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simply because I have to do some research to find the most suitable provider and then it takes coding effort to accept the payment and then integrate it with Jthink backend to send and create correct license ectera/

No I agree it needs to be done, and I have already raised an issue about it - https://jthink.atlassian.net/projects/SONGKONG/issues/SONGKONG-1625 and keen to get it done.

But it hasn't been a major issue because other customers have found they can make a credit card payment without actually creating a Paypal account.
Not at all, a new version was meant to happen last week , didnt quite there but will be this week.
Hi, you purchased three years of Jaikoz updates and I associated with correct email address on server, but I dont think you have purchased updates for SongKong, is that the cause of issue ?
Discogs database is not as well structured as MusicBrainz, looks like there is an issue and have raised https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1224
By setting MusicBrainz:Format:Modify if Empty and Remote and Correct:Discogs:Modify if Empty you can get Jaikoz to only update fields if they do not currently have a value.

But you can only do this in the settings.

You can force Jaikoz to match a CD in MusicBrainz using Action:Match to Album:Match Songs to one specified MusicBrainz Album
Have you unzipped so have .jai file or is it still inside zip file, you must extract from zip file then use File:Install License and select the file.
Hi, its been resent.
So for FLAC the field is COMPOSERSORT
For mp3 it is the TSOC frame, which is a standard ID3 frame.
Hi, what audio format are using ?
There was an issue with original release on macOS. (this only affects macOS version)

I have just replaced the macOS 5.13 download, so please redownload and install. You can ensure you have latest version by selecting About SongKong from the SongKong menu. The Build Date should say 20/11/2018, the old version says 19/11/2018

Then do File:Empty Database and restart, it should then work okay
Hi, I have replicated the problem, the issue is just with people role fields
Composer, Conductor, Remixere, DJMixer, Lyricist, Producer, Engineer.

What happens if Disocgs has a particular role i.e a composeroits clear out existing values, then checks whether allowed to add, this is why if you set to Never Modify you end up with empty field rather than unchanged field.

It clears out values to ensure we dont add same more than once, and copes with adding multiple composers. But unfortaunetly it shod be doing this check after deciding it can modify.

I am fixing this now, it will be in next release of Jaikoz that I expect to release within the next week.
SongKong 5.13 Gattaca release, released on 20th of November 2018

Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/11/songkong-513-gattaca-release.html for details.
You can use the latest version at no charge.
Hi, thanks for your support. The way it is intended to work is that if you are running 5.11 you'll get notification that there is a new version, but it will also warn you that you do not have a valid license to use the new version until you pay for version updates. So you know this before you download new version, but I'll see if I can make it friendlier if yo do go ahead an update anyway.

I checked your license and the purchase was made on 1st November 2017, hence updates expired 1st November 2018.

Details sent.
Hi, so I think the license is pretty clear, lets see if I can help. When you purchase SongKong you get a full year of updates, after one year it will cost £10 for another year of updates. I couldn't find a license registered to your forum email address in the database but I think in your case when 5.11 was released it was within one year of your original purchase so you could download and install as with previous versions.

Then if 5.12 is released later then one year after your purchase it is outside of your free version upgrade period therefore license reverts back to lite.

So you can either:
1. Go back to 5.11 this will continue to work, there is no expiry
2. Pay £10 for one year of version updates, not only would this renable 5.12 but if you purchased today, that would give you all future version updates upto 15/11/2019, currently running at about 1 release every six weeks.
Hi it was sent to your hotmail account.
Right I will raise an issue, but I will have to do some more research as Docker is quite new to me.

In the meantime if you understand Docker you could possibly create a Docker Hub account fork my build and let it build a new image.
Hi, these are the standard ID3 genres numbers.

Do you see numbers in Genre or Grouping field or both ?
Do you seem them as numbers within SongKong or within another application ?
Can you give me more detail. does this stop it totally working, or is this to do with permissions on shared music folder, i.e cant you get round this by temporarily grantng write permissions to everyone ?
We have added a new Tutorial page http://www.jthink.net/songkong/tutorial.jsp available from the footer of every page.

Includes our new step by step SongKong tutorial and our new SongKong with MinimSever tutorial.
Basically, yes.
SongKong 5.12 release will now take you to the progress page of the running task if you try and start another task.
Before we do that could you please email support@jthink.net

- Screenshot of SongKong
- Screenshot of QNAP folder config for this container, found as follows:
* In ContainerStation select Containers (last item on left hand side)
* Click on songkong
* Select Settings
* Select Advanced Settings
* Select Shared Folders
- Run Create Support Files from the Songkong menu (this willl send me your log files).
But did you map your music folder to /music as explained in step 13 of the instructions http://www.jthink.net/songkong/en/install_docker_qnap.jsp

By default Docker apps are isolated from the actual files on your nas they are running within their own virtual computer within the nas. So you have to explicitly map a real folder to the songkong /music folder for it to be able to see the contents.
That isn't the case, at least if you configure a config folder as described in the notes because the license is stored there, as license.properties. So when you install a new image and run as a container it shoud pick up the existing license.
Hi just stop your container and delete image. Then redownload image and reconfigure, the latest image has been updated to the new version.
No i was never sent support files and have never seen it, please send yout support files.
I need to add an alternative, but its not that simple, however I dont really understand the big issue with using Paypal.
But on my screen it says Login to Paypal, but below that it says Pay by Debit or Credit Card, dont you have that option ?
SongKong 5.12 Dandelions release, released on 2nd of November 2018

Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/11/songkong-512-dandelions-compatability.html for details.
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