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Messages posted by: dkoh  XML
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dkoh wrote:
Also, I don't think I've ever imported anything from an XLS/CSV file successfully. Maybe I'm using it wrong or maybe I misunderstand it completely. Maybe Paul can chime in. It sure would be nice if you could just import an entire letter and have all the matching stuff filled in. 

Ah, I think I get it now. According to Help, import matches by filenames. I remove this column when I upload these lists, and even if I kept them, others would have to have the exact same names. It contains the entire path, including drive letter, but I don't know how strict it is.

Would be nice if it matched by MBReleaseGroupID.
It's a pretty arduous task, but once you get a rhythm it picks up.

I'm using the regular dialog in Jaikoz for genre (double-click the little number) and using an Excel function to concatenate the moods and occasions in one comma-delimited string for each (see my post @ bottom of http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/4506.page).

So my workflow is:
- copy/paste album review
- open genre dialog and copy/paste copy/paste copy/paste each genre starting with the main one (Pop/Rock, Country, R&B, etc)
- copy/paste the entire Mood column and paste it into the csvRange and adjust the range to what you just pasted
- copy/paste the entire Themes column, same as above
- copy both csvRange cells and paste into Mood and Occasion fields in Jaikoz.

^And this is the reason I am posting all of these. Hopefully it will be easier for you to copy from my XLSs than all the searching and back-and-forth with allmusic.

Playing with the wife's iPhone and a couple other PC apps, these sub-genres do come up in searches, it just looks a bit corny when most files are all labeled "Pop/Rock". Although, I have come across an issue with standard ID3 genre labels, see http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/6641.page.

Also, I don't think I've ever imported anything from an XLS/CSV file successfully. Maybe I'm using it wrong or maybe I misunderstand it completely. Maybe Paul can chime in. It sure would be nice if you could just import an entire letter and have all the matching stuff filled in.

Hope this helps. I've got the Js in the hopper and I was just about to ask if anyone was using these.
Well, that is a bit closer. Now TCON shows:
Pop/Rock(22)Heavy Metal Black Metal

FWIW, my Save tab settings are:
ID3Tag V2
Always write tag
Save Existing Fields... checked

Do not unsyschronize... checked
Save genres in iTunes friendly... checked
Always write MP4... unchecked
Upload and Save ratings... WMP

Any ideas?
Huh, that's kinda counterintuitive. I'll try it out. Thx man.
In Jaikoz I use the dialog box to add and rename genres. As you know, I'm using multiples in that one field. An XLS export shows the genre as this:
Pop/Rock;Death Metal;Heavy Metal;Black Metal;

But in Winamp and XBMC it looks like this (Looking at the file in Notepad TCON shows the same):

I realize these are the default ID3 values, but I thought Jaikoz was supposed to write them all as text. Is there a way to NOT match genres to ID3 value?

As you can imagine, I now have a zillion Pop/Rock entries when sorting by genre.
Yeah, I've been very curious to see how that turns out.

Plus... might turn out to be a gooc source for fanart.tv.

greengeek wrote:
Ahh, nice source. Thanks for the link. Been playing around with setting up a htpc. Still undecided between wmc 7 and xmbc both have some really nice features.  

I played with WMC on a PC for a while and just wasn't impressed. It's not terrible, just kind of uninspiring and lacking. I prolly didn't give it a fair shake though, being MS and all. I also used Tiny7 so I wasn't sure if WMC was going to play nice with a stripped-out 7. XBMC offers so much content and so many choices, plus it's extremely customizable and has a pretty large support forum. It still has it's quirks and, sorta like Jaikoz, when you open up a million options and features, everyone wants things their way.

I built a small Intel i3 box that sits under the TV and I wish I did it years ago.

greengeek wrote:
Hmm, just noticed the music section #1 submitter for the month is dkoh, is that you?  

Yeah, but just for logos. All of that content shows up in the "now playing" screen (same for the TV and Movie pages), with the printed disc spinning halfway out of the jewel case and all. I still have a smallish pile of CDs but scanning gets tedious.

It's still in its relative infancy, but all the artwork is HQ 1000px and must be approved before it's submitted. It was started as another repository for XBMC artwork and is growing pretty quickly. Music stuff uses musicbrainz IDs, but unfortunately it uses the Release Group instead of the actual Release, but it still offers a decent collection.

The API key can be found at the very bottom.

Of course, you can manually add this artwork. And if any of you have something to contribute, throw it up there.

*I am not affiliated with fanart.tv, just been using it heavily with my HTPC and I figured it may be of use to Jaikoz.
Added H
Added Gs.
Glad you got it figured out.

To be more precise on what your problem was, in the AC list is "Correct Metadata from Filename". You can remove this entry entirely or you can edit its behavior under Prefs>File and Folder Correct>Correct Metadata from Filename tab in case you do want to use it. You can also check the "Only populate fields if empty" box which helps the AC when you bring in files that are all blank, but won't molest files that already have tags.
It would help if you stated what you want to be skipped.

The entries in the autocorrector have more detailed options in other tabs. What you are probably looking for is under:
1. Prefs>MusicBrainz>Format
2. Prefs>MusicBrainz>Format 2
3. Prefs>Remote Correct>Discogs

Change the value you want to be skipped to "Never Alter".

If it's punctuation/caps/spelling you don't want changed look at the Local Correct and Manipulator tabs.
No, you don't need to pay for the Pro version, the regular version is still the bread 'n butter and is still being constantly updated.

