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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
Artwork - Artist
627 x 627
Artwork - Album Artist
627 x 627
Artwork - Composer
627 x 627
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Id5a4c92e5-0bf0-41ed-8d66-37faf4f4a4755a4c92e5-0bf0-41ed-8d66-37faf4f4a475
Album"Also sprach Zarathustra""Also sprach Zarathustra"
Album ArtistRichard StraussRichard Strauss
Album ArtistsRichard StraussRichard Strauss
Amazon IdB001B54MR0B001B54MR0
ArtistRichard StraussRichard Strauss
Artist Discogs Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsRichard StraussRichard Strauss
Artwork - Front Cover
599 x 599
599 x 599
Cat No400 072-2400 072-2
ComposerRichard StraussRichard Strauss
ConductorSeiji OzawaSeiji Ozawa
Country CodeDEDE
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits00
MB Artist Id4cb43d82-824e-4034-b03d-1a98f36f6e164cb43d82-824e-4034-b03d-1a98f36f6e16
MB Original Release Id2c44d2e2-74e8-4f17-ad3c-6399341a51582c44d2e2-74e8-4f17-ad3c-6399341a5158
MB Recording Ide7338abf-46d6-4dbe-a9a5-1e3409195704e7338abf-46d6-4dbe-a9a5-1e3409195704
MB Recording WorkAlso sprach ZarathustraAlso sprach Zarathustra
MB Recording Work Idfec1c6a5-ece2-393b-89ed-00cdf5cf2afafec1c6a5-ece2-393b-89ed-00cdf5cf2afa
MB Release Artist Id4cb43d82-824e-4034-b03d-1a98f36f6e164cb43d82-824e-4034-b03d-1a98f36f6e16
MB Release Group Id39acef7f-a6ac-3eae-8193-788415a8117939acef7f-a6ac-3eae-8193-788415a81179
MB Release Id2c44d2e2-74e8-4f17-ad3c-6399341a51582c44d2e2-74e8-4f17-ad3c-6399341a5158
MB Track Id7b4e2d40-18ae-3f16-9ce4-eeefdcaf8ed97b4e2d40-18ae-3f16-9ce4-eeefdcaf8ed9
MB WorkAlso sprach ZarathustraAlso sprach Zarathustra
MB Work Idfec1c6a5-ece2-393b-89ed-00cdf5cf2afafec1c6a5-ece2-393b-89ed-00cdf5cf2afa
Original Album"Also sprach Zarathustra""Also sprach Zarathustra"
Original Release Year19831983
Release Discogs Url
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release TypeSingleSingle
Single Disc TrackNo0101
Sort Album ArtistStrauss, RichardStrauss, Richard
Sort Album ArtistsStrauss, RichardStrauss, Richard
Sort ArtistStrauss, RichardStrauss, Richard
Sort ArtistsStrauss, RichardStrauss, Richard
Sort ComposerStrauss, RichardStrauss, Richard
Sort ConductorOzawa, SeijiOzawa, Seiji
TitleAlso sprach ZarathustraAlso sprach Zarathustra
Track No0101
Track Total0101