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1. If you select that you prefer Jaikoz to use albums that have been matched before, does it match based on the tilte of the album or the Album MusicBrainz ID?

2. When you perform the cluster alums function, does it choose an album ID that goes by your settings? Like, so, if I select to prefer official releases and from a certain country, will it take that into consideration and choose the album based off of that?
1. You said you take that into account. But my REAL focus was just how fast it opens, which is much slower for me consistently than all other programs.

2. I guess so. Whenever I have downloaded any other computer program, generally, I have just clicked on the thing that downloads it, clicked "download" or whatever, and just basically clicked "Next" over and over, sometimes clicking options, without having to follow any real instructions except for clicking "Next". I know that's kinda vague, but that's the gist it. I think it would be easier if Jaikoz were like that.

3. You said: "If you are saying you want metamatch to take precdedence over acoustic ids, the easiest way to do this would be to run Autoccorect From MusicBrainz without doing Retrieve Acoustic Ids first." What if acoustic Id's are already on the audio files? If they are, there should be an option to ignore the acoustic Id and just do a metadata match.

4. Okay.

5. Okay. But, for my knowledge, what do you mean by "you should really only ever encode from a lossless format."?

6. Nevermind.

7. That's even better.

8. I'll send my files which Jaikoz can't save.

9. I was hoping for automatic save changes to any changes, whether it be acoustic Id (which I know is already in place), Correct from MuiscBrainz, autocorrect, update tags from existing musicbrainz id, etc.
1. Jaikoz should open faster.

2. To download/update Jaikoz, it would be easier to just click on through everything, as opposed to extracting the file.

3. When there is an acoustic match, it should look for all releases that are the same as the ones just associated with the acoustic fingerprint, and then find the correct release based on a metadata match, if there is already metadata.

4. Jaikoz should have an option to translate foreign artist names, if possible --- like MusicBrainz Picard. But this would be disabled by default.

5. I know that, at least on iTunes, you can convert songs between AAC and MP3 formats. Jaikoz should be able to convert between any formats that are possible to convert (not ID3 on MP3's, but the MAJOR formats: MP3, Flaac, Vorbis, etc.).

6. I think, by default, the following options should be set ONLY if there is no metadata match : prefer official albums, prefer JUST studio albums. If there is metadata, it should just find the match closest to the metadata, despite those options. But there should still be an option to ALWAYS set those options. So, in this scenario, it would have under prefer official albums "only if there is no metadata match" and "always" and you would choose one, but it would, by default, it would have chosen "only if there is no metadata match".

7. I think the prefer country should not be set by default, not only because it should just find the best metadata match despite country, but because Jaikoz supports different languages, and, therefore, different countries.

8. I might be incorrect on this, but, from my understanding, when saving track changes, it can either save ALL the changes made to it or NONE, if just ONE change cannot be saved. So, if you choose to do multiple things in the autocorrector, it should look at the individual changes and save all it can, but not necessarily ALL the changes. But this would be disabled by default.

9. Jaikoz should have an option to save changes to EACH track as it goes. So, if it makes a change to a track, it should save it, move on to the next track, save the changes, etc. But this would be disabled by default.

But if there is an acoustic ID match, will it utilize the new options (try to find official release, try to find certain types of releases, try to find releases used before, etc.)? If 'Acoustic Id Match must also have minimum meta rating' is selected? If not?
Pretty much what I was looking for on the 30th of January release, except see my last new threads I created.
I think when it does this, it should ignore the album title, find different releases with the same critera that already exists (except album title), going by your options of metadata match (e.g., "find songs on albums that were previously used", "country," etc.).

THEN, it would look at the album title and album ID and make sure albums of the same name have the same album ID.

Also, a question. The way it is now, does it try to find album ID's of albums that match your options criteria (I'm referring to the same options as before)? If not, it should.
Okay, so if you don't select "force metadata matches made through acoustic fingerprinting," it doesn't use the current metada when doing a match, right? It just finds a version of metada for the matching acoustic ID, right, because, as far as I know, an acoustic ID just correlates to ONE of the releases of it and not all of them. Is that correct?

So, the new matching system options from the 30th of 2008 version won't even use those options to match if an acoustic ID is found, right?

So, am I correct in thinking if I select "force metadata matches when there is an acoustic fingerprint", then it WILL utilize the new options?

If not, I think there should be an option to just do metada match (automatically; I know there is the manual metada match), even if the song has an acoustic ID with it.

Or, if my assumptions are not correct, you could utilize the new options by Jaikoz automatically (when you press do MusicBrainze matches) finding the metada with an acoustic ID of the song and finding releases that match the metadata of the one with the acoustic ID, going by the new options.

I am still having the first problem tumsuden had. I have the latest version of Java, and I have iTunes installed. (By the way, I use Windows.) I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Jaikoz many times.
Jaikoz should have a "Remove" button (or something along those lines), which would remove (but not delete) songs that the user doesn't want to work with anymore.
[This is on the basis that the album name and/or the MusicBrainz Id [under a different album] change).

