions to this, but it will be 95% accurate in the long run).

one other question is - do any of these song databases store sales figures? in almost all cases, i want to assign the song to the best selling album, which will be the main US release album, instead of singles, compilations, soundtracks, internationals, etc. but maybe there is no access to this information.

thoughts? are there tips in the current software to find more "major albums" for those of us who don't need to know the 17 different releases of our favorite 80s song?


edit: i do have
Pref:MB:Automatch set to "do extra searches to find original releases"
Pref:Remote:Match set to "prefer do not match to compilations" x2
Pref:Remote:Match set to "earliest release date." (to avoid greatest hits, etc)

i should also point out that my songs are all top-selling Billboard Top 40 songs, so these are not rare releases. from my count, ~800 of 3200 songs were matched to singles and not albums.
i installed jaikoz on my new PC (windows 7 64) and i get an error that "the program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer."

but if i dismiss the dialog, after a few seconds jaikoz launches. is this a critical error? i don't want to get 2 hours into my work and then find out there is an issue.

i searched in the forums but did not see a similar post.
here are some screen caps of my settings, as I try to focus on official release albums that match the artist and song title. i realize there will always be weird results occasionally due to misspelled song titles, song titles with or without parentheses, etc. so maybe this is just a fact of life. but if i'm missing something big, please let me know.
I don't know if this is a jaikoz comment or a musicbrain comment, to be honest.

I am music-braining a few thousand songs (20 at a time while I learn the process

What I've found is that despite playing around with various match settings, many albums returned are obscure compilations. For example, "If I had $1000000" by BNL was matched to the Scrubs Season 2 soundtrack instead of their Gordon album. and GNR's "Paradise City" matched 40 Greatest Metal Songs instead of Appetite for Destruction. I'd like each album to be the most popular album, one that I've heard of, rather than some random one. U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday is attributed to Especial, Volume 1, instead of War.

So I guess my first question is - am I missing anything? I don't want to request a feature if I am just doing something wrong. I'll try to attach some screen caps of my settings, in case that helps.

My second question/suggestion would be two ways of solving the above problem otherwise with options.
(1) Rank albums by sales. I assume this is impossible with the MB database (unless it contains sales info). So that might be a MB feature request: somehow rank the popularity of an album, be it by $ or otherwise. There must be databases for that somewhere. I would assume that in most cases, the best selling album is the "main" album.
(2) Rank albums by date. Generally the first release of a song is going to be the "main" release. All subsequent Greatest Hits, soundtracks, Time-Life compilations, by definition, will have a later release date.

Do you think this would be helpful, and feasible? I'm a newbie, so I realize I have zero expertise in this. I'm just thinking aloud.
Profile for zeiss -> Messages posted by zeiss [6]
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