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Author Message
I have upgraded to 3.3.3 running on a Mac 10.6.1

In my album and artist I want to change "&" to "and". I was doing this in the past but now it seems that it is getting ignored.

As a test I have

artist = Benny & Goodman

album = All That Jazz & The Best of Benny Goodman

I run autocorrect, click on the clipboard icon, and nothing seems to happen.

I have attached three screen shots

There have been times where Jaikoz does not get the MBID and thus does not get the information for a song, such as track number, number of tracks.

What I do now is cut and past the artist and title into a google search.

A nice feature would be some key sequence that would bring up a browser and add the artist name, title to the search field.

What I cannot get from Jaikoz I can usually get searching amazon.

I just do not seem to have any luck with setting up and using the auto corrector.

I have an album titled

The Living Room Tour (Disc 2)

I want to remove (Disc 2) and lowercase all letters.

I have set "CAPITALIZE ALL LETTERS" and have (Disc 2) set in the "Word Remover" but nothing seems to happen.

What am I doing wrong in using the local correct and manipulators?

I have attached some screen shots of my local correct and manipulators.

I had asked this a while back (1yr) and with all the upgrade I just want to make sure it has not been added and I did not see the info.

Does Jaikoz have the option to get the "number of tracks".

What I have to do to get this is to run my songs through Picard.


Well I restored all the library/jaikoz files and the previous jaikoz app and the did a another install. It seemed to work correctly this time.



When I installed jaikoz 3.2.1 this morning I lost all my past preferences. I did what was instructed to installed, which was to move the file to my application area.

I have time machine and restored all the library/jaikoz files and the jaikoz application that I was using before the upgrade.

What do I need to do to upgrade and keep my preferences?



Attached is a screen capture of some files that say

"The following audio files are not recognised as audio files, they bay be corrupt:"

I work with the files in a directory outside of the iTunes music data base. When I am ready I then do a save and move to the iTunes music data base directory and then run my script that will add the files to the iTunes list.

I have gotten this a couple time and each time it seems that all the files were already in the iTunes music list.

Does jaikoz check for duplicate MB unique ID in the iTunes data basewhen reading files into Jaikoz.

They are valid music files because if I click on them the will get moved into iTunes.

Not some much of a question but some info on a Mac program.

Music Folder Files Not Added v1.0

This application will list the file paths of the files in your designated "iTunes Music" folder which are not in iTunes' library. Additionally, you can select a parent folder and its contents will be compared to the iTunes library. Options to Add a selection of found files to iTunes or move them to the Trash.


If you have a Mac go to http://dougscripts.com/itunes and look at downloading the free "Join Together".

"Join Together automates the process of joining the files of selected iTunes tracks together with QuickTime and exporting them as a single AAC Music or Audiobook file/track. Optionally, you can then create a "chapterized" audio file of the exported AAC file with pointers to the individually joined tracks."


Thanks for the feed back.

Have not thought much about how it would work but

1) you could have some kind of a check box next to the field name that if checked would allow a manual override to that field when you do a manual tagging only.


2) you could have another format entry like "Populate this field only if it is empty or manual override".



I have most of my format data set to "Populate this field only if it is empty."

There are times that I would like to manually change my settings.

Is there some way that the manual change can override my "Populate this field only if it is empty" with out having to change the preference.


When I went to mixmeister web page I saw a Mac version to download. Do not know any more that what I saw.

I am not sure how Discogs work or if I have things set correctly for it to work. What forces Jaikoz to look in Discogs.

I have never seen "View this Release at Discogs" un-greyed



The way I have my files it is hard to use the find and replace or external rename programs.

It was easier to go back and rename my old files with padded zero and be done with it and so things are OK on my side.

Do not spend any time on this and if I were you I would remove it from your to do list. It is not worth the effort and I am sure you have much more important things on your to do list to do.


USING OS Mac 10.5.6 & Jaikoz 2.8.4

My RENAME FOLDER is set to

%artist%%folderseperator%%album%$if(%discno%, (disc %discno%))

My RENAME FILE is set to


I have "Pad numbers with zero...." set

I believe there was a bug in jaikoz some time back that did not pad the %discno% and that is the way my files are stored.; %discno% not padded and %trackno% padded

Now with the latest update %discno% is now padded and now my file and director names are different and is causing problem with not find duplicate iTunes using another program that I have.

I would like to have %trackno% padded but in this cases not have %discno% padded. Since I do not have any albums with more than 9 disc I just did not wan to add the extra zero.

1) Is there a way that I can do this.

2) I have tried various combinations to set and uset "Pad numbers" and Find
Replace but cannot not do it in some simple steps.

Any way you could set up Jaikoz so that a user could put a special character in front of %trackno% or %discno% to prevent the padding?

I guess I could go back and redo all my names but that will take time and would be a pain.

Thanks if you can and not a problem if you cannot.



I entered the following for Rename Mask ....$if(%discno%,( disc_%discno%))

A lot of my disk numbers are in the form of 1/1.

