The TagOptionSingleton class lets you modify how jaudiotagger saves files, you can change a value by using the appropriate setter


You can reset the options back to the default as follows


The most important preferences are as follows

Pad Numbers

ID3 saves track and disc numbers as text , and it is quite common for it to be zero padded to aid sorting , i.e 01 instead of 1 or 03/10 instead of 3/10 , this option is disabled by default

Unsync Tags

To prevent audio players confusing the information in an ID3 metadata tag with the audio data the ID3 data can be unsynchronized. But some old players /software cannot properly read unsynced tags. Unsyncing tags only has any effect when adding large data field such as cover art to a tag, this option is enabled by default.


ID3v24 allowed multiple values to be held in a single text field by seperating the fields by nulls, some Tag Editors have misunderstood this and add a null seperator to the end of all fields . This is incorrect a null terminator should only be added between values in a multi value field. This options strips trailing nulls on write if it finds them, this option is enabled by default.