Automatic Song Identification

Do you have any tracks called Track 1, Track 2 .. with no additional information, how do you identify them ?

Jaikoz uses intelligent acoustic matching from Acoustid to listen to your songs and find matches even when they have no information at all, but also takes advantage of existing file and metadata information to ensure you get the best album match.

Completely Automated

Jaikoz is designed so that except for Manual Correct none of the tasks require any input from you once you have started the task so you can do the matching overnight or whilst you are at work. Jaikoz automatically retries if there are connection problems, and all errors are handled and logged.

Release Based Matching

Songs are often released on many variants of a release, i.e an album could be released in a limited edition with extra bonus tracks, or there may be different variants released in different countries, and the song could be available on an artists Best of Compilation or Various Artists compilations. So if you just match each song one by one you can end up with songs that should all be on one variant of a release spread out over many releases, this is not what you want !.

Jaikoz groups songs by their metadata and their folder and matches groups of songs to a release using metadata and acoustid rather than matching songs individually, this gives much better results. Jaikoz only matches songs individually if it fails to find an album that all the songs match to.

Matching Options

Some taggers take a one size fits all approach, click on a button and it will fix everything, no preferences are required because it will be perfect. Jaikoz takes a more realistic approach.

For example maybe you have a compilation album consisting of songs by various artists, the obvious approach during release based matching would be to match these songs to the same compilation album in MusicBrainz but some customers are not interested in compilations and require the songs to be matched to the original album they were released on even though they do not own the original release. This can only be solved by providing preferences , Jaikoz provides the Prefer do not Match to Various Artist Compilations exactly for this purpose.

Or maybe you want to match to the compilation but would rather store the date the songs was originally released rather than the date the compilation was released, Jaikoz provides the Put Original Year into Year Field for this. There are lots of other options that we do not detail here.

Choose the Match

When trying to automatically match songs there are two conflicting pressures, the pressure to match as many songs as possible and the pressure not to incorrectly match a song to the wrong song. There comes a point whereby a potential match is found but Jaikoz is not confident enough in its accuracy to select it, this is where Manual Match is helpful.

Instead of leaving everything to Jaikoz you can let Jaikoz show you potential matches and you decide what the best match is, you can apply a match for individual song or more usefully for all songs that have the selected release as a potential match.

You can also search for matching songs using your own criteria from within Jaikoz, you have access to the full MusicBrainz Search Syntax to give you the ultimate in flexibility.

Dedicated Server

Jaikoz uses our own dedicated Albunack Music Server regularly updated from the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases. This server is optimized to give you more accurate matches, faster then you would get if directly using MusicBrainz or Discogs

It also means we are unaffected with any problems with these servers

Albunack has 100% uptime and automatically starts new additional servers if needed at times of heavy load

Match from Discogs

MusicBrainz does not have everything so Jaikoz does release based matching from Discogs as well.

Match from Barcode

Bought a new L.P, digitised it but the converter software didn not actually add any metadata. You can use just enter the barcode from your L.P and if its known to MusicBrainz it will match your tracks to the correct album.

Match to Album

If you want to match a group of songs to a particular MusicBrainz or Discogs release you can just tell Jaikoz the Id and Jaikoz will do the rest for you.