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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
Album40 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 240 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 2 (Compilation)
Artwork - Artist
1000 x 1000
Artwork - Album Artist
1000 x 1000
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Id25da0788-1c1b-44e7-893f-5ce547eb68cc25da0788-1c1b-44e7-893f-5ce547eb68cc
Album ArtistTony BennettTony Bennett
Album ArtistsTony BennettTony Bennett
Amazon IdB000002AL7B000002AL7
ArtistTony BennettTony Bennett
Artist Official Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
ArtistsTony BennettTony Bennett
Artwork - Front Cover
500 x 500
500 x 500
ComposerGeorge CoryGeorge Cory
CountryUnited StatesUnited States
Country CodeUSUS
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Floating Bpm128.738128.738
Is Classical00
Is Compilation00
Is Greatest Hits11
LyricistDouglass CrossDouglass Cross
MB Artist Id8be0594f-8c13-46bb-ab06-f93ffba5c7768be0594f-8c13-46bb-ab06-f93ffba5c776
MB Original Release Id881f8c90-bcea-431d-b405-83204e9fb15b881f8c90-bcea-431d-b405-83204e9fb15b
MB Recording Id40861b98-331e-408c-984e-25a8c35fbc6340861b98-331e-408c-984e-25a8c35fbc63
MB Recording WorkI Left My Heart in San FranciscoI Left My Heart in San Francisco
MB Recording Work Idf6ca2fc6-37b0-30e3-9462-7513bb3ff56ef6ca2fc6-37b0-30e3-9462-7513bb3ff56e
MB Release Artist Id8be0594f-8c13-46bb-ab06-f93ffba5c7768be0594f-8c13-46bb-ab06-f93ffba5c776
MB Release Group Id357ef591-bf03-3ebe-a9a6-fecaeb5c48b3357ef591-bf03-3ebe-a9a6-fecaeb5c48b3
MB Release Id4f695415-0a7c-4f43-8910-d1855a63f31e4f695415-0a7c-4f43-8910-d1855a63f31e
MB Track Id5bb6f6e2-b992-32df-af26-4b925dca2b8b5bb6f6e2-b992-32df-af26-4b925dca2b8b
MB WorkI Left My Heart in San FranciscoI Left My Heart in San Francisco
MB Work Idf6ca2fc6-37b0-30e3-9462-7513bb3ff56ef6ca2fc6-37b0-30e3-9462-7513bb3ff56e
MoodExtremely boredExtremely bored
Mood Aggressive11
Mood Arousal-97-97
Mood Dance33
Mood Happy1717
Mood Party44
Mood Relaxed9595
Mood Sad8989
Mood Valence-79-79
Original AlbumI Left My Heart in San FranciscoI Left My Heart in San Francisco
Original Release Year19621962
Part TypeSongSong
  • Tony Bennett (vocal)
  • Tony Bennett (vocal)
Performer NameTony BennettTony Bennett
ProducerErnie AltschulerErnie Altschuler
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release Type
  • Album
  • Compilation
  • Album
  • Compilation
Single Disc TrackNo1111
Sort Album ArtistBennett, TonyBennett, Tony
Sort Album ArtistsBennett, TonyBennett, Tony
Sort ArtistBennett, TonyBennett, Tony
Sort ArtistsBennett, TonyBennett, Tony
Sort ComposerCory, GeorgeCory, George
Sort LyricistCross, DouglassCross, Douglass
Sort Performer NameBennett, TonyBennett, Tony
TitleI Left My Heart in San FranciscoI Left My Heart in San Francisco
Track No1111
Track Total2222
Work TypeSongSong