If you choose to have one artwork image to be added to each file in the settings, and you go to "Get Artwork" or whatever OR you go to "AutoCorrect Based on MusicBrainz Database" or whatever, will a new, single (based on the settings selected) image override the old one given by Jaikoz and/or iTunes?
I think that there should be an option on manual tag for the user to select which criteria of the tag information (recording length, artist name, song name, album name, etc.) to look up when doing matches.

With the defualt, or all of the criteria, with the manual tag, I have done searches and found literally no matches on some songs, but then, when I manually, MANUALLY looked the song data up, by going to the MusicBrainz website, and typing in less of the tag information (or typing into fewer of the search criteria boxes), I found matches. (But, still, I had to manually type out the MusicBrainz Unique File ID myselft by minimizing and maximinizing the MusicBrainz website page with it on it).
Okay, well, I guess it was an good idea in theory, but if you don't think it would work in practical terms, then forget it.
Okay. Let me try to explain again.

If you have a song collection with some artists known as "The Beetles" but mostly as "The Beatles", the AutoCorrector should change them all to the correct "The Beatles".

But that's only because the AutoCorrector ONlY compares data WITHIN THE SAME RESPECTIVE FIELDS (album name, artist name, etc.) to each other.

But I think that the album name data, artist name data, and song name data should be compared to each other.

Because a band might have a self-titled album and/or song or a band might have a song and album name that this the same (but is NOT the same name of the band). Like the band Black Sabbath has an album entitled Black Sabbath, on which there is a song entitled Black Sabbath.

Let's say you have some Black Sabbath in your music collection. You have all of the band name data spelled correctly, but some of the album name data and/or the song name itself is misspelled "Black Sabath".

If the album name data, song name data, and artist name data were compared to each other during AutoCorrector, it would catch it, and change all of them back to "Black Sabbath".

So, I think that, during the AutoCorrector's run, the artist name data, song name data, and album name data should be compared.
To improve on the "... etc, etc." of the first post, I think this list includes all of the things that are not capitalized in titles in the English Language:

all prepositions
conjugated forms of the verb "to be"
the word "be" itself
if a word is hyphenated, the word(s) following the hyphen(s), like Vice-president

(Except, the first letter of the first word is always capitalized, like Of Mice and Men, and the first letters of the first words following spaced hyphens and colons are always capitalized, like Boston: And Their Greatest Hits [made up])
I think that the AutoCorrector should compare album names to song names and vice-versa, song names to artist names and vice-versa, and album names to artists names and vice-versa.

This would help in situations in which artists have self-titled album names or self-titled songs. For example, the band Black Sabbath has an album called "Black Sabbath" and a song called "Black Sabbath".
I mean copy from the MusicBrainz website and then paste it into the Unique File Id field (THAT doesn't work).
You should be able to copy and paste the musicbrainze unique file Id.
There should be an option to either have artists who are individual people as first name first, last name second or last name first, first name second.
And I mean not the dates on which the songs were recorded, but how long the songs are.
Exactly! Thanks! I would also want an option, though, for both before Jaikoz choosing and you choosing manually by selecting a group of songs with the same album name to only get THE official, default album, if that's possible (I'm not sure if MusicBrainz distinguishes this), and from a particular country, as you and I agreed upon. This becomes important because there could an album by a British band and there be an official British release and American release and vice-versa (so my heading of English-Speaking Country-Released was incorrect).

Another thing. So, the option to allow you to select some items with same albumname, and then try and minimize the number of releases the selected tracks are from will retrieve only matches that are 'Official' releases , and from a particular country, right?

Also, I think the option should be to get an/the official release and release from a certain country, IF POSSIBLE.

One last thing. I think there should be an option to either "select compilation albums only, if possible", "select studio albums only, if possible", "select live albums only, if possible", or "select CD single albums only, if possible".
Okay. On MusicBrainz, there are several different release versions listed for a lot of recordings, usually with different numbers of songs --- for example, under the "Date" column (on the screen on the MusicBrainz site, for search results), it sometimes lists the country it was released in as well as the date of release.

Anyway, I think there should be an option for Jaikoz only choose US releases. And then, from there, there should be an option for Jaikoz to only choose the "default" release.

The reason I am requesting this is to help the "Find Missing Tracks" function. Even though two or more songs have the same album name, they may technically be from two or more different albums, with different album Unique File Id's.

If it is ensured that all songs with the same album name are from the same album Unique File Id, then you won't come back with a result of missing tracks from two albums with the SAME name, but they are both given, becuase they are technically two different release versions, with different album Unique File Id's (I have gotten this before).

I think this would help the general public, but, I must admit, I have some selfish reasons for this.

You see, when I first ran Jaikoz, there was no "Find Missing Album Tracks" function. And I really didn't care what the name of the album my songs had. So, I just left the defualt option to "Always Populate the Album Field".

I have a lot of compilation/best of/greatest hit's albums. Now, some of the songs were changed to different album names. So, when I do the "Find Missing Album Tracks" function, it doesn't come back with results of "You are Missing [Blah-Blah-Blah] Tracks from [Some Greatest Hits Album]", it comes back with, "you are missing [a lot of tracks] from [these original studio albums]".

