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Setting artwork on Linux is much improved. I can now set more than image. However, if I set the album artwork for one file and then copy&paste or paste all values it only pastes the first image to the selected files.

paultaylor wrote:


Linux link for beta 2 is wrong.


I was able to get the file by changing it to look like the others:


Not really comparing apples & apples are you? I don't think it is fair to use Paul's forum for such blatant promotion of another product. Jaikoz does have its faults like any software package but it also runs on every platform and has many more features than a plugin that specializes in doing a single task.

paultaylor wrote:
Oh, what issue is this, multiple artwork for Flac files ? 


paultaylor wrote:

markfaine wrote:

Does this fix the album art issues? I think that is the copy/paste multiple values reference?

I think so, but please check.

Nope. The artwork dialog allows setting one image. After that all options except rename and delete are grayed out.
I have two Prefs folders now because I accidentally overwrote some hand edits that took a painstakingly long time. One set allows for corrections to spelling, unreadable characters, etc but does not allow over-writing of main fields. The other is for files that need more substantial work. If there were a way to switch these preferences dynamically it would be great. Now I stop Jaikoz and rename one Prefs folder Prefs2 temporarily while I need the other. It is faster than reseting fields.

Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, a way to have a selection apply to every field on a tab would also be good. So, for example, "Never Alter" could be set for every field on a format tab.
In Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) the file selection dialogs in the preferences are taking a long time to come up.
I've been thinking that I need to start using the sort artist field when moving my files because they are starting to bunch together in some ways that makes it harder than it should be to find a specific artist. To that end I tried to find a way to set the File & folder correct->Rename folder from metadata to use
%artistsort% if it exists otherwise continue to use the %bestartist%. Is there a way to do this?

Does this fix the album art issues? I think that is the copy/paste multiple values reference?

"By default when songs are moved associated files are moved as well but this can now be prevented if you uncheck Save:General:Move Associated Files."

A good wishlist feature would be to have the option of setting the folder name, location for the assoicated files. I tend to put all of the .cue .log, etc. in a folder labled "misc" relative to the album it goes with but that is just a matter of personal convention. If I could just say save associated files in folder: <album>/misc that would save me a lot of time.

Well I can't think of a reason but true and 1 are essentially the same thing unless the application(s) in question are reading a string "true" from the tag and doing nothing else with it.

However, more likely, or at least we should hope, any application that reads what it expects to be a boolean value can accept any variation of that boolean value and covert it into what is needed. In other words, a case-insensitive "True" or "Yes" should work as well as a numeric 1. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect anything more flexible than that.

Maybe I'm being naive, about the above and the following but isn't there some sort of standard for these fields?
+1 I was just searching the forum looking for how to do this.

File format is flac
I think maybe I'm not explaining the problem very well.

I can only set one album image regardless of the method used to set it. Once a single image has been set the buttons to add an image are grayed-out and no longer allow adding anymore images. Copy and Paste (of any sort) also does not work with only one exception: I can set multiple images if I drag them onto the field.
Linux 3.8.3 Ubuntu 10.10

The only way I could manage to do it was to drag them in using Nautilus. Copying and pasting multiple images between fields also doesn't work though the logs report a successful field change, in fact nothing is changed.

+1 on Amazon

I love that you support Discogs and Musicbrainz but sometimes they just aren't enough. I have some classical music that has metadata on Amazon but no release in Musicbrainz or Discogs. The only option I have on Linux is to find some other software that will update from Amazon. I'm not saying I'd use it a lot and I will always prefer Muscibrainz/Discogs but there are times when there simply are no other options.
I run Jaikoz on Ubuntu and usually install it into /opt/jaikoz

Also, when running the installer you will need to use sudo:

you@localhost> sudo ./jaikoz-install.sh

The icon will be on the Applications menu under Sound & Video. You can drag it to the desktop if you wish. If you don't see it there open the Main Menu program and make sure it is selected.


works now. Don't know what I did, if anything.
and its not genpuid this time. libstdc+5 is installed and genpuid is linked but matching takes a very long time and I'm lucky even if one track gets matched.

Before this was working now it is not. Can I download previous versions? I'd like to keep downgrading until it starts working again so I can identify when it stopped working.
I find that 99% of the time my process is simply:

1. Open a folder
2. Autocorrect
3. Rename Files based on metadata
4. Rename Subfolders based on metadata
5. Save

How about allowing me to script that so that instead of opening the program I can just pass these as options along with the folder path and each option would be performed on the files in the folder?

