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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Create Support Files just automatically uploads it to me, I have now recieved it and will look into it as soon as I can later today.

Blade47 wrote:
Hi Paul,

Happy to do this but when I do it says I won't be able to undo any changes made - is this ok?!

Songkong has an Undo facility, but its reset when you recreate the database. So if you do want to Undo any changes made please do now before recreating database, othwrwise okay to go ahead.

Blade47 wrote:

Could it be that it was running on files stored on my NAS and connected over wifi, is it worth me hard wiring into the NAS and then trying to re-run? 

That may not be the cause of the problem, but that will certainly help so yes try that as well as having Rename disabled
In the last logs there does seem to be an issue with renaming files that I don't fully understand, could you please:

Restart SongKong
Run File:Empty Database
Start Fix Songs, but set Rename files based on metadata to No
Press Start

Hi, I think you may have sent the wrong report because I cannot find any reference to Any Kind of Blue in this report, its better for me if you just run Help:Create Support Files this will upload the last 5 reports plus logs.

Anyway you raise a good point about what SongkKong should do if album contains HD and non HD tracks, Im not sure. I can only assume that track 6 is not HD, perhaps you could share this track with me since the HD is set by looking at the encoding in the file itself rather than matching to a HD version of album.

If you just browse by folder can you not see the other tracks by looking under Miles Davis and then album Kind of Blue ?

Avagadro wrote:
I think it would be more reasonable to automatically do minimal padding based on the maximum digits in a matched album or file set.

That is a good idea, although I think some customers might prefer to control it.

Avagadro wrote:

I use track padding for file sorting. Am I missing something? Is it somehow useful to add three zeros to the track numbers of an album which contains only 1 digit track numbers? 

its only useful in that you may wish to have consistent trackpadding throughout your collection rather than just within an album, so= if you have a single 100 tracks boxset then you may wish to use this throughout, but again I see your point.
You have selected folders within the /Volumes/multimedia folder, you just need to select the /Volumes/multimedia itself, then in the report summary you will see just one folder selected rather than the large list you have now. please give that a go.
The report only shows about 1000 files processed, but why are you selecting all subfolders of /Volumes/Multimedia separately ?

Can you run again but just selected /Volumes/Multimedia please.
Hi Chris I have just sent you a private messages
I just tried this with some HD flac files exactly as you have done in MinimServer and it worked.

So the question is has Songkong added is_hd to the files, easiest thing would be to open the spreadsheet from the report, then select the release tab, Is Hd is the last column.

If so what, what format are your files in, are there any errors in the MinimServer log ?

If not, are your files 24 bit ?

I would expect it to go into Jaikoz X
Hi, please run Help:Create Support Files
Hi Tim

You just need to delete the songkong.properties file in your user folder (not install folder) then on next start SongKong will copy over a fresh copy. Details of where it is for different operating systems can be found in this blog post - http://blog.jthink.net/2017/07/songkong-another-way-to-install-license.html
Ah, okay the problem is due to you having SampleRate as field to not modify and us renaming it to audioSampleRate in SongKong 4.13 The easiest thing to do would be to

Close SongKong
Delete songkong.properties from the user folder (user folder is described here http://blog.jthink.net/2017/07/songkong-another-way-to-install-license.html)
Restart SongKong

but this will mean you will lose any preferences you have configured.

The other way is to edit the songkong.properties file in your user folder, search for samplerate and remove it.
Nope, please run Help:Create Support Files
Are you on OSX 13.0, if so please upgrade to OSX 13.1 due to a bug in OSX -
File:Close Files, or right click Save:Close Files to close selected files
We have now added support for the when album artists contained featured artists option to the latest version of SongKong - http://blog.jthink.net/2017/11/songkong-413-high-definition-release.html
Hi, i think thats a typo, just try the download

Its different installer on the melco part of the site - http://www.jthink.net/songkongformelco/download.jsp
Tim, this is now all done in SongKong 4.13 - http://blog.jthink.net/2017/11/songkong-413-high-definition-release.html
We have a nice new SongKong/Melco release that contains a number of new features including help for those with HD quality recordings.

Yes, multiple preferences is another thing to be done. This is different to multiple renaming masks though, we want to be able to predefine list of rename masks that users can use (as well as creating their own). We may merge filename and subfolder masks into a single mask like we do with SongKong.
Have you tried Action:Match to Album:Match to Specified MusicBrainz Album, if so please send support files.
In iTunes is a Jaikoz playlist being created each time you save changes?

You should not use Move options if you want Jaikoz to update an existing iTunes library.
Yes its possible, just select the songs you want to save by selecting their row no on the far left, right clicking and selecting Save:Save Changes. But the best thing is to check the changes in Jaikoz before saving.

Also please note you will get better results if you run Jaikoz against whole albums rather than individual songs since Jaikoz does album matching not just song matching, but it cannot do this if yo only ask it match individual songs.
It is possible, but a bit cumbersome.

You need to go Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Never Modify these Fields and Preferences:Remote Correct:Discogs:Never Modify these Fields and add the fields you dont want to add.

I would like to provide a task that lets you update a particular column with out having to do this, BTW Jaikoz does not autoupdate Lyrics.

In the Detail panel at the bottom you can use the Artwork tab to add extra artwork without modifying existing artwork. Yo can also click on the number next to each artwork field to add/edit/delete artwork.
Hi, you need to use \u0000

 i.e John Doe\u0000Jane Deer

After you have entered this you'll just see

 John DoeJane Deer

But if you reload the files you'll then see

 John Doe

but the value count will now say 2 instead of 1 indicating you have multiple values for this field, you can see all values by clicking on the number, you can also add or edit multiple values by clicking on the number.

We use \u0000 since this is the unicode character for the null character, which is also what is used in the ID3 format to store multiple values. But we use if for all formats in the UI, I would like to change this so more intuitive, the trouble is that just about any other character (such as ;) could be part of the actual data rather than a delimiter. Certainly ';' is commonly used to display multiple people in a single field.

I think it has probably finished, even if it has not you can cancel at any time and a report will then be generated based on what has been done so once the report is created you shoud have a clear idea of what SongKong can do for you.
No not done yet but planned for Jaikoz X see - http://blog.jthink.net/2017/10/jaikoz-x-technical-road-map.html
So I am looking at this in more detail, now SongKong provides audioencoder and audioformat fields, but apart from Mp3s the values are the same for both !

I am going to modify audioformat to store the generic encoder, the value that you want. In most cases would be synonymous with file suffix (i.e .mp3 - Mp3, .flac - Flac), however since is only a container format .mp4 could store Apple Lossless or AAC, so not always going to be a one-one correspondance, perhaps I need to add audiocontainerformat as well, or something a bit snappier ?
For lost license please see http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/buy/lostlicense.jsp
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