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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
Mood Aggressive925
Mood Arousal-90-80
Mood Dance8138
Mood Happy8694
Mood Party2046
Mood Relaxed9590
Mood Sad3225
Mood Valence7289
Artwork - Artist
500 x 500
Artwork - Album Artist
500 x 500
Artwork - Composer
386 x 386
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Id145ae412-ce8d-4118-b42c-8fd34f3efb26145ae412-ce8d-4118-b42c-8fd34f3efb26
Album ArtistThe KinksThe Kinks
Album ArtistsThe KinksThe Kinks
ArtistThe KinksThe Kinks
Artist Discogs Url
Artist Official Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsThe KinksThe Kinks
Artwork - Front Cover
500 x 500
500 x 500
Cat NoRS 6184RS 6184
ComposerRay DaviesRay Davies
CountryUnited StatesUnited States
Country CodeUSUS
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Floating Bpm125.5116125.5116
GenrePop RockPop Rock
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits00
LabelReprise RecordsReprise Records
LyricistRay DaviesRay Davies
MB Artist Id17b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db917b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db9
MB Original Release Idfb9740be-7039-44b1-b099-866a50996713fb9740be-7039-44b1-b099-866a50996713
MB Recording Ida6504d75-8a2e-42d9-8725-61bf3eff7ccfa6504d75-8a2e-42d9-8725-61bf3eff7ccf
MB Recording WorkSee My FriendsSee My Friends
MB Recording Work Id10407786-24a6-32a7-9fab-67d1c749a39510407786-24a6-32a7-9fab-67d1c749a395
MB Release Artist Id17b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db917b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db9
MB Release Group Id6dc88c11-0184-3f4c-82c9-8203c84ef03c6dc88c11-0184-3f4c-82c9-8203c84ef03c
MB Release Id6ba5753f-5310-326c-a642-a1b301d4a3766ba5753f-5310-326c-a642-a1b301d4a376
MB Track Id25635c1e-48cb-3547-9af5-4957ecfa0e8e25635c1e-48cb-3547-9af5-4957ecfa0e8e
MB WorkSee My FriendsSee My Friends
MB Work Id10407786-24a6-32a7-9fab-67d1c749a39510407786-24a6-32a7-9fab-67d1c749a395
Media12" Vinyl12" Vinyl
MoodExtremely calmExtremely calm
Original AlbumSee My Friends / Never Met a Girl Like You BeforeSee My Friends / Never Met a Girl Like You Before
Original Release Year1965-07-301965-07-30
Part TypeSongSong
Release Discogs Url
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release TypeAlbumAlbum
Release Wikipedia Url
Single Disc TrackNo0606
Sort Album ArtistKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort Album ArtistsKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort ArtistKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort ArtistsKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort ComposerDavies, RayDavies, Ray
Sort LyricistDavies, RayDavies, Ray
TitleSee My FriendsSee My Friends
Track No0606
Track Total1111
Work TypeSongSong