Jaikoz 11.3.0 Ride released March 14th 2022

We are pleased to announce Jaikoz 11.3.0 Ride is now released

Release notes - Jaikoz - Version 11.3


JAIKOZ-1395 Exception when load new files with DuplicateAcoustid Highlighter enabled

JAIKOZ-1394 When artwork is larger than 1000 pixels the View Artwork Full Size doesnt show whole image

JAIKOZ-1392 RowSorter Exception

JAIKOZ-1390 Regression:Highlight Field Not working


JAIKOZ-1397 Add support for Fanart.tv Cover art, when it has the artwork it is always of high quality, keyed by MusicBrainz ReleaseGroupId so a good fit.

JAIKOZ-1393 Change the default max size of artwork to 1200 so dont need to resize if getting large thumbnails from Caa