Now, I know I could've just set the MusicBrainz option to "Only Populate the Album Field When Empty", but, again, the first time I ran Jaikoz, there was no "Find Missing Album Tracks" function AND I didn't care what the album name is.

But, NOW, I would like to take advantage of the "Find Missing Album Tracks" function, but it is hard now for me, as I explained.

If it's also possible, along with the option in advance for Jaikoz to only select the English-speaking-country-released and default album names and Unique File Id's, I would also like you to be able to highlight a group of songs with the SAME album name, and then change the Id's to the type of release I specified.

You see, I have been A LOT of Manual lookups for A LOT of tracks, to get my songs to the original, same album names, but that still won't help, becuase, when you do Manual lookups, it can return several results with the SAME album name, and, when doing these lookups and changing the album names back to where I originally had them, I don't know which ones to choose so that all the albums have the same Unique File Id.

But, I could see you not doing this idea at all, because of the option to "Only Populate Album Fields When Empty", but, still, I doubt a lot of people are going to be smart enough to choose that option so that the "Find Missing Album Tracks" function will be better, so I still think this idea is good.
I think that, in addition to the organization of alphabetizing the list of albums and artists individually, you should be able to get alphabetized your list of songs by artist by album, like on iTunes. Like on iTunes, it would be enabled by pressing the artist header twice.
I think that there should be a search field, like the one on iTunes, which allows one to search song names, album names, and artist names all at once and individually, but, also, all the other fields Jaikoz has should be searchable. That way, one can work with specific songs that may not have normally able to become close enough together on the list of songs to work with a specific list of songs together at once.
Okay. So, even at a rating of 49% on the MusicBrainz settings, and doing manual match, nothing comes up for some songs. So, I decided to look up those songs myself. I started out by finding one and its corresponding MB Unique File Id and then typing it in (but, as a "wishlist item", I would like it to be able to paste into that field, so that I don't have to type it in myself), and then doing "update tags based on MB Id", but nothing happened (and I DID double-check that I typed in the right Id). Why not?
Let's say that a track DOES have a PUID, but it "cannot be analysed" (I have gotten that response before). Then, it finds a metadata match. Does Jaikoz then attach the PUID to the song for that corresponding metadata match?

If not, it should, becuase, if you, say, run Jaikoz another time (let's say, after enhancements to accuracy have been made to a new release), it would match based on the PUID, which would probably be more accurate.
Okay. If you are a fan of older music, then you might have a lot of compliation/best of/greatest hits albums. If you run Jaikoz, Jaikoz usually changes the album names back to the original studio albums in which the songs were on, so the "Find Missing Album Tracks" feature wouldn't help, because, since the songs on compilation albums are from different studio albums, instead of the "Find Missing Album Tracks" feature saying you have such and such songs missing from the album entitled "Greatest Hits" or whatever, it would say you have (many) such and such songs missing from these original studio albums.

But read this first:


Then, answer it.

After you have answered that, read this:

I would rather it ignore the album name when doing automatic matches and change the album name to whatever, so that finding matches is easier because album name isn't considered, so I would keep it this way. I was just pointing this out to you. I know---compromises have to be made and we don't live in a perfect world.
Because if it is, it shouldn't. The album name shouldn't be relevent, since one song can be on more than one album, and, if someone has a song, trying to match partly based on the current album name might make it harder to find the song on THAT SPECIFIC ALBUM, and it could alter the percentage of similarity, which could cause it not to change.
The MusicBrainzID has nothing to do with it. I'm just saying that the songs that didn't generate a PUID AND didn't match up to data on the MusicBrainz server --- so, basically, the songs Jaikoz could do NOTHING with --- should be set aside so that they could be manually looked up to MusicBrainz metadata.

And, on the second thing, I just mean that, when the lookup is done, it should be done by album, not individual songs, to speed up the process.

Does that make sense?
I'm not really sure --- that's a technical thing. All I know is that it's possible becasue MusicBrainz Picard has an option to "translate foreign artists, if possible." (I'm not saying Picard is better in general in any way, though.)
I think there should be an option to have the songs that don't have PUID's and that didn't change based on match to MusicBrainz --- basically, the songs that didn't find a match to MusicBranz --- to be set aside, so that one could manually look them up to MusicBrainz.

People might still want this option even if they have a high rating on what percentage of similarity a track has to have to MusicBrainz data, because, even though their is no match, there could still be correct metadata for a song on MusicBrainz --- it's just that it wasn't matched when Jaikoz automatically did the match because the similarity wasn't close enough becuase of the rating the user put for the option of how similar the metadata had to be to MusicBrainz.

So, basically, a user, like myself, could have songs that don't have PUID's and didn't find a match on MusicBrainz because of the high percentage they set --- so those songs could still be messed up, and Jaikoz still can't do anything about it.

Now, I know a user in this situation COULD just set the percentage similarity option lower, but he may not want to do that --- he may rather look up the songs manually.

And I would want the manual metadata look up done by album, to speed up the process.
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