What version of SongKong should I choose ?

SongKong, SongKong Pro, SongKong for Melco and SongKong Commercial work in the same way and have the same features and functionality except for the differences listed below:

Feature SongKong Standard SongKong Pro SongKong for Melco SongKong Commercial
Performance Unlimited Lookups Unlimited Lookups at twice the rate of Standard Unlimited Lookups at twice the rate of Standard Unlimited Lookups at twice the rate of Standard
Add Acoustic Metadata No Yes, Yes Yes
リモートモード はい、タスクはプレビューモードでのみ実行できます はい、フル機能 はい、フル機能 はい、フル機能
Parse Naim Rips Metadata files No No Yes Yes
Options optimized for Melco No No Yes No
Commercial Use Allowed No No No Yes

Because the lookup rate for the Pro and Commercial editions is twice that of the standard edition your songs will be matched quicker.

Acoustic Metadata summarizes the characteristics of the actual music such as bpm, mood, and the key.

This Acoustic Metadata is collected by AcousticBrainz and the Jthink Music Server is regularly updated with the latest data to provide super-quick access. Acoustic analysis is only available in the Pro and Commercial editions.

Web/Remote Mode feature means that you can now control SongKong from a standard web-browser and this could be a local or remote device, and this could be another computer, iPad or even your mobile phone. Remote Mode can be used with any license, however the Fix Songs and Delete Duplicates can only be run in Preview mode if you only have a Standard license.

Importantly for audiophiles with collections of Naim wav rips SongKong can embed the metadata currently only provided at the time of ripping as a separate file, then the metadata can be universally enjoyed with players other than Naim, including for example the Melco local USB-DAC player.