Jaikoz 11.6 Bauhaus released January 5th 2023


JAIKOZ-1364 Column Control should organize unselected columns alphabetically and perhaps grouped by type (e.g sort field)

JAIKOZ-1365 When add performers from Discogs they should be added alphabetically

JAIKOZ-1430 Should change Standard license details to say Standard not Full to match terminology used on website

JAIKOZ-1433 Merge View Audio tab into Edit tab


JAIKOZ-1326 Submit MusicBrainz/AcoustID Pair to the server does not work

JAIKOZ-1422 When create new rename mask not added to rename mask dropdown until close and reopen Preferences

JAIKOZ-1426 If you have View and Edit windows open and change tab it should automatically change tab on other view as well

JAIKOZ-1429 Problem on end of load files if sorting on View Audio tab

JAIKOZ-1431 When get unexpected error in jaikoz should say report to forum not report to support@jthink.net

JAIKOZ-1432 Unable to retrieve image data from image cache causing UnexpectedError reported to user

JAIKOZ-1434 In Light mode one of the striped background colours is not quite right for columns showing checkbox

JAIKOZ-1435 Split between View and Edit panel not splitting reliably