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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
Artwork - Artist
500 x 500
Artwork - Album Artist
500 x 500
Artwork - Composer
1000 x 1000
Artwork - Composer
386 x 386
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Idcfed78ac-09cf-43ba-8c16-82facb49a8a9cfed78ac-09cf-43ba-8c16-82facb49a8a9
AlbumSomething Else by The KinksSomething Else by The Kinks
Album ArtistThe KinksThe Kinks
Album ArtistsThe KinksThe Kinks
Amazon IdB004WDPX9YB004WDPX9Y
ArtistThe KinksThe Kinks
Artist Discogs Url
Artist Official Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsThe KinksThe Kinks
Artwork - Front Cover
600 x 600
600 x 600
Cat NoNPL 18193NPL 18193
  • Dave Davies
  • Ray Davies
  • Dave Davies
  • Ray Davies
CountryUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Country CodeGBGB
Disc No0101
Disc SubtitleThe Original Stereo AlbumThe Original Stereo Album
Disc Total0101
EngineerAlan McKenzieAlan McKenzie
Floating Bpm162.3824162.3824
GenreClassic RockClassic Rock
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits00
LabelPye RecordsPye Records
MB Artist Id17b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db917b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db9
MB Original Release Idad0615da-12b5-421d-b5d5-dbb6ceda8350ad0615da-12b5-421d-b5d5-dbb6ceda8350
MB Recording Ide8624bb1-50e7-443f-95ad-8c64b5ddf574e8624bb1-50e7-443f-95ad-8c64b5ddf574
MB Recording WorkDeath of a ClownDeath of a Clown
MB Recording Work Id9301b721-f5f8-4530-a987-871689c86c4f9301b721-f5f8-4530-a987-871689c86c4f
MB Release Artist Id17b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db917b53d9f-5c63-4a09-a593-dde4608e0db9
MB Release Group Idab0ea2d3-a273-3d7f-855b-f9930a1395cfab0ea2d3-a273-3d7f-855b-f9930a1395cf
MB Release Idad0615da-12b5-421d-b5d5-dbb6ceda8350ad0615da-12b5-421d-b5d5-dbb6ceda8350
MB Track Id8a7e001e-3fe5-31d4-9374-a61993262f398a7e001e-3fe5-31d4-9374-a61993262f39
MB WorkDeath of a ClownDeath of a Clown
MB Work Id9301b721-f5f8-4530-a987-871689c86c4f9301b721-f5f8-4530-a987-871689c86c4f
Media12" Vinyl12" Vinyl
MoodExtremely relaxedExtremely relaxed
Mood Aggressive44
Mood Arousal-91-91
Mood Dance2121
Mood Happy9595
Mood Party6262
Mood Relaxed44
Mood Sad2727
Mood Valence9191
Original AlbumSomething Else by The KinksSomething Else by The Kinks
Original Release Year1967-09-151967-09-15
Part TypeSongSong
  • Ray Davies
  • Bernie Andrews
  • Bill Bebb
  • Ray Davies
  • Bernie Andrews
  • Bill Bebb
Release Discogs Url
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release TypeAlbumAlbum
Single Disc TrackNo0202
Sort Album ArtistKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort Album ArtistsKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort ArtistKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort ArtistsKinks, TheKinks, The
Sort Composer
  • Davies, Dave
  • Davies, Ray
  • Davies, Dave
  • Davies, Ray
TitleDeath of a ClownDeath of a Clown
Track No0202
Track Total1313
Work TypeSongSong