SongKong comes with a free Lite license, this allows you to use the Status Report and do (Remote) Manual Editing of your music collection. These features are fully functional, and are free at no cost to you.

SongKong also allows you to try out all the automated features in Preview mode, so you can see exactly how accurate and extensive SongKong will be against your actual music library, the reports created let you drill down to see the changes that would be made to individual songs.


If you require assistance the Support Forums are the place to go, we check this regularly and there are also experienced SongKong users who help out.

Open Issue Tracker

SongKong uses the professional JIRA issue tracking for tracking bugs and improvements. You can view all issues here

Non Expiring Software

Some providers sell Software as a Service, this means you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to continue using software you have already purchased. But Jthink software never expires and gives free support for life.

Updates to the latest version are available for one year after purchase at no cost and after that there is a small upgrade fee to get another years updates.

Multi Computer License

Many of us these days have more then one computer, maybe a work laptop, a desktop and a computer connected directly to your TV. SongKong allows a single license to be installed on three computers so usually one license per household is all you need.

Multi Platform

SongKong is always released on all supported platforms at the same time.

It is available for a wide variety of platforms including MacOS, Windows, Linux, Docker, Synology Intel Nas, Qnap Intel Nas and Melco Audio Library

Inbuilt Support Files

From within SongKong itself you can Create Support Files, selecting this option means your latest reports and logs are sent directly to JThink with your message, having the logs and reports make it much easier for us to diagnose and resolve your problems.