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FieldnameOld ValueNew Value
AlbumMozart: Classic CD, Volume 4Mozart: Classic CD, Volume 4 (Compilation)
Artwork - Composer
445 x 445
Acoustid FingerprintYesYes
Acoustid Id330f11f7-5902-474b-a11f-efd0523adb12330f11f7-5902-474b-a11f-efd0523adb12
Album ArtistVarious ArtistsVarious Artists
Album ArtistsVarious ArtistsVarious Artists
ArtistČeská filharmonie, Libor PešekČeská filharmonie, Libor Pešek
Artist Discogs Url
Artist Wikipedia Url
  • Česká filharmonie
  • Libor Pešek
  • Česká filharmonie
  • Libor Pešek
Artwork - Front Cover
598 x 598
598 x 598
Cat No522966Y522966Y
ComposerAntonín DvořákAntonín Dvořák
ConductorLibor PešekLibor Pešek
CountryUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Country CodeGBGB
Disc No0101
Disc Total0101
Floating Bpm114.1817114.1817
GroupingCzech SuiteCzech Suite
Is Classical11
Is Compilation11
Is Greatest Hits00
LabelClassic CDClassic CD
MB Artist Id
MB Original Release Idaf9c2f64-b0d7-43c9-8133-45c4338b0122af9c2f64-b0d7-43c9-8133-45c4338b0122
MB Recording Id9b436f3a-90ca-42f9-a489-2bd59370f4209b436f3a-90ca-42f9-a489-2bd59370f420
MB Recording WorkTschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39: V. Finale (Furiant). PrestoTschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39: V. Finale (Furiant). Presto
MB Recording Work Id4a53dd55-2355-321c-8833-ba45cd1cc7214a53dd55-2355-321c-8833-ba45cd1cc721
MB Release Artist Id89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c54637789ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377
MB Release Group Id75789583-49a2-41a9-94b7-9f3335be76f675789583-49a2-41a9-94b7-9f3335be76f6
MB Release Idaf9c2f64-b0d7-43c9-8133-45c4338b0122af9c2f64-b0d7-43c9-8133-45c4338b0122
MB Track Idb47dbd7a-10da-3acc-bb1d-baefb20f17e7b47dbd7a-10da-3acc-bb1d-baefb20f17e7
MB WorkTschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39Tschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39
MB Work Id76a5f1d1-8a1f-4fa2-8303-9effe4bca06f76a5f1d1-8a1f-4fa2-8303-9effe4bca06f
MinimServer GroupCzech Suite, op. 39Czech Suite, op. 39
MoodExtremely droopyExtremely droopy
Mood Aggressive1010
Mood Arousal-96-96
Mood Dance22
Mood Happy2323
Mood Party44
Mood Relaxed9898
Mood Sad6767
Mood Valence-53-53
Movement No55
Movement Total11
OrchestraČeská filharmonieČeská filharmonie
Original AlbumClassic CD, Volume 4Classic CD, Volume 4
Original Release Year1990-08-001990-08-00
Overall WorkTschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39Tschechische Suite D-Dur, op. 39
PartV. PrestoV. Presto
Part NumberVV
ProducerMilan SlavickýMilan Slavický
Release Discogs Url
Release StatusOfficialOfficial
Release Type
  • Album
  • Compilation
  • Album
  • Compilation
Single Disc TrackNo0404
Sort Album ArtistVarious ArtistsVarious Artists
Sort Album ArtistsVarious ArtistsVarious Artists
Sort ArtistČeská filharmonie; Pešek, LiborČeská filharmonie; Pešek, Libor
Sort Artists
  • Česká filharmonie
  • Pešek, Libor
  • Česká filharmonie
  • Pešek, Libor
Sort ComposerDvořák, AntonínDvořák, Antonín
Sort ConductorPešek, LiborPešek, Libor
Sort OrchestraČeská filharmonieČeská filharmonie
TitleCzech Suite: V. PrestoCzech Suite: V. Presto
Track No0404
Track Total1515
WorkCzech SuiteCzech Suite
Work TypeSuiteSuite