Jaikoz 11.1.0 Hole released March 3rd 2022

We are pleased to announce Jaikoz 11.1.0 Hole is now released

Release notes - Jaikoz - Version 11.1


JAIKOZ-1371 Synchronize row sorting between views, should attempt to sync scrolling when on same table AND tab

JAIKOZ-1368 If Classical:Copy Work to Grouping isSupport is set to MP3 and AIF should apply to all ID3 formats

JAIKOZ-1361 Jaikoz not adding Bpm unless it is within the Albunack Db Cache

JAIKOZ-1357 Low level fixes for audio format issues

JAIKOZ-1350 Fixed some issues with MusicBrainz Pefromers

JAIKOZ-1346 Changes tab on detail panel only the shows the first value (for multi field valueds such as instrument)

JAIKOZ-1345 Cell Editor for Instrument field only allows editing of one field

JAIKOZ-1344 Match Songs to Selected Release in Manual Tag from Musicbrainz only works if Row No then Select columns are visible

JAIKOZ-1343 Even if set to zero if MP4 has a compilation field it is shown as compilation in Jaikoz

JAIKOZ-1341 Classical:Remove Composers from Album Artist alwasy enabled even if unset

JAIKOZ-1338 If have invalid Acoustid user key Jaikoz does not report that when you try and Submit Acoustid /Mb Id Pairs

JAIKOZ-1219 MacOS Mojave:Column Sorter not working reliably


JAIKOZ-1373 MacOS:For Dark mode move from Darcula to FlatLafDark

JAIKOZ-1367 Better match defaults to SongKong Default profile defaults

JAIKOZ-1363 For ID3 save Media as plain text instead of mapping to list

JAIKOZ-1360 IsCompilation, IsGreatestHits fields should be set to zero if not true rather than not being set at all

JAIKOZ-1358 Add autopopulation of Amazon Id (ASIN)

JAIKOZ-1349 Add support for Discogs performers

JAIKOZ-1348 Jaikoz not adding artist wikipedia or official site urls

JAIKOZ-1342 Add Hide Column option to the column header

JAIKOZ-1340 Add -d start folder option that would replace the value of startRead Folder


JAIKOZ-1234 Albunack should store release level performer credits

JAIKOZ-612 Move fields from Audio tab in to the main View/Edit displays

JAIKOZ-604 Add freely configurable panes/tabs/grid views

JAIKOZ-576 Support Multi-Column Sorting

JAIKOZ-6 Add predefined column sets to Table Preferences such as 'iTunes view'