Class Summary
AbstractChunk<T extends Chunk> Specifies methods for creating Chunk objects.
AbstractMetadataContainer<T extends MetadataContainer> This class tests the correct implementation of MetadataContainer implementations.
ChunkContainerTest Tests the correctness of the ChunkContainer implementation.
ChunkTest Test for simple Chunk.
ContainerTypeTest Since the tested enumeration ContainerType is more a definition of constant nature, these tests are more a safety precaution to prevent numerous cases of accidental modifications (e.g.
ContentBrandingTest Tests the content branding container.
ContentDescriptionTest Tests the content description container.
GUIDTest Tests the correctness of GUID.
LanguageListTest Test for LanguageList.
MetadataContainerTest Implementation of AbstractMetadataContainer which tests MetadataContainer for the container types:
MetadataContainerUtils This class provides methods for working with MetadataContainer objects.
MetadataDescriptorTest Tests the most important data structure for the basic ASF implementations metadata.
MetadataDescriptorUtils This class provides methods for working with MetadataDescriptor objects.

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