Pro only has a couple extra "power user" features, and really is "Pro".See here.
Fs are up.
After thinking about this a bit, what about:

[click Col1] Sort Col1 Ascending
[shift+click Col2] Col1 Ascending and Col2 Ascending
[shift+click Col2] Col1 Ascending and Col2 Descending
[shift+click Col3] Col1 Ascending, Col2 Descending, & Col3 Ascending

Clicking any other header by itself clears the other sorts and sorts only that column. Essentially, the behavior would stay like how it is now, just with the previous sorts.

I'm no programmer, just throwing ideas out there, so I have no idea how much is involved here. I like this idea though.

BTW, Clicking the Record Number (Row) header already resets to original row order as it is.
Here's pretty much my suggestion for everything:


<edit> Actually, that's not quite a complete idea. Would it always sort ascending when you append sorts? Would things break if the first column is descending and you shift+clicked another column? What if the first column didn't matter, but all subsequent sorts were ascending? And whats the limit on sorts? 3, 4... 10? (or does it even matter?)
FWIW, allmusic.com has a decent set of moods and occasions (I'm sure Paul's tired of hearing this ;). It is subjective but they use a defined list so it's very consistent, which makes it predictable when searching by those fields.

Unfortunately you have to tag them manually, but I've been putting lists together of my tags that should make copying/pasting easier for others.

Hope it helps some.
There's a few ways to do this.

There's no need to delete the one that's there. Changing artwork always replaces the previous one.

You can copy one and select>paste to multiple others (ctrl c > ctrl v) directly in those fields.

You can select the files you want to change and drag-n-drop an image directly from Win Explorer or your web browser. The file must be dropped onto the bottom area, underneath the Summary, Info, Misicbrainz, Sorting, etc tabs. You also don't have to select the Artwork field, it can be any field and Jaikoz will understand it's artwork for that track.

You can also double click the little number next to the artwork field to open up a dialog. This is where you can add more artwork files (alt covers, back, liner notes, etc). Since you can only edit one at a time this way, you'll have to copy>paste the rest of the album.

BTW, ctrl-v pastes all values in multi-value fields, ctrl-shift-v pastes only the first values. This applies to all fields that have a little number next to them.
Just added the Es. I'm submitting as many genres to MB as I can but I'm having a real problem with timeouts. Sometimes I can do 600, others I can not do 20, so I do what I can.
General>Base Folder is where your entire collection is. This isn't really necessary and really should only be used if you have a smallish library and want to auto load when you start Jaikoz.

Save>General>Move Folder is where you want to move your files. This is where you would point to your "sortedmusic" folder. You can also define a deleted folder here, kinda like an additional recycle bin.

Set up your filters in:
File and Folder Correct>Rename File From Metadata and
File and Folder Correct>Rename Folder From Metadata
You would define everything after \\sortedmusic\, like "albumartist + folderseparator + album". See http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/4418.page

Now you have a few options as far as saving and moving. You can manually
Action>File and Folder Correct>Correct Sub Folders from Metadata
Action>File and Folder Correct>Correct Filenames from Metadata
and then
File>Save and Move

You can also manually see/edit what's going on if you enable the "filename" and "sub folder" columns. Whatever it says in there is what it will be on save.

Or, of course, you can add all of these to the AutoCorrector. In the AutoCorrector list you have the added option of "Save and Move if Matched", but you must make sure that you have your tags correct before you run the AC. If the AC matches to an incorrect release, or even worse a Various Artist, it can get real messy.

I would recommend copying a small group of files and testing it out manually before you commit to the AutoCorrector.

As far as deleting NFOs and HTMs and everything, I just search for *.* on the entire library, sort by type, and delete everything that isn't a sound file. I'm not sure, but Jaikoz will probably leave these files behind in unsortedmusic where you will probably delete them later.
Elvis may have a 1959 vinyl release, but MB matches the 1998 CD release. I think he is ignoring the media format and going for historical accuracy with only the original recording date.

This makes sense from a "Pretty Info" perspective, but gets really messy when you get into reissues w/bonus tracks and comps and stuff.

There is an "Original Release Year" field in Jaikoz, but a quick glance at my files and I see that this isn't being filled in. I don't see a place to use this at MB either. Maybe something to be addressed with MB?
Added D
Updated #-B and added C.
I'll go get it. Thank you for fixing it.

At first I thought it was for everything, but as far as I can tell it's only files without an MBID that cause this. Which MBID? I don't know, but I have some demos, bootlegs, whatever that have nothing tagged but the basics, and that's where the error is.

<edit> Well, it's not MBIDs. I just looked through every column in every view and tab and cannot find the difference. I CAN still confirm that it happens on releases that never have had a match.
Thx Paul.

Yeah, I guess I can up tags to MB since I'll be making new lists... see how MB takes long lists of comma delimited values.

I'll throw the ID's in there too.
I kindof doubt it, but could this be caused because my ASIN edit has not become "official"? Even though the ASIN shows on the Laid release, it's still in my edits for voting.

At what point do edits like these pop up in the API where Jaikoz can get it? I've seen that new releases aren't found until approved unless you use the MBID. Is this similar?
FWIW I would rather have the code in the code dropdown. I can see an argument for seeing the names for when you don't know the code though.

Is there any plan to sync these two together? Picking the code PL from the dropdown automatically filling in Poland under country, or vice-versa?
Your license is a separate file and can be placed anywhere. IIRC, there's a "select license file" under File when it's not registered. A registered version says "update license" and wants you to find another file.

You can copy \\Program Files(x86)\Jthink\Jaikoz\settings.jai to your new install and it should keep most everything.

Hell, you could prolly copy the entire Program Files\Jthink folder and just install over it, you know, if you're lazy.
They're done.


You can now turn on "AcoustID Fingerprint" in your table and things will look the same. You will no longer add edits to MB, but now you can see your stats at http://acoustid.org/stats and http://acoustid.org/contributors (I'm commin' for you Alfg!).
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