In general Java developers welcome,these are currently the areas where we could to with some help,easiest tasks first:

  • Improving the Javadocs
  • Writing Junit tests, I know this is dull but they really do help and will become more important as this project grows
  • Fixing bugs for the lesser used frames, the text frames are stable but there are some frames such as ASPI which need more work
  • Fixing bugs for Lyrics3, the Lyrics3 part of the API is broken
  • Skeletal implementations for different Audio formats, it should be possible to create subclasses of AbstractAudioHeader for the different file types independently

Requesting Roles

Please send me an email at to request a role within the project stating what you would like to do and if you have any experience of working on Java/Open source projects

Development Environment

You will need to install CVS for source control and Ant for builds,Junit is used for unit testing. The favoured IDE is IntelliJ JetBrains and there is an IntelliJ project setup but you can you whatever IDE you feel comfortable with, however the format and style of your code should fit in with the coding template define dwithin the IntelliJ project.

Development Documentation

Other Open Source APIS

The following projects provide methods to tag audio files, I dont believe any provide as flexible solution as jaudiotagger but they all have their stengths and weaknesses, there is no point in reinventing the wheel so I would like to try and collabarate with these projects where possible.