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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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highresi wrote:
Thank you for the clarification.
Unfortunately I haven't yet understood what the position / order of genres within the list "allowed genres field" is important for. What and how can I "control" with it? 

Okay so if Discogs has three genres associated with an album and you have Jaikoz configured to just use one (the default) then it will use the one that comes first in the genre list.
Not really, like I said please try that second batch with logs set to -l7 and then we can hopefully see what it is hanging on.
Hi Keith, amongst other things we did some great body boarding with the kids at Praa Sands near Helston.

Can you please respond logs with -l7 enabled.
The thing about Freedb is:

1. Data returned is very poor, basic and difficult to parse
2. To lookup you have to create a freedb id based on the track lengths (actually frame offsets of the CD) of the tracks, this means you must have all the tracks, they must be in correct order and your rips must be accurate to ensure track lengths they fall in the same second boundary as the original CD in order to be able to recreate the correct id.
3. The freedb algorithm is poor in that it allows two cds with same total length and same number of tracks but different individually different track lengths to have same id since the track length calculation is stored in a byte and can therefore only have 255 different values.
4. This makes freedb totally unsuitable for matching singles, e.p's.
5. Doing additional lookups to freedb will slow down matching.

Having said all that I am currently experimenting with a way of looking up discs from Albunack (MusicBrainz/Discogs) using an algorithm similar to freedb but without issue 3 and to a lesser extent issue 2.

This will find its way into next release of SongKong and then later on Jaikoz.

I expect I will take another look at freedb if it would help plug remaining gaps.
Nothing in the log to help, but can you try disabling Move Unmatched Folder and see if that helps. The other thing you could try is to open a Windows Cmd window, and run Jaikoz.bat that may well show the error in the window that is not being caught in the application itself.

1. In the unmatched one there are quite a few which are complete and have the entire info in the tags and match an album. Example - Arabesque by Crystal Cables - the entire album with all the tracks in exactly the same order exists on Discogs. I have tried to scan this folder separately again. But doesn't move to the matched folder. Right now I still have a lot of files unmatched.

So this particular release is not a release by a band called Crystal Cables its a test cd containing various classical tracks used by the Crystal Cables company, as such I could not find it on MusicBrainz or Discogs.

It was possible to match some of the tracks to Acoustid, and because you had no existing metadata SongKong did try and add the most basic song only metadata for these tracks from Acoustid. Unfortunately this unverified data was not so good , and because you set SongKong to rename songs even if only matched song only that has now caused the tracks form that release to get a bit split up.

Better to either not rename at all, or only rename if matched to a release.

2. I have a few albums ripped as cue files. I presume SongKong cannot match these or populate the tags of individual files. Presume I need to use cue tools etc to rip them back into separate tracks?

No sorry we do not deal with single files containing multiple tracks such as cue files, its not a very flexible format really and I would recommend you don't use it.

3. There are many empty folders with files of 1KB - is there no way to have these deleted?

Are these folders that previously contained songs but now empty because moved to unmatched folder. Since you already have For Songs already matched on the Save tab set to Everything this points to an improvement I could make when moving unmatched songs to remove these folders.

4. There are some files where there is metadata (Indian Classical Vocal) but they are not getting renamed or grouped in the artist folder even when I select change name basis metadata

But has SongKong matched to MusicBrainz Release or MusicBrainz song, if not they will not be renamed.

5. Finally, singers Bhimsen Joshi and Pandit Bhimsen Joshi are the same, but that is not recognised. How do I solve this? Do I rename the tags and manually group them?

When I look at this artist on MusicBrainz, both names seem to be known


so is it just the case that only some of their songs have been matched, in which case some manual editing may be required.


Not sure of the issue, however please try disabling Update Mood and other acoustic attributes such as BPM on the Basic tab since this can slow down things rather alot. SongKong has to do a lookup for each track from AcousticBrainz, since AcousticBrainz does not currently have a recent data dump that we can put into Albunack.

When you rerun FixSongs SongKong will try again to find AcousticBrainz data for all songs that didn't get a match on the previous run, and in your case this is likely to be waste of time since AcousticBrainz is unlikely to be added for your songs since your previous run.
No not yet.

highresi wrote:

Only that much - with the Roxette album, I found a setting that handles the genre field:
For this purpose I have entered "Pop" in the field Genres -> allowed genres. Now the field is replaced with the value, which is also stored in the Discogs database for this album. Just as I expected.

