Welcome to Jaudiotagger. Jaudiotagger is the Audio Tagging library used by Jaikoz for tagging data in Audio files. It currently fully supports Mp3, Mp4 (Mp4 audio, M4a and M4p audio) Ogg Vorbis, Flac and Wma, there is limited support for Wav and Real formats.


It can be freely used under the terms of the Lesser General Public License. In essence this means that it can be used in any application but if you improve or modify the library those modifications should be freely available, it would be be appreciated if modifications could be posted to

If you are unsure whether your modifications are outside of the license restrictions please contact .


Jaudiotagger is not the only Java tagging library available, but does have some key benefits you might like to consider in evaluating a library to use

  • Provide a generic interface for the most popular thirty attributes for all the fully supported formats
  • Supports reading and writing of mp4,m4a and mp4p (protected) files, including multiple images and reverse dns fields
  • Supports Multiple Page Ogg Vorbis Comments
  • Supports MP3 ID3v1,ID3v11, ID3v2.2, v2.3 and v2.4 are transparently
  • Allows easy conversion between ID3 tag versions
  • Supports Flac, including embedded and linked image support
  • Provides proper object representations of most fields, rather than a simple byte representation
  • Fully supports Unicode Text Encoding
  • Is being actively developed and supported
  • Uses an automatic testsuite to ensure code compatibility betweens versions
  • Uses a Code Coverage tool to ensure code is actually being tested
  • Is being used by a number of applications

If you are only working with Mp4 files another useful java project is Isobox Mp4 Parser

Getting Involved

If you have a specific bug, feature, or issue to discuss, then it should be posted to the Issue Tracker. If you would like to be involved in development please send me an email at to request a role within the project, stating what you would like to do and any experience of working on Java/Open source projects. There is more information on development on the Development Work page.