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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
AlbumHer Greatest HitsHer Greatest Hits (Compilation)
Artwork - Artist
1000 x 1000
Artwork - Album Artist
1000 x 1000
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Idfe8e90c2-c565-453b-97dd-a615b4c0fe50fe8e90c2-c565-453b-97dd-a615b4c0fe50
Album ArtistCilla BlackCilla Black
Album ArtistsCilla BlackCilla Black
Amazon IdB000006SY5B000006SY5
ArtistCilla BlackCilla Black
Artist Official Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsCilla BlackCilla Black
Artwork - Front Cover
500 x 500
500 x 500
Cat NoWM 860022WM 860022
ComposerUmberto BindiUmberto Bindi
Country CodeNLNL
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Floating Bpm97.576997.5769
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits11
LabelWoodford MusicWoodford Music
LyricistGino PaoliGino Paoli
MB Artist Ide002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5e002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5
MB Original Release Id2ebdc158-4d32-40f9-9aea-82b153b6443f2ebdc158-4d32-40f9-9aea-82b153b6443f
MB Recording Ide4fff88e-8026-4464-8cf5-6b1d218f12c8e4fff88e-8026-4464-8cf5-6b1d218f12c8
MB Recording WorkYou’re My WorldYou’re My World
MB Recording Work Id6d21d3c1-ffb3-3689-9f11-871dc319c14d6d21d3c1-ffb3-3689-9f11-871dc319c14d
MB Release Artist Ide002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5e002853b-7843-449b-a46a-c35fe6b8bed5
MB Release Group Idaecd3e61-26e0-3b1d-a641-6f1d9590f2feaecd3e61-26e0-3b1d-a641-6f1d9590f2fe
MB Release Idaad5faac-0393-3016-9f19-86c07ebb7b88aad5faac-0393-3016-9f19-86c07ebb7b88
MB Track Id90027971-ed0f-343f-940b-ed30f2df9e4f90027971-ed0f-343f-940b-ed30f2df9e4f
MB WorkYou’re My WorldYou’re My World
MB Work Id6d21d3c1-ffb3-3689-9f11-871dc319c14d6d21d3c1-ffb3-3689-9f11-871dc319c14d
MoodExtremely calmExtremely calm
Mood Aggressive66
Mood Arousal-87-87
Mood Dance2626
Mood Happy9090
Mood Party8282
Mood Relaxed4949
Mood Sad3535
Mood Valence8181
Original Album25 Hits of the Big British Breakthrough25 Hits of the Big British Breakthrough
Original Release Year19741974
Part TypeSongSong
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release Type
  • Album
  • Compilation
  • Album
  • Compilation
Single Disc TrackNo0202
Sort Album ArtistBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort Album ArtistsBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ArtistBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ArtistsBlack, CillaBlack, Cilla
Sort ComposerBindi, UmbertoBindi, Umberto
Sort LyricistPaoli, GinoPaoli, Gino
TitleYou're My World (Il Mio Mondo)You're My World (Il Mio Mondo)
Track No0202
Track Total1818
Work TypeSongSong