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Fix Songs Report 12


Summarizes the current SongKong configuration

Current Profile:Default


  • For songs already fully matched :Update Metadata and Filename only
  • Rename files based on metadata:No
  • Update Artwork:Yes
  • Update Genres:No
  • Update Mood and other acoustic attributes such as BPM (Pro or Melco license only):Yes
  • Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album:Yes
  • Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched:No


  • Force Acoustic fingerprints even if already matched:No
  • For Naim wav files read the accompanying metadata files (Melco license only):No
  • Search for a MusicBrainz match:Yes
  • Update from Discogs:Yes
  • Search for a Discogs match:Yes
  • Ignore existing metadata when matching individual songs:No
  • Ignore metadata derived from filename when matching individual songs:No
  • All existing folders represent a single album:No
  • Preferred media formats:
  • Preferred Release Date:Earliest Release Date
  • Preferred Release Countries:United Kingdom


  • Resize artwork if dimensions larger than (pixels):1000
  • Ignore artwork smaller than this (pixels):200
  • Save cover art embedded within song file:Replace if empty
  • Save cover art to filesystem:Yes, but do not overwrite existing artwork files in folder
  • Saved cover art filename:folder
  • Artist Artwork Options (Pro or Melco license only):Yes
  • Find artist artwork for these types:Album Artist, Artist, Composer
  • Save album artist artwork to artist folders in filesystem:Yes, and overwrite existing artwork files in folder
  • Add all artist artwork to folder:No


  • Never modify or add these fields:
  • Only modify these fields if empty:BPM, Key, Mood
  • Allow changes to songs existing metadata fields if Song Only match:Yes
  • Romanize non-Latin script artist names wherever possible:Yes
  • Use standard Artist name instead of name displayed on cover:Yes
  • Use standard Track title instead of title displayed on cover:No
  • Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on cover:Yes
  • Use Original Release Date:No
  • Add EP, Single, Compilation, Live and Remix release types to release title:Yes
  • Add Audio Format to release title:No
  • Add [HD] to album title for High Definition albums (Pro or Melco license only):Yes
  • When tracks contains featured artists:Add all contributing artists to the artist field
  • When albums contains featured album artists:Add all contributing album artists to the album artist field
  • Multi Disc Releases :Add Disc No to the release title if disc has title


  • Identify Classical releases:Classical albums identified by SongKong
  • Apply these options to releases identified as Classical:Yes
  • Add Composers to start of Album Title :Yes
  • Remove Composer from Album Artist :No
  • Use only Artist Type to categorise groups as ensembles, choirs or orchestras:No
  • Shorten Song Title to the Movement:No
  • Copy Work to Grouping field:MP3 and AIF (iTunes)
  • Track Artist:Performers and Ensemble/Choir/Orchestra and Conductor
  • Never modify or add these fields:
  • Only modify these fields if empty:

File Naming

  • Simplify non-standard characters:Yes
  • Rename filename part only:No
  • Limit File Path to Windows Explorer 259 Character limit:Apply to internal and locally connected NTFS/FAT32 drives only
  • Enable Maximum File Path Length:No
  • Move Folder:No
  • Move Unmatched Folder:No
  • Rename mask:AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Artist - Album - Track - Title
  • Compilation rename mask:AlbumArtistorVariousArtist/Album/Artist-Album-TrackNo-Title


  • If song moved to another folder move :Everything
  • MP3 Metatag Version:Same as or v23
  • Disc / Track number padding:Pad with up to one zero
  • Save Vorbis/Flac AlbumArtist as:ALBUMARTIST
  • After SongKong has finished processing songs:Always open Report in browser
  • Save songs so they work best with iTunes:No