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Exciting thanks!!
Agree'd, hopefully a Jaikoz user is actually using it's biggest feature and matching against Musicbrainz and Discogs though.
I regularly use both Jaikoz and SongKong, they are both completely different programs with two different purposes.. I am happy to have paid for both, I can't see how SongKong could ever replace Jaikoz, Jaikoz allows for full manual editing and tons more advanced capabilities than SongKong. SK's only purpose is to auto identify and tag, if it can't auto match it doesn't do anything.. This is where you need Jaikoz to fill in the blanks.

Alfg wrote:
I find it a pity that it's not possible to predict when the next version is released.

Why? Paul is obviously doing what he can with the software even the software giants with hoards of developers get caught up in hard times and can't always deliver consistently. I think it's even beyond amazing that he is extremely responsive to almost every forum post ever on here.. You'll find that most small devs give up on their software after a short time and won't offer any help or be available for any kind of contact.

Just relax, kick back and enjoy your music and he'll eventually get things rolling along.
This sounds like a good approach, I think I can follow the logic and it makes sense..
I see your point, makes sense..

What about adding in an Advanced tab in the GUI w/ a warning about the settings and you can start adding some of these advanced features here.. or maybe just add a flag in the INI file that only advanced users know about.

nice, thx for open #955 that'll be helpful!
Can we either have in option in SK to never treat folders as random songs, or manually set the # of songs in a folder before SK treats it as random... or even better yet, just attempt to match the folder as an album before treating it as random..

I also have the billboard collections and can't get SK to match them even though they exist in musicbrainz.. there needs to be a way to handle this..

Awesome, thanks!
Thanks, further testing showed even one extra period breaks, so if a a file name contains feat. It will not load.
Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but if an mp3 file name contains two or more consecutive periods .. or ... etc, SK will not load the file and/or fail to match the album. this is in version 3.18 on Win7 x64.

no, it cleared up later on that day.. thanks!
I think it's worth it, the spam seems to be crazy recently!
Hey Paul,

I am tagging a bunch of songs today and SK is crawling along super slow, maybe 50-100 songs every 5-10 mins. I was wondering if you are having any server issues going on? Thanks!
+1 to Not-a-Programmer's reply!!
Hey Paul,

What's with all of the forum spam you are getting? I think maybe it's time to invest in some better forum software that can help to combat all of the spam you are getting
Like the title says, Why does Jaikoz blatantly disregard the "Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album" option? I am running auto correct and Jaikoz is consistently ignoring this option and matching tracks to many different albums.. I keep having to go back and run the "Match to one MusicBrainz Album" option to fix.. and it's painfully time consuming..

See the attached screenshot and you'll see what Jaikoz is doing even with the option turned on..

Using Jaikoz v8.3.4 NGS


EDIT: Your forum software keeps crashing out when I try to add attachments.. see the images here:

EDIT #2: See below screenshot for results after running the "Match to one MusicBrainz album" action.. Why is thi able to match albums, but autocorrect cant? Honestly I've been battling this exact issue in Jaikoz for the years that I've been using it, but finally wanted to bring it up as it just seems crazy to me..

Auto correct should include whatever functionality that the Match to one album action is using.. i really do spend a lot of time going back after running auto correct scrolling thru hundreds and hundreds of albums and having to apply this work around..

Please help me to understand if this is intentional and why.. Thanks!

I noticed that when I use Auto Correct, Jaikoz will 'often' not match an album that I know exists in MB.. So if I force a match to a specific album, I get a pop up window that tell me 1 track is way different because it's time is off. I usually assume this is a typo in MB as the time for the one track usually waaay off (10s of minutes).

So is there a way I can tell jaikoz that if all else is well but 1 or 2 tracks have the time length way off, go ahead and match anyway?

I see this happen a lot through out my auto correction so it'd be nice to have as an option..

Oh also, is there a way I can change the number of files before jaikoz treats a folder as random songs instead of an album? This should be configurable as I often have albums with 50 or more tracks and Jaikoz always assumes its a bunch of singles and starts matching things all crazy..

Thanks for another great update, matching is indeed quite improved in the last couple of versions. Are these updates going to make in to SongKong? Thanks!
Beautiful art Paul, You have some amazing skills! Thanks you for sharing.
I use a similar setup for my folders and the problem i run in to is if the tags are empty or missing you end up with a lot of empty square brackets in your folder names, ex. [] []. Especially going to be a problem for you if you are going to use that for your actual sub-folders with multiple albums under it, you might end up with a lot of albums under folder named \[]\.

What we really need is (and I'm sure its possible, just don't know how) is a If Not Empty, Then type of statement.
logs sent..
I won't be able to send my logs until Monday.. However, no I not using iTunes, it's not installed on this machine. But the cancellation is consistent when I run sk on large folders of random singd (15-25k songs)

It starts to load several thousand or so, never starts any processing and quits.

I'll get logs on Monday for you.
In SK 3.15 I'm seeing it quit scanning prematurely as well, it says canceled by user in the report. It seems to happen when I point it to very large folders of 15-20k+ mp3's in one folder.. I think this is a new bug in 3.15 .. it stops after only loading 2-5k songs, doesn't seem to start processing any songs really before it quits.
Hello, as I sit here watching SK process some songs and looking at the status screen, i was thinking it would be helpful to change it up a bit.. i think "songs saved" should say "songs with updated metadata" and add a new row with "songs moved/renamed" as it is currently somewhat misleading, not all songs saved are always moved/renamed..

hey this is pretty cool! I like the idea, and I can see lots of potential in the cross referencing you are doing. good work! p.s. I've been wondering what you've been up too this past few months, with no bug tracker updates for SK or Jaikoz ;)
Excellent, thank you!!

I was wondering if you can help me to write a better 'ifnotempty' function..

Currently ifnotempty outputs the specified mask and then a separator. I'd like help in writing it so it instead of a separator it outputs a string including the mask and also an else.

For example I would write something like, ifnotempty(year, ' [' + year + ']', '')

So it works kind of like an if, then, else. If NotEmpty year, then do this, else do this.

Can you help me create a ifnotempty2 that would help me to accomplish this? Thank you!!
Nevermind, I got it figured out..

(mbreleasetype='Soundtrack' ? '[Soundtrack] ':'')

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