Update MusicBrainz more easily

MusicBrainz is a fantastic resource that is maintained by a very knowledgeable user community and Jaikoz uses it to correct your metadata. But the majority of changes to the MusicBrainz data are done manually via their website - this is very time consuming. But Jaikoz can also be used to help improve the data in MusicBrainz, it does this in multiple ways.

Match MusicBrainz Ids to Acoustic Id

When you have an Acoustic Id that does not currently have a match in the MusicBrainz you have to match your track to a MusicBrainz Id using only the metadata. But once you have identified the track you can submit the MusicBrainz/Acoustid Pair to MusicBrainz using the Submit MusicBrainz/Puid Pair action. This helps you and other users of MusicBrainz because now tracks with the same acoustid id will find a match in MusicBrainz even without any metadata.

Submit Genres

You can now submit genres in your tracks to the MusicBrainz Folksonomy Cloud, tracks are submitted at track and release level. The Folksonomy cloud is used by Jaikoz to tag your tracks with genres, and you can specify a blacklist for submitting and downloading genres. You can also use Update Metadata from Discogs to import genres from Discogs and then submit them to MusicBrainz.

Submit to your Collection

You can now submit all your releases to the new MusicBrainz Collection feature. This allows you to monitor any changes made to these releases within MusicBrainz, be informed of new releases by your favourite artists and share your collections with others.

Submit New Release

Have an album that isn't in MusicBrainz, as long as you have all the tracks on the album and the artist, album, title and track no fields completed you can submit the new release to MusicBrainz using Submit New Release. The MusicBrainz Release Editor is opened in your Web Browser with the information pre filled, if you have fields such as catalagno and record label completed these will be pre filled as well, so you this can save a lot of time.

Identifying Missing Information

We know most about the tracks we own, so we can use Jaikoz to help add missing information to MusicBrainz. Once a track has been matched by MusicBrainz it can have 31 fields populated by MusicBrainz. Because of the way Jaikoz uses a spreadsheet view for the data it is very easy to see in Jaikoz when information is missing and you can use the View this Track at MusicBrainz option to open the track details on the MusicBrainz website to enter the missing details. There are also View this album at MusicBrainz and View this Artist at MusicBrainz options that may be more suitable, it depends on what information you would like to add or amend.

MusicBrainz can populate the Release Discogs url or Release Wikipedia url and if these fields have been populated you can open these from Jaikoz and use the information to complete the MusicBrainz information easily.