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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
AlbumAnyone Who Had a HeartAnyone Who Had a Heart (single)
Artwork - Artist
1000 x 1000
Artwork - Album Artist
1000 x 1000
Artwork - Composer
675 x 675
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Ide99b2bc4-b9b0-4abc-b29c-40a98eaf0e82e99b2bc4-b9b0-4abc-b29c-40a98eaf0e82
Album ArtistCilla BlackCilla Black
Album ArtistsCilla BlackCilla Black
ArtistCilla BlackCilla Black
Artist Discogs Url
Artist Official Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsCilla BlackCilla Black
Artwork - Front Cover
600 x 600
600 x 600
Cat NoR 5101R 5101
ComposerBurt BacharachBurt Bacharach
CountryUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Country CodeGBGB
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Floating Bpm163.0642163.0642
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits00
LyricistHal DavidHal David
MB Artist Ide002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5e002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5
MB Original Release Id84ed5577-0e8c-49dd-9435-311a512d44b684ed5577-0e8c-49dd-9435-311a512d44b6
MB Recording Id836322e5-45f9-4e47-9337-daa5527fbdb2836322e5-45f9-4e47-9337-daa5527fbdb2
MB Recording WorkAnyone Who Had a HeartAnyone Who Had a Heart
MB Recording Work Id86f59eda-bfda-3af5-9f6a-5cf2d70c7cb386f59eda-bfda-3af5-9f6a-5cf2d70c7cb3
MB Release Artist Ide002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5e002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5
MB Release Group Id90b5df61-bf74-3d3b-9f7e-b7017706fcab90b5df61-bf74-3d3b-9f7e-b7017706fcab
MB Release Id84ed5577-0e8c-49dd-9435-311a512d44b684ed5577-0e8c-49dd-9435-311a512d44b6
MB Track Id49bb0382-2d4c-3a2e-a2f3-b19b28a3ba9849bb0382-2d4c-3a2e-a2f3-b19b28a3ba98
MB WorkAnyone Who Had a HeartAnyone Who Had a Heart
MB Work Id86f59eda-bfda-3af5-9f6a-5cf2d70c7cb386f59eda-bfda-3af5-9f6a-5cf2d70c7cb3
Media7" Vinyl7" Vinyl
Mood Aggressive1919
Mood Arousal-61-61
Mood Dance1313
Mood Happy5959
Mood Party9393
Mood Relaxed3838
Mood Sad4747
Mood Valence1919
Original AlbumAnyone Who Had a HeartAnyone Who Had a Heart
Original Release Year1964-01-311964-01-31
Part TypeSongSong
Release Discogs Url
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release TypeSingleSingle
Single Disc TrackNo0101
Sort Album ArtistBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort Album ArtistsBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ArtistBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ArtistsBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ComposerBacharach, BurtBacharach, Burt
Sort LyricistDavid, HalDavid, Hal
TitleAnyone Who Had a HeartAnyone Who Had a Heart
Track No0101
Track Total0202
Work TypeSongSong