With the above Rename Mask my file name comes out as

...._(disc_11) when I was hoping it would be (disc_1)

Is there a solution to this problem.

I am in the process of going through my songs and rerunning them through jaikoz to try and clean things up and bring some uniformity to the tags.

The artist and album artist field seems to be used in different ways by different people.

For classical music I like to put the composer in the artist field and the album artist field might or might not contain who is preforming the work. I like to store based on the composer where possible.

The problem is that when I import music into iTunes, iTunes likes to build the directory based on the the album artist, if available. I would rather have the directory based on the artist (composer). I cannot see a way to tell iTunes how to build the folder names.

The beauty of jaikoz is that I can roll my own.

So my solution is to swap album and album artist fields. Could you add a pre-built swap for artist and album artist. I know this can be done manually but it would be easier (at least for me) if there was a pre-built swap.

Could you add a autocorrector task that would work on the "album artist" field.

Just asking and understand if this is a rather low priority.





A lot of albums have a date in the name such as such as

xxxxx yyyy (1945-1955)

In on of my scripts that I use to get art work it pulls out all special characters when searching for an album and I get

xxxxx yyyy 19451955

which causes problems in the search.

I would like to replace the "-" with " - " but only around numbers. Can this be done with reqular expressions or what would you suggest?


I have autocorrect set to replace & with "and" but it does not seem to work for the "album artist" column. Is this correct?



While I was "Retrieve Acoustic ID" I noticed that the "Date Modified" changed to the current time when an ID was found. That suggest that the file is changed before the file is saved.

Is this normal?

I am using MAC 10.5 Jaikox 2.5.2


When I look at the MusicBrainz info I see that it gives the total number of tracks.

Can this be automatially added to the track info such as T#/TotalTracks.

Also is it possible to update the disk number in the same way D#/TotalDisks


I think I am getting lost in how things are working.

I have two songs that I wanted to correct. First I ran "Retrieve acoustics ID" and this worked just fine.

Next I wanted to update my tags from MusicBrainz so I ran "Update tags from existing MusicBrainz Id. Nothing happens.

I then ran "View PUID at MusicBrainz" and up pops a web page with MusicBrainz info about the selected song. There were two entries Album,Official and Live,Official.

I cannot figure out why my I am not getting any updates.



Where do I set the default folder seperator that I want to use?

When renaming a file or folder from Tags I want to use the Sort Artist rather than the Artist tag where possibe so for example I would like my file name to use "Beatles" and not "The Beatles".

I now use %A_%B_%D_%C. If I change %A to %I for the Sort Artist, what will happen if the Sort Artist filed is blank. Will jaikoz use the unsorted value if it finds the sorted value blank?

"In Music/Format Preferences for 'When selecting year and country of release prefer to use Earliest Release Date' it defaults to 'Country'" 

Can you tell me where Music/Format Preference is located. I just cannot see it.
Does jaikoz have the following features:

1) Update the sort fields from the data such as adding artist to sort artist.

2) Can it take certain words such as "the" and remove from the sort field.

As a side question I notice that iTunes seems to add a sort field for data that starts with "The". I have not found how to turn this off in iTunes.

Where does Jaikoz get the artwork?


This is real easy under jaikoz

1) read in your songs

2) Then click on action/ file and folder correct/correct sub folders from tag and correct filename from tag.

If you have the preferences set up correctly you will be able to create subfolder artist/album and save the songs under this subfolder

Look in preferences / file and folder correct for info on how to set up the pattern that you want

I had tried what you suggested but it did not work.

I had to first edit the field and change "#" to "# " and then I could use the Find and Replace. I believe in the case of #11, the pound sign is not surrounded by a word boundry.

Not a big deal I was just wonder if there was something easier.

1) How can I do a mass insert of a string to the BOL or EOL in a column.

2) I would like to auto edit "something #11 something" changing # to No. The "Word Replacer" does not work because # is not around word boundaries.

I saw in a past question 11/2007 that there was going to be a punctuation replacer. I am using the latest version of Jaikoz and do not see this yet. Has this not been implemented yet or is it some where other than under the Manipulators.



Thanks for the fix.

I realize bugs can sometime be hard to track down especially ones that are hard to reproduce.

I do not mind if it takes a person some time to resolve a problem as long as I know they are looking into the problem.

The cost of your produce and the excellent support that you give make this one of the best software products that I have purchased.

Again thanks.


Running Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard.

After installing jaikoz V2.2.1 Build 1041 I get the following error.

"Jaikoz has found a problem with configuration file:/usr/rmcgraw/Library/Preferences/jaikoz/settings.jai:cvd-comples-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element :check2'. No child element is expected at this point."

I installed the new version by just replacing the older version.

I also deleted /usr/rmcgraw/Library/Preferences/jaikoz directory and restarted. I get the same error. Seems Jaikoz creates the directory with the bad file.

->[41] > java -version
java version "1.5.0_13"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_13-b05-237)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_13-119, mixed mode, sharing)

I have not rebooted after installing the new version but then this is a Mac and not a Window machine.

What is the problem?



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