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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Author Message
Hi, this issue is format specific.

It occurs because for some formats Jaikoz actually has to create a new file and delete the original file rather than just edit the original file, it is not by design.

It doesn't do this for Aif, Dsf, Wav and Flac

it does do this for Mp4 and Mp3, but not always.
Just do the upgrade, then email support@jthink.net and I will sort it out
Yes, unfortunately there is a problem with our forum and not easy to upgrade, I am actually thinking I would like to move to using


but transferring the old data into the new is not simple.

At least we worked out the problem.
BTW your image link is not available to me

Okay so yes you are right there was two identical releases and they have been merged into one release on MusicBrainz, if you are logged into MusicBrainz you can see this with this link https://musicbrainz.org/release/368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c/edits

I think what is happening is that Jaikoz is realizing that d6ba9409-962d-3010-a095-b3ae3160fd2e has been merged with 368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c

But the problem may be that the per album tracks id (not recordingids) still refer to the old album rather than the new one. There maybe something to improve in Jaikoz here but in meantime I would use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release and select the current release 368288f8-5960-4ef4-ac0c-d33db0f70b1c

Having done that please check the MusicBrainz Track Id column and see if it is updated with new values.

ForSSound wrote:

It was filled in correctly , but the question is can't Jaikoz do this automatically for chosen songs?
I'm a pro license user but can't find the [b]Do extra searches to find original release
Kind Regards

That option was only needed when we contacted MusicBrainz directly, now that we use Albunack the database is already optimized to help find original release dates.

So did you want Year to be set to earliest release date or just Original Year, if automatch didnt do this could you tell me the MusicBrainz Recording Id of the track and I will see if I can see why not.
Sometimes when upgrading from an older version of Jaikoz to a new version with a different database the database doesn't get updated correctly. If you hit this problem you just need to remove the database (the database is only there for performance/caching reasons it doesnt store anything information not held in the songs themselves or available from the Musicbrainz webservice).

OSX Lion and Later
From Finder, hold down Option Button and select Go menu
Select Library from the list
Preferences : Jaikoz
Delete jaikozdb
Start Jaikoz

OSX Earlier than Lion
Go to Home : Library : Preferences : Jaikoz
Delete jaikozdb
Start Jaikoz

Go to C:\Users\username\Jaikoz
Delete jaikozdb
Start Jaikoz

Go to $HOME/.jaikoz/Prefs
Delete jaikozdb
Start Jaikoz
Can you give an example, Im not quite clear what you mean here.
You mean multiple 1s because you have some duplicate tracks/multiple versions of the album ?

ForSSound wrote:

Maybe Jaikoz has difficulties with network path

Yes, its best to mount as a remote drive.
When you have nothing selected then Jaikoz applies the task to all listed files, when you select Save and Move it asks for a folder to move to and then usually files are moved so that the base folder is replaced by the folder selected in folder dialog, the subfolder and filename partion of filename are preserved.

Files seem to have been moved from C:\Users\guyf\Documents\musictagged to \\QNAP\Qmultimedia

However I notice you have specified a remote path without mounting the drive (e.g as Z:\), and I think there can be a issue with it just moving the files directly into either \\QNAP\or \\QNAP\Qmultimedia without the subfolders, please check these locations.
Enable the Use Original Release Date on the Format tab
By default SongKong does try to store this value in the Original Release Year
which maps to different audio tagging formats as follows:

Mp4:----:com.apple.iTunes:ORIGINAL YEAR

So have you checked this field, you can make use of SongKongs spreadsheet that is created after a Fix Songs task is run to quickly scan this.

But also you can use this value in the Year field as well instead of the release year by simply enabling the Format:Use Original Release Date

So Im not sure if you have missed this, or if you are aware but SongKong is not finding the right info for you. If the latter then please run Help:Create Support Files
Fair enough, but the thing is SongKong wont work if I dont have Internet access anyway, so forgetting about registration what do you want the task to do if your internet connection is down ?
You are correct that message is incorrect, license is stored in license.properties but it does seem that the license may be incorrect. Without any arguments songkong.sh would start gui, instead run songkongremote.sh then you can connect via a browser on port 4567 and check your license details.
Once solution is to use UPNP with MinimServer as the UPNP server since MinimServer can be easily configured to use any tags.
Seems likely to be permissions issue, perhaps you could send your support files.
Do you have MusicBrainz:Format:Put Original year into Year enabled field enabled, and was the release successfully matched to MusicBrainz ?
So within a particular release, some of the tracks have a different releaseId when they should of course have the same releaseid.

I think running Report:List missing songs for Albums may help you identify these problem albums.
Can you give us a bit more information please.

As long as you are not bothered about preserving iTunes specific metadata such as playcounts yes this makes perfect sense. For fastest operation I would run SongKong/Jaikoz with iTunes notification disabled then just import into new iTunes library when done.
There isn't a way....................yet, but yes hopefully that should happen quite soon, I do already have SongKong working on a Melco and hope to demonstrate that at the Bristol Sound and Vision show this weekend !
There was a problem with the SongKong 5.0 release not showing the correct value for combo boxes options in FixSongs, this is now fixed in SongKong 5.1
SongKong/Jaikoz are always going to look for the best match based on acoustids and current metadata. So if your existing metadata is correct but points to a different version of the album (later/boxset) then you want the best thing to do is delete that part of the metadata (i,e boxset tracknos). Also with Jaikoz you can use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release
We dont currently import these fields, we can do that but we have to make a decision about where to store them so useful to people.
SongKong 5.0 released today - With Remote Mode meaning it can be controlled from a regular web-browser

I think we have the genre normalizing function in SongKong, and plan to add it in Jaikoz X

Here is description of the function in SongKong

When songs are matched to a Discogs album we check the genres provided by Discogs for that release against the genres listed below, if the Discogs album has multiple genres in this list then we use the genre that comes earliest in this list, so the order of the list is important - if you want to keep them you should put more specialist genres such as Power Pop before more general categories such as Pop. If no match is found no genres will be added to songs matched to that release. Having found a match SongKong uses that value if that is the only value on the line, but if there is a ';' and then a second value it will use that second value, this is useful for mapping multiple similar genres to a single genre.

The Genre list is a text file that can be edited independently of SongKong if you wish.

Example:Map three genres to one

All three genres are mapped to a more generic genre when such specific genres are not required

Black Metal;Metal
Goth Metal;Metal
Doom Metal;Metal

Example:Dealing with spelling variations

Maps Bossa nova to Bossanova, Bossanova is allowed through untouched

Bossa nova;Bossanova

You could do

 function iflossless(value3){
       return value3.startsWith("FLAC")  ? value3 :bitrate;

Regarding second part I am a bit unclear what you want to do, but do you realize that the curly brackets ({}) are used to define a function but will not actually be output ?
okay, please email support@jthink.net the file and I will take a look.
are you sure they are actually mp3 file format ?
Thst Discogs release idf does not exist - https://www.discogs.com/release/78288
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