Jaikoz 11.0.1 Slowdive released May 24th 2021

We are pleased to announce Jaikoz 11.0.1 Slowdive is now released

Release notes - Jaikoz - Version 11.0.1


JAIKOZ-1312 iTunes model not created orn startup if UpdateItunes enabled

JAIKOZ-1309 Modifications to genre list dont take effect until restart Jaikoz

JAIKOZ-1307 Preferences that stores list breaking if values contain comma

JAIKOZ-1306 If BaseFolder is set it is ignored when loading files

JAIKOZ-1305 Some settings not being saved correctly

JAIKOZ-1279 Must reset temporary data added from filename to aid search in Artist/Title/Album before updating data from match

JAIKOZ-1268 MacOS:Command-1 overridden by MacOS Command-1