Maybe this is already possible and I'm just unaware. If so, please forgive my ignorance.

I guess automating the package install is the best solution for now but ultimately I'd like to see an updated version of genpuid. That is the trouble with closed source software, however, I don't think there is a FOSS alternative in this case. Creating a symlink to version 6 was the first thing I tried but apparently the two library versions are too different. Hopefully, the guys at AmplFind will provide the updated binary before we all start using libstdc++ version 7.


I take it back. It seems that MusicBrainz has acoustic fingerprint functionality and is open source. It must be more complicated than that though. Otherwise why use the binary from Amplfind?

Update again:

Ok, I get it. They support PUIDs but they use genpuid from MusicIP to do it.
Certainly should be a FOSS project though. Maybe someone will eventually take it up.

I wish I could. While I use these features quite a bit I don't do a lot of Linux software packaging. I'm probably just not the best person to ask for this. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find someone willing to do it though. However, setting up a private PPA on launchpad for a commercial project isn't free and I'm guessing it would take someone who has access to the source to do it correctly since releases are probably built from source and packaged all at the same time using something like maven or ant in conjunction with a source code management system like Subversion and perhaps a continuous build system like continuum.

Have you ever considered packaging your application into a deb package (Ubuntu) users? What about a private PPA? I'm probably asking too much and I understand your application is commercial not open source but I think you would see a huge adoption rate if it could be made available this way.

Can you provide a version of genpuid that is linked to libstdc++6?

I have fixed this problem in Ubuntu but it took searching for a deb package for libstdc++.so.5 which is not present by default in Ubuntu 10.04.


One more thing I noticed. A very critical selling point for Jaikoz is not available out of the box with Ubuntu 10.04 because of this issue and what is worse is that it fails silently. Before fixing this I loaded some flac files that had no metadata at all. Auto-correct did nothing but also did not report any errors. After installing libstdc++5 the auto-correct feature added metadata to every file. Someone who has installed Jaikoz but is not aware of this feature would have completely missed that it was not working correctly.

As I said there are very many ways to fix it. I can't claim that this is the best way but only an easy way.

sudoedit /opt/jaikoz/jaikoz.sh

 # set a variable equal to directory where this script resides
 basedir=`dirname $0`
 # change directory to base directory of script
 cd $basedir
 # change /lib/jaikoz.jar to ./lib/jaikoz.jar
 java -Xms150m -Xmx800m -XX:MaxPermSize=200m -jar ./lib/jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

Seems to work for me
I admit I haven't searched for this in the forums and you may already know but in Linux (probably all but Ubuntu for sure) the jaikoz.sh file hardcodes the jar file location to lib/jaikoz.jar. This results in jaikoz not launching properly.

You should probably set the install directory in the user's home directory upon installation and then use that variable in your jaikoz.sh script. Just a suggestion. There are probably many ways to handle this issue.

Also, the menu item isn't being properly set in Gnome (again Ubuntu). Who knows why? I've had to delete the one created by the installer and recreate a new one to fix it.

Still love Jaikoz after all this time. Keep up the good work.


Rapid Evolution, just came across this, thought it might be useful.



From what I can tell regex isn't supported yet? Are you still looking at this or another solution?

I've been trying to use TVersity to stream my flac collection to my ps3 (UPnP) , but it seems that any flac file with embedded cover art ~70KB is causing a problem. Is there some way this can be addressed in Jaikoz? It will probably be fixed in TVersity eventually but the development cycle seems slow.

See: http://forums.tversity.com/viewtopic.php?p=34653&sid=a6d5c823ebd271a8fe6958ec5fe9a177
I am having a similar problem with artwork in 2.4.0. Paste all values is not working.

1. Open Jaikoz

2. Open a folder containing subfolders which themselves contain audio files (flac files in this case).

3. Drag the folder that contains the subfolders into Jaikoz.

Note that nothing is displayed. Jaikoz says 0 files loaded.

4. Select File->Close Open Files

5. Drag the subfolders into Jaikoz directly.

6. Message is displayed informing user that files cannot be loaded twice.

The only way to get around this is to exit and restart and remember to only drag the lowest level artist folder into Jaikoz.

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