It is correct that Pop needs to be in the list of allowable genres, but it should already be there near the end, it is not under 'P' to allow more specific Pop genres to be matched first.

highresi wrote:

Is it true that the genre, which is entered in the Discogs database for any album must also be entered in the Genres -> allowed genres field exactly like this?
How do I achieve it, that different spellings - example: classique, classical, etc. are replaced in the entry "Klassik".

Yes, this is to protect against nonsense genres, and to match multiple genres to one genre you do as follows:


highresi wrote:

Still nothing happens with the other example album by (Anne Sophie von Otter). If I check the SK-Report, it looks as if there is one equivalent only at MusicBrainz. Does this mean that then nothing is filled in / replaced?

Yes, because Muiscbrainz doesn't support Genres, it foes have folksonomy tags but currently they are a complete mess and of little help for genre classidfication.
Hi, okay please run Help:Create Support Files
Down to the bottom of Cornwall for a few days.
I will check back later but unfortunately for you I am away on a camping holiday with limited Internet for 5 days from tomorrow so unless I get to see the support files before then i dont think this will be resolved until after I get back.
Well I have just double checked that adding genres still works and it still does so it does seem something particular to your environment. Unfortunately for you I am away on a camping holiday with limited Internet for 5 days from tomorrow so I don't think this will be resolved until after then unless I have a brainwave.
Very sorry, I meant to say change to Code:
, can you please do that, then rerun and when stuck cancel and resend support files.
Okay so if it is hanging please cancel it and resend support files. If you cant cancel just kill Jaikoz off, restart and then resend support files.
Thanks, unfortunately cannot see an error. I think the best thing to do is rerun and see if it completes this time, it wil skip over already matched releases so should complete (or fail) much quicker this time.
Have you tried restarting Jaikoz, I not really sure since there are no errors.

What I think may be happening is that your songs have been provisionally matched to a 500 track album, then when checking all the combinations it is almost expotentially expensive and so getting stuck. There should be code to protect against this but maybe there is a scenario that isn't being handled correctly.

The other thing is perhaps it is just busy generating acoustids for each track, and this can take a while if doing all 500 upfront.

Okay if you can reproduce it I think we need more detail logging

Within Jaikoz.ini edit the value of arg.1 from Code:
to Code:
and then rerun it may show us where it is hanging.

If you have an easy way to split into batches of 200, or just load 500 songs but then select some of them (by selecting the row number column) and match selected only this will probably get round the problem.
Unfortunately you have run too many autocorrects since the problem 1000 song attempt so I cant see the details, but all the ones since (500 songs) seem to be working ?
Can you please run Help:Create Support Files and then email support@jthink.net the zip file that is created
You mean there are 500 files loaded into Jaikoz, or are there many more then that and you are just trying to process 500 files ?
How many songs are loaded into Jaikoz ?
It is true the Genre must be in that list to be added, this is to prevent bad genres being added. Im sorry I will look into this in more detail when I can but I have to finish some other work first.
Is this with Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow matching if all songs in one grouping match to one album enabled or disabled. If all your folders are just random folders you want to keep it disabled.
I just looked at Report 71, and for the Roxette album the genre has been added.

highresi wrote:
...thank you for the fast answer!

Apparently, I understand something wrong - no matter which setting I combine, the field
"Genre" remains untouched ...

Is Condition 1 true, how many files have you tried against ?
It would be clearer for me if you send your support files (Help:Create Support Files)
1. Its need to match to a Disocgs release to add Genres (Musicbrainz does not have Genres)
2. Is Update Genres enable don the first tab, by default it is disabled because genres are subjective.
3. What options are set on the Genres tab, by default it wont overwrite existing values

keithatrochdale wrote:

Thanks for the reply, I had found that reply after trawling through the forum and it worked.

Maybe it would be an idea to make that setting the default?

So usually people have songs organized one album per folder, then they may have random folder of stuff but these usually have many more than 20 songs. So if Jaikoz can identify and act accordingly, but where there has folders with small numbers of songs its difficult for it to differentiate.

But it is a bad default since it allows songs already in albums folders to be broken up, so after dealing with random songs you should probably change it back.
Are they 20 songs not from the same album, in which case try disabling Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow matching if all songs in one grouping match to one album

Alternatively maybe Jaikoz can not just match this album, try over a larger set of files. Although you can only save 20 files with the trial you can match against as many files as you like.

First of all could you run Create Support Files from the Help menu this will automatically upload your reports and logs so that I can try and identify the issue.

But yes SongKong saves folders when matched as it goes along, so you can just rerun will skkip over all the already matched songs.
Looks like Database corruption

Please run File:Empty Database then restart SongKong that should